Diet and Snoring

Snoring is a common problem that affects the majority of the people globally and in particular in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Unfortunately, for some, it just so happens to be more frequent than they would like. Snoring has a whole list of side effects which can range from just getting a poor night’s sleep to habitual snoring issues that can cause marital and relationship issues as well as leading to health issues if left unchecked.

Eating the Right Foods Can Help Fight That Snore and Improve Your Sleep!

Snoring happens to disrupt the quantity and quality of sleep one gets on a nightly basis. Therefore, it leads to daytime fatigue, irritability as well as other related health problems like heart attacks and can be a sign of more sinister conditions like sleep apnea which can prove fatal if left untreated in certain situations.

If you’re reading this you might have tried all, some or indeed none of the remedies available on the market today, well, you should know that you may be missing out on one of the basic aids to stop snoring naturally diet.

It is worth noting that one’s diet has the ability to dramatically impact snoring. One example of this would be a diet that restricts foods which trigger prostaglandin hormones which can then potentially decrease the incidence of snoring as well as Sleep Apnea in many instances as a result.

Prostaglandins without getting too sciency are lipid compounds found in the body that play several roles you may not be aware of including in the body’s healing and immune system. So how does this relate to snoring? Well eating the wrong type of foods can trigger these prostaglandins into action creating small allergic reactions which essentially leads to enlargement or swelling of the tissues in the throat region and sinuses. The obstruction of the space in the airways potentially initiates vibrations of the respiratory structures which in turn results in snoring.

So with that being said, the essence of this article will be to discuss some of the significant changes that you can make to your diet to improve on the quality of your sleep. So you can finally get that hassle free night sleep that you or indeed someone you know have been carving for.

Top 6 Foods that Help Eliminate Snoring

We have listed certain foods below that maybe contributing to your snoring without you even being aware of it. Here are some easy to implement and pocket friendly solutions to try when you get a chance. The items listed utilise their natural inherent properties to fight against the causes of snoring.

  1. Honey

A mixture of honey and tea just before bed helps reduce snoring. This is by relaxing and soothing the throat. Honey has both the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This helps to reduce crowding that often occurs at the larynx.

A study conducted by scientist’s shows that honey can help to fight a whole lot of infections as well as soothe inflamed membranes. Not only for the common cold but also for other infections that may go as deep as the upper airways in the throat.

If you take the mixture of honey and tea just before bed, it could help to relax the throat. Hence, reducing swelling as well as congestion in the throat.

  1. Hot Decaffeinated Tea

A warm and nice cup of tea just before bed can help cut down on phlegm as well as nasal congestion. Both of these things cause snoring. You can try either the green or black tea as both are equally effective. Also, you can give peppermint tea a shot if the plain teas are a little bland for your tastes. Mint is a natural decongestant.

If you aren’t really a hot liquids fan you can opt to boil some water with a peppermint tea infusion then inhale the steam produced. This tends to alleviate nasal congestions. The vapor produced by the herbs soothe irritated nasal passages while thinning mucus too.

  1. Soy Milk

When it comes to lactose intolerance as well as snoring, soy milk is a better alternative to cow’s milk. In most cases, lactose sensitivity causes allergic reactions that lead to swelling of the nasal passages. This may, in turn, lead to the issue of snoring.

Dairy products such as a cow’s milk are more mucus forming. In the long term; this can be the root of a whole lot of related respiratory ailments. Cow’s milk can create phlegm build up either through a person’s intolerance or due to its oily and stick natural properties, which in turn may leads to nasal congestion in certain instances.

  1. Turmeric

In most cases, abnormalities in the soft tissues in the throat region tend to limit the air flow through the mouth as well as the nose. This is because of the narrowing of the nasal airways. Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory characteristic that helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

Curcumin is a property present in turmeric which has an antioxidant and a potent anti-inflammatory characteristic. It can fight all kinds of inflammation without harsh side effects.

It relieves pain naturally and safely. To reduce snoring using turmeric, you could consume a cold-pressed juice with a turmeric tonic and some living probiotics. Alternatively try to introduce more turmeric into your diet through cooking dishes like curries and healthy stir fry’s.

  1. Fish

A switch from taking red meat to consuming fish can have a significant positive impact on your night’s sleep. Red meat contains a lot of saturated fats that tend to inflame the nasal passages.

This is because red meat generates high amounts of Arachidonic acid which further increases the pg2 prostaglandin class. This means that red meat could cause swelling of the tissues at the neck region and sinuses.

When you replace the red meat with foods like; legumes and fish, you are sure of a reliable protein source without having to worry about the effects of Pg2. The fatty acids in legumes actually help in reducing tissue inflammation.

  1. Onions

When it comes to breathing issues, onions can be a life saver for people with snoring problems. Onions are a well-known natural way to help suppress the symptoms of colds or flu due to their inherent properties. When choosing fruit and vegetables always try to select organic variety’s free from pesticide and gm interference.

With the decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties present in onions, your nasal passages will clear up and allow more air to pass through your repertory system.

Foods that you should Avoid when Eliminating Snoring

There are so many theories out there that try to explain the causes of snoring. Now that it essentially affects half of the population of the world today, it is certainly an issue of concern. There is a time honoured saying that you are what you eat, and for that reason, your diet could also be a significant contributor to your snoring issues.

Many foods are part of your daily diet routine and even one of these may be the underlying cause of your snoring. Some of these can actually be healthy foods that are nutritionally beneficial to the human body. Some of the properties present in such foods can activate or trigger snoring. Therefore; below is a list of foods that you should avoid if you want to curb snoring or at least reduce its impact.

  1. Dairy Products

You may have heard this from your grandma. Well, we are here to confirm that she was right. Dairy products are known to lead to the production of phlegm in the body.

This means that you should keep away from foods like; cheese, milk, yogurt, ice-cream and so on.  These dairy foods will make you snore more than usual. However, if you can’t do without them, have them for breakfast only so that there is a better chance of them clearing out by the time you go to bed.

The reason to avoid dairy products is because they tend to increase mucus levels in one’s nasal passages. Therefore, they lead to narrowing of the airways and a restriction of the air flowing through.

  1. Wheat

Especially for the gluten sensitive people out there, wheat is bad-wagon. Wheat may increase inflammation hence making one’s airways unusually smaller. And for that reason, there are increased chances of snoring at night.

If you are not sure whether or not you are gluten sensitive, it’s recommended that you confirm this with your doctor or as an alternative have an allergy test to see which foods you are potentially allergic to.

  1. Sugar

Sugar is another food that has high levels of phlegm inducing properties. This is common especially with white sugar or rather sucrose. There are a lot of controversies in determining whether aspartame which is an alternative to sugar is safe enough. It has been linked with health concerns over the course of a number of years.

However, still, they haven’t come to a reasonable conclusion. For that reason, it would be safer to avoid sugar too if you have severe cases of snoring at night. Sugar is poisonous to the body in large amounts and is particularly beneficial for the formation of yeast infections in the respiratory system. Yeast like to feed on the sugars and can develop and grow into nasal congestion issues like persistent sinus infections etc.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are healthy foods that we are actually recommended to take at least on a daily basis. However, fruits contain fructose which is more of a natural sugar component.

Just like lactose, fructose may cause an increased level of phlegm in the body. This may lead to restless night time and heavy snoring.

Therefore, if you must have your fruits, have them in the morning or the early afternoon. By the time its night time, the effects of fructose in your body will be evened up and balanced out.

  1. Caffeine

Coffee, tea, soft drinks as well as energy drinks stimulate snoring. At other times, such drinks can keep you up all night. Tea and coffee act as stimulants although most people tend to assume this fact. Caffeine is an anti-sleeping aid and can cause inflammation in the body.

Inflammation either in the mouth or nasal passages leads to obstruction of the airways. This can in turn lead to snoring. Therefore, you should avoid taking caffeinated drinks right before bedtime.

If you can’t go without your caffeine or a mocha frappe hit during the day, then you should try to take them in the early afternoon or in the morning. No caffeine after 4 p.m. and you or your bed partner will hopefully see the benefits in sleep and snoring improvements.

  1. Red Meat

Red meat is packed with unhealthy and saturated fats. Red meat is known to cause inflammation in the body muscles which, in turn, can cause inflammation of nose and throat.

Inflammation in the nasal passages or throat leads to blockage of the airways. Obstructed airways lead to snoring.

In case you have any late night meals, keep away from red meat. You can replace that with a lean piece of fish. The fatty acids in fish help reduce inflammation. Late meals before bedtime are best avoided though.

Other Activities that will Help Reduce Snoring

Every person occasionally snores, especially if you have an allergy or cold. We all relate snoring to being a small minor problem and inconvenience. However, there are times when snoring might be a sign of a more significant and underlying problems.

One of the signs of it being a bigger problem is when it doesn’t subside after switching your sleeping position. When it gets too severe, you are in the position of possibly being diagnosed with a Sleep Apnea condition. If you have this problem or tendency to snore loudly and especially on a regular basis, then you should consider going for an evaluation.

All in all, the severity of your illness depends on several factors. Therefore, every analysis of snoring should be treated as a sleep Apnea diagnosis. But, over the years, scientists have come up with solutions that will help you avoid snoring in its milder forms. Here are some cheap and easy to implement solutions to avoid the dreaded snore;

  1. Lose weight

Excess weight can cause the tissues in your throat to narrow. That is because some of the fats deposit around your throat region and restrict its size. That means you will develop a double chin. Therefore, getting rid of the excess weight will help you control snoring and have the added benefit of making you look and feel a million dollars.

  1. Avoid Nightcaps

Taking alcohol will relax your throat muscles. If you love taking alcohol at night, be prepared because it will increase your snoring. Though you will sleep more soundly with a sip of alcohol, you will end up snoring more and the knock on effect will be the disruption of others sleep pattern.

  1. Give up smoking

Well, this is common knowledge. With a puff or cigarette, you develop more problems than you can imagine. The scientific studies of its effects are stark and irrefutable. Smoking will cause congestions in your nasal passages as well as lungs. Without a doubt, you need to stop smoking for many reasons, including the fact that your smoking contributes largely to snoring. If you want to quit smoking try the book by Allen Carr – Stop Smoking Now. The book has some very positive reviews and has been out for a number of years now.

  1. Don’t take sleeping drugs

Sleeping pills are not really a good thing especially if you are a snorer. These sleeping pills can cause more harm than good over the long term.

Consult your doctor before taking any drugs. Make sure to tell your doctor that you are a snorer and of any other issues like insomnia etc.

  1. Avoid spicy foods stuffs especially at night

Did you know spicy foods can trigger indigestion problems? As well as that, if you take spicy foods at dinner, you have the potential to trigger snoring later in the night. Try to avoid spicy foods at night.

  1. Eat lightly at night

Typically, due to our overworked busy lifestyles many people are eating later in the evenings and into the night by taking heavy meals and snacks to provide energy and sustenance. Try to have your dinner earlier and leave a sufficient gap for digestion and avoid large meals before bed.

Heavy eating at night promotes snoring. That is because your body focuses on digestion and will end up relaxing your tongue and mouth muscles more than usual.

Therefore, if you have to eat heavily at night, try avoiding dairy products for instance ice-cream before sleeping.

  1. Elevate the head region of your bed

If you elevate your head, you will be able to breathe easier and so get better sleep. You can try forming a wedge shape below your bed to increase the effectiveness of this position.

It is better if you elevate the entire head region of your bed rather than just piling up pillows. That is because neck angle should be correct and stacking pillows will only crimp your neck.

The good news is there are specially designed anti snore pillows available. Check out the list of great anti snore pillow options in our Best Anti Snore Pillows section. Here’s one such example Intevision High Quality Wedge Foam Pillow Review

  1. Exercise

Exercise is the most important part of everyone’s life. Not only because it will reduce your snoring problems, but also because you will improve your entire physical health and wellbeing. It goes without saying; exercise is a must no matter your age.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, several factors will help to prevent snoring. Although most of these methods aren’t fool-proof, the best idea is to keep away from food at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed, get a food allergy test, avoid relevant items listed concerning you and very shortly you will be on the right road.

If the snoring issue persists even after keeping off specific meals etc that’s fine, you probably need a different solution.Your next step should be to consult a suitably qualified specialist for diagnosis. Your specialist will diagnose the issue you may be experiencing and check for underlying issues. Then you can try the many wonderful anti snoring products available to achieve optimum guaranteed results to help you stop snoring.

Here is one such product that has given snore relief to countless numbers of people with fantastic results. It may be worth checking out this or indeed the other types of anti-snoring products to find the one that’s best suited to your needs.

As always we and indeed many others would love to hear your thoughts and opinions surrounding you’re snoring. Please feel free to join the Snorefocus Forum if you have any questions, tips and tricks or advice to help others to stop snoring or improve their sleep.


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