Top 3 Anti Snore Position Trainers

Top 3 Anti Snore Position Trainers

There are now several devices that attempt to correct snoring through changing the position of the sleeper. These anti snore position trainers try to stop a person from turning onto his or her back during sleep and as a result the chance of snoring is greatly reduced.

Positional Sleep Apnea and Positional Therapy

Positional Sleep Apnea is not a very well-known condition which can happen when you sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back can cause several other issues such as your mouth opening while asleep and chin dropping downwards.

Positional therapy devices can force a person to sleep either on their side or their stomach and in some cases it can actually lessen the instance of snoring.

Position trainers can be used as a complementary therapy together with other types of over the counter snoring solutions that offer additional relief from snoring.

Some of the most notable benefits of positional anti snore therapy include:

  • Ability to use this method with other forms of therapies
  • Can address some forms of sleep apnea
  • Long term sleep training.
  • Simple and safe solution

Want to know some of the best sleep position trainers to help you address your snoring problem? Then just continue reading as we list three of the best anti snore position trainers to consider.

Stop Snoring T-shirt from Sleepeace

It is said and indeed statistics show that most snorers happen to be those people who sleep on their backs. And while there has already been lots of anti-snoring devices available on the market right now, most of them offer mixed results since snoring has a lengthy list of causes in the first place. There is simply no single product which can cure snoring for everyone right out of the box. There is no one size fits all when it comes to snoring. Some people snore through their nose others through their mouth while some can even snore through both.

This is why the Stop Snoring T-shirt from Sleepeace is recommended exclusively for the back snorers.

The Stop Snoring T-shirt from Sleepeace is one of the most comfortable shirts you can find right now made possible by its selected material. This shirt is made from 100% breathable cotton. It comes with a pocket made from mesh fabric to ensure durability.

It is very simple and easy to use this shirt as a solution to snoring. All you need to do is wear this shirt and then go to sleep, it’s that simple. The tennis ball will give a level of discomfort which will keep you sleeping on your side and prevent any habitual back sleeping attempts that can easily occur.

However, it is important to remember that the Stop Snoring T-shirt from Sleepeace is meant only for back snorers. This shirt is not going to have any effect on you if you snore while you are on your stomach or side to begin with.

The Stop Snoring T-shirt from Sleepeace comes in four different sizes for various body types to give everyone a chance to give it a try in comfort.

Somnocushion Anti Snore Backpack

The Somnocushion Anti Snore Backpack is a larger yet very effective type of anti-snoring backpack which stops you from sleeping on your back, which happens to be the position most often linked to snoring. It has an effective but simple design made of an inflatable and lightweight cushion being held in place by adjustable and comfortable chest and shoulder straps. It is a fantastic cost-effective and easy system which will teach and indeed train you how to sleep on your side. This device is suitable for all snorers including those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

  • Effective: The Somnocushion Anti Snore Backpack will naturally encourage you to sleep on your side and not on your back. Oftentimes, the supine position as stated earlier is associated with snoring.
  • Adjustable: Its lightweight cushion may be inflated to suit your own preferences, i.e. soft firm or medium, while simple straps can be individually adjusted for added flexibility.
  • Comfortable: The product’s simple design is easy to wear and light too, which means it will fit perfectly regardless of your shape and size. The majority of people get used to SomnoCushion within several nights of use.

Ok lets move onto the final product on our shortlist. Remember these are in no particular order. These three products are all solid solutions so it really is a case of whatever one takes your fancy, if you struggle to sleep in any position other than your back!

Woodyknows Side Sleeping Backpack

The Woodyknows Side Sleeping Backpack will help you maintain side sleeping position in a natural way to help keep your airway open, allowing for better breathing that’s less forced. In this way, it reduces or eliminates the chance of vibrations happening and enables snorers and indeed their bed partners to enjoy a much happier night’s sleep.

The materials used for the backpack are polypropylene, polyester, and cationic fabric. The air bag is made up of silicone and plastic.

However, before you use this anti snore position trainer, you have to carefully follow, understand, and read the enclosed instructions sheet. It may not and in many cases won’t work for people who snore for reasons aside from sleeping on their back. It is also not suitable for children and you should also not use one if you are allergic to any of the materials mentioned above especially the dyed fabric material.

  • Durable and Washable – the device itself is machine washable so you can use a standard washing machine to wash this product. It can withstand multiple washes and it won’t deform if you select the correct wash temperature and settings outlined.
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Portable – It is easy to store, compact, and small. You can deflate the air pockets, which makes it perfect for travelling or when space saving is top priority.
  • Secure and Comfortable – the product makes sure that you are sleeping on your side, so your relaxed soft palate won’t block your airway which is the main cause of snoring. The backpack will also be unlikely to slip off while in use thanks to the secure fastener on the front of the body.
  • One Size – It is made with expandable and fully-adjustable straps, which will fit people of all sizes comfortably and easily. You may sleep on either side if you roll over with the help of this product. You may also find a good side sleeping position through deflating or inflating the airbag to your liking much like the somnocushion. Unzipping its adjustable zip will help you inflate more air into the device if you require a bigger air bag.
  •  Easy to Use – The product is super easy to use and features an inflatable air bag that can be worn and assembled easily on your back in just a few seconds. Put this on before bed and it’ll help keep you sleeping on your side all night long so snoring will be eliminate for the entire night.

So whats the bottom line? Should you consider using an anti-snore position trainer?

The Bottom Line

According to most of the research that has been conducted in the field of sleep and snoring which the majority of snorers will snore only while they are sleeping on their backs. This sleeping position ends up causing a person’s soft palate to collapse into their airway, which obstructs breathing and make vibrations occur which is the snoring that can be heard as a result. That is why snorers were recommended or highly advised to sleep on the side frequently instead of their backs.

The three products above are some of the best anti snore position trainers you can find on the market right now. There are other products you can use aside from the ones listed above depending on your snoring situation. Check out our other blog posts and learn more about other great products you can choose from to ease your snoring troubles.

It is worth noting that there may be many factors involved in causing a snoring problem to surface. We aim to outline the main ones on this site and give some of the best solutions we can find so you can be on your way to getting a better sleep each and every night in next to no time.

If you have used any of the products above we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Lots of people have had positive results with these products with many positive outcomes.

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