Dortz Anti Snoring Nose Vent

Dortz Anti Snoring Nose Vents Review

Snoring is a condition that be caused for a wide variety of reasons and you may need more than just change in your lifestyle habits to see useful results. Incorporating more professional devices in order to get the ultimate results is a good starting point.

The good thing is that there never has been a better time to be a snorer than today because you can find a vast selection of anti-snoring devices to suit your needs. These are devices that that will help to effectively mitigate the snoring problems of most snorers. If this is your first time hearing about these anti snoring devices, you need not worry, they are not as complicated or scary as they sound, in fact some of the anti-snoring devices available nowadays are actually pretty nifty.

Many of these anti snoring devices can help with sleep apnea too as they are designed to smoothen and ease breathing as you sleep.

The item we are reviewing today is an internal nasal dilator aka nasal vent that helps to hold the nostrils open creating more space in the nostrils for better breathing while you sleep.

In our case, we will narrow this down to the Dortz Anti snoring nose vent and outline how it helps people to curb their snoring. We will discuss the key features of this nasal vent, the pros and cons of using it as well as the general user experience you can expect.

The Key Features

So what makes the Dortz anti snoring nose vents stand out?

Perfect Fit & Comfort

The Dortz anti snoring nose vents are made using modern technology and design that enables them to replicate the realistic human anatomy of the nose. That being the case, the nose vents provide you with a comfortable fit, so you will be able to enjoy a safe and enjoyable night’s sleep.

You get a set of 8 pairs of the anti-snoring nose vents. This features 2 different types that come in four sizes so that you will be assured you get the best fit. With the Dortz anti snoring nose vents you will never experience any kind of discomfort as they have had comfort in mind from the very start.

High Quality Materials

This anti snoring nose vent is made from high quality medical grade materials. These materials feel soft and comfortable when you place them into your nostrils. This guarantees you that you will not experience any unusual discomfort at night or indeed loosening of the product during sleep.


It is also worth noting that the Dortz anti snoring nose vent is made of high quality antibacterial materials and comes with a compatible storage case. You can reuse the anti-snoring nose vents for quite a long time due to their robustness and flexibility. The nose vents are easy to clean so you can store them in the antibacterial case after every use so they are protected and don’t go missing. The hygienic storage case ensures that no contaminants or microbes get onto your nose vent which is also an added bonus.

How Do the Dortz Anti Snoring Nose Vents Work?

Generally speaking, as we are sleeping, our nasal breathing is primarily controlled by a process known as the nasal cycle. This nasal cycle tends to control how we alternate our breathing from one nostril to the other throughout the night.

This alternating air flow is what is responsible for the collapsing the nostrils when you are sleeping. And what happens when your nostril collapses is that our bodies tend to switch automatically to breathing through our mouth. This is to compensate for the inadequate oxygen flowing in our bloodstream.

However, during this process, there can be increased snoring especially if you are sleeping on your back. That is why, with the help of these Dortz nose vents, you could stop snoring by ensuring that your nostrils remain open for ease of breathing.

Do the Dortz Anti Snoring Nose Vent Really Curb Snoring?

The answer is yes. This is because the anti-snore nose vent is placed gently inside your nostrils in order to improve the air flow. With the adequate air flow that the nose vent provides through the nostrils, there is no or low chance of vibrations of the soft palate when breathing. In that case, the nasal vent helps the patient to breathe easily and eliminate snoring without causing any discomfort for the user.


  • The nose vent is made of high quality materials that features a modern design that follows the natural anatomy of the nose.
  • The design of the nose vent is safe and comfortable for the user so you get adequate nightly sleep.
  • The nose vent is easy to use and odourless
  • The nose vent allows the user to breathe easily, eliminating snoring and improving your nightly sleep.
  • The materials used in the manufacture of these nose vents are medicated and have an antibacterial case so you can reuse the nose vents for as long as you want.
  • The Nose vent comes in different sizes so that you can get the ideal fit
  •  The nose vent also comes with a storage case which makes it convenient to store the nose vent and protect it from bacteria
  • You are guaranteed results when you use the Dortz anti-snoring nose vent. However, in case it doesn’t work, they do offer a full refund.


  • The Dortz anti-snoring nose vent is not the best option for someone who has allergic reactions. Such people should only use these devices with permission form their doctor only.
  • A few customers complained that the sizes were either too small or too large for them.

So whats the final verdict then?

Final Verdict

In summary, it’s our hope that you find relief to your snoring problem with the Dortz anti-snoring nose vent. However, before you settle for any product, it always necessary that you consider a few things that may influence the overall result. First you need to come to terms with the fact that the nostrils of each person have different sizes and shapes. That is why you will find these products in different shapes and sizes.

To get ultimate results, you need to try out the different sizes so that you know which one fits your nostrils the best. You also need to be careful with the materials you choose for your nose vent. Plastic and rubber should be a no-go. Instead, you should settle for nose vents that are made of the surgical grade silicone. These are comfortable to wear as well as easy to clean and offer safe results.

If you would like to discover more great anti snoring products check out Snorefocus Blog as well as our other articles for more tips, tricks and recommendations to help you on your anti snore journey. We have also included useful sleep improvement articles that will help you achieve the maximum quality sleep you deserve each and every night through innovative and effective products and solutions.

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6 Thoughts on “Dortz Anti Snoring Nose Vents Review”

    • Hi Rena,

      Great Question! The Dortz Anti Snore Nose Vents Usually come in a pack of eight. The pack usually includes two different styles (helix and conical design) that range in size from very small to extra large. This means that the vast majority of people will find a comfortable fit. The Manufacture doesn’t seem to list individual sizes for this product but you could drop them a line if you feel the fit may be an issue.

  • Since no instructions come in the package can you send me the best way to insert them? So far they seem to work great. Can you reorder just the size you need?

    • Hi John,

      Glad to hear the product is working for you! It’s unfortunate that no instructions were included or even printed on the box as a guide. The product is pretty straightforward though and once you choose the most comfortable size that fits your nostril, you are pretty much good to go. It’s then just a matter of placing the product in both nostrils (as per product images) before you go to sleep. As of the time of this post, it seems you can only order the mixed sized pack, they dont seem to provide the option to order individual sized packs.

    • Hi Don,

      I suppose there are a few reasons why different styles of nasal dilators are produced and sold. Advances in Design, Manufacturing Technology and Measurement Equipment, Customer aswell as Intellectual Property Protection on certain designs are just some of the reasons why different styles of nasal dilators exist in the market. However many nasal dilators work along the same premise of funneling more air into the nostrils to help prevent/reduce the effects of snoring.

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