Celliant Anti-Snore Therapeutic Wellness Pillow Review

Choosing the right pillow for your bed time dictates the level of comfort that you will have during your sleep. To prevent the occurrence of snoring as you sleep, it is important and necessary to concentrate on the support your head, neck and shoulders are receiving as you sleep. All these important aspects are addresses by using the Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Wellness pillow.

The general design and material selection for this pillow focus on using Visco-elastic memory foam materials, which enables it to easily adjust to heat as well as compressive pressure from the body during your sleep. The pillow has memory cells which allow it to adapt and conform itself to the natural contours of your body; shoulders and neck which will be pretty obvious upon the first usage. This shape forming capability of this pillow enhances how the body is aligned and supported when in use, making sure that the airways are maintained open all throughout your sleep.

Besides concentrating on improving your sleeping posture which in turn reduces your general snoring condition, this pillow has other additional advantages. It guards both your neck and shoulders from muscle pains that result from bad sleeping postures. This is realized by the fact that it enhances blood as well as lymphatic flow in the body which is a great stress reliever as well as a good way to reduce any pressure points.

It has a thermo-regulation feature built in which regulates heat through the air channels and dissipates heat away to give a more comfortable user experience. The thermo-regulation essentially balances the heat on the pillow and prevents it from becoming too uncomfortable to use while you are asleep.

To maintain this pillow is quite an easy task. This is because it comes with a washable zipper cover that is detachable and easy to wash. In addition to that, this pillow may very well be a perfect addition to users who use or intend on using a CPAP machine as part of their sleep therapy. That being said it the unique shape, look and feel of this pillow is ideal for people who aren’t really fans of excessively raised pillows.

The beauty of this new design is that it has a contoured shape which holds your head and neck in a supported and slightly elevated position without the risk of neck strain or pain. It is focussed on delivering a therapeutic solution and is designed with snorers in mind. The focus of this pillow is on ergonomic design, which is backed up by scientific facts. It is especially effective for people with nerve damage post dental treatment and those people suffering from shoulder pain also. This is because the pillow ensures even pressure across you neck shoulder and head.


  • It is effective in reducing snoring
  • It has the memory foam
  • It helps improve sleep hours
  • It is comfortable
  • It provides ample support
  • It has a thermo-regulation design


  • Relatively New Product
  • Sleep Restricted to the middle of the pillow

All in all a great option for someone looking for a better more regulated sleep position, with the added bonus of snore reduction and indeed possible elimination trown in. Reviews for other products in the range have been positive and again we expect the same for this stylish and functional addition to the market. The curvy recessed design could be just the ticket to fix your snoring because it will keep you lying on you back and also keep your head and neck in a slightly elevated position.

Celliant Anti-Snore Therapeutic Wellness Pillow










Company Trust




Cleaning and Maintenance





  • Built With Snoring In Mind
  • Memory Foam Design
  • Easy To Wash
  • Gives Good Support
  • Stylish Product
  • Heat Regulation Design


  • Relatively New Product
  • Sleep Restricted To Middle Of Pillow

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