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Welcome to Snorefocus

Thanks for visiting! Our site is focused on snorers and non-snorers alike. To find out a little more in terms of what this site aims to achieve (although it might be pretty obvious for many of you) feel free to visit the About page.

We hope you find this site useful and wish you all the very best on your journey to finding a solution to your snoring and sleep issues!


Ok so with the introductions out of the way, let’s get on with finding you a solution to snoring once and for all! So what better way to begin with, than by using a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi. The quote as it was written is;

“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi? I didn’t know he was a snorer I hear you say! Was he a snorer? I hear you asking. Well truth be known we don’t really know if he was with any certainty, I mean who knows right? In fact we might be the only ones who have ever, even asked this question!

Although considering that statically between 40 and 50% of men snore globally and between 20 and 30% of Women are habitual snorers, then the chances that he was in fact a snorer are fairly high, its fair to say.

Anyways ok so you’re now probably thinking to yourself, Ok right so how is this quote relevant to my snoring problem exactly? Well it’s the message contained within the quote that’s important, because it’s as relevant to snoring, as it is to an infinite list of things you decide to set your mind to achieving in life. Build upon it’s timeless wisdom, focus on your snoring issue and take simple positive steps to achieve a solution for your snoring.

Remember: You can change the way snoring impacts your life!

The most important thing to do at this stage however is to congratulate yourself because, you have moved yourself closer to your desire of solving a snoring issue. The good news is its all smooth sailing from now on. So with this in mind we will begin now to outline for you, throughout this site the best solutions that exist to enable you to solve your snoring problem.

Spread The Word – A Solution To Snoring Does Exist! 

However remember it is up to you to decide whether you take action or not. We will do our part to provide you with the most relevant information as best we can, to enable, guide and help you to make an informed decision. But at the end of the day only you can make up your own mind, and decide to take action on the solution that you feel is right for you, or for someone else who snores. We will offer our opinion as to the most viable options, considering the vast selection of options available on the market in this particular category.

Fix Snoring With One Amazing Product: The AirSnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Do you ever experience tiredness during the day, fatigue, sore throat, morning headaches? Well, if the answer is YES to any or all of these, then these just happen to be many of the basic tell-tale signs that you are more likely than not snoring at night, whether you realise it or not. And even if you answered NO you may still snore but not to the extent that leaves any obvious tell-tale signs except maybe confirmation from others. As many people who have experienced Snoring understand, it can also cause similar impacts on your bed partner as much as it does for you in terms of its adverse side effects, which tend to impact on a person’s overall quality of life, through a lack of enough quality sleep as well as putting unnecessary strain on a couple’s relationship.

Many irritated and frustrated people have a belief that snoring is an issue that must be endured and are unaware of the wonderful anti snore products available that can and in most cases will help them. The opposite belief should hold true nowadays regarding snoring, and in modern times with modern medical design and technological advancements, a solution is just a few clicks away. Perhaps it’s a case that someone has highlighted the fact that you snore or maybe you already know yourself that you snore. Well then congratulations you have discovered the perfect site to help you broaden your knowledge and find the perfect device to solve your snoring problem in next to no time.

Thanks to Modern, Research and Development, Product Design Testing and Medical Device Manufacturing Snoring is NOT something that should to be tolerated any longer!

The good news is this site was established in order to provide you or someone you know with all the information needed in order to make an informed decision and eliminate that annoying snore once and for all. There’s some more good news too (We All like Good News Right?) On this Site you will find a fantastic range of varied solutions that are available right now to suit the many different preferences people tend to have. Thankfully not every human was born the same and as a result companies have created many broad and varied choices which they market to suit a wide spectrum of people. When it comes to choosing a product that will be a good fit for a particular person it’s nice to do a little bit of research first to see what’s available, how much it costs, what makes it unique etc.

In terms of the issue of snoring the truth is most people don’t realize how much harm they and others are being exposed to by snoring. Some of the problems related to snoring are wide ranging and can include; increased anxiety, heart disease (linked to sleep apnea and snoring), low blood oxygen levels, feelings of anger, frustration and irritability, poor concentration, feeling sluggish and tired during the course of the day, strained relationships and in some cases insomnia from just not being able to get to sleep after repeated attempts of trying (only to be woken again shortly afterward by another relentless snore). Most people think to themselves at this point (when even the sheep you are counting are becoming distracted by the snoring sounds too) you begin to think “I wonder is there any way or resource I can use which will solve the problem of how to stop this person from snoring”? Don’t worry here you will find the solution. In fact you might be listening to someone snoring right now as you read this looking for the answer. Ok let’s get to it!

The symptoms we outlined a few lines ago are just a few of the knock on effects that snoring brings, and in reality they are very often overlooked and ignored because they have become so much a part of the night time routine in many households across the world, that they have become accepted as a run of the mill habit. Either way the truth is if snoring is not addressed it has the potential to really cost you in terms of your long term health and wellbeing with similar results to be expected for your bed partner, or whoever else is subjected to the snoring.

Let’s face it we have all experienced at one stage or another, the adverse factors related to snoring, either on the frontline while lying wide awake in bed trying to block out the noise, or through stories and fables of past snoring incidents or indeed first hand from a cranky and tired ‘victim’ (might be a bit strong but you get the point) of a poor unfortunate snorer who remains oblivious to the adverse impact they have caused to others. It’s time to act to solve this snoring problem so lets “put it to bed once and for all” (ok from now on we will limit the use of puns we promise!! but seriously though it’s time to act because doing nothing will give you the same results you always got, which for many people is a deficient night’s sleep, lacking in quality and quantity which is so vital to building the way you feel the following day. Start now and make a promise to yourself to finish your day the way you would like to start the following with a positive experience and outlook.

Ok so how can snoring be solved you ask? It can be solved right? Well the answer is thankfully YES and that’s what this site will endeavour to do. Essentially the site has been established to provide useful guidance, recommendations and relevant information to enable the person reading to become more informed and in turn get a better night’s sleep as a result of choosing an affordable solution to address their snoring issue. The site contains lots of useful content aimed at snoring, and getting a better night’s sleep in general. Please feel free to browse it using the menus and links provided and share and bookmark it too (it’s good to help other people in a similar position find answers and help them improve their life as a result).

This particular page is dedicated to highlighting a fantastic Anti Snore Device called AirSnore. In actual fact we have selected the AirSnore anti snoring solution as our Top Anti Snoring Choice for a number of reasons which will be outlined later on this page and in further articles (However it does have stiff competition from many other top products. Click and read about the various alternatives to AirSnore here). The Reason why we chose this simple yet effective device is outlined below and in our view it happens to be one of the Top Anti Snoring Devices on the Market Right Now!

AirSnore is our Top Choice because we feel it is the best fit for the vast majority of people who are adversely affected by snoring of any grade (more on snoring grades later too).  It has an awesome 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which really is a testament to its usefulness as a fantastic anti snore product. Oh and It just so happens to work too and if it doesn’t you get your money back. While other options in this category offer a similar devices, they can be hit and miss and also happen to be a bit pricier than the AirSnore solution.

The ability to eliminate snoring has been taken care of by the AirSnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece which has a simple, lightweight and comfortable design. It works by ensuring that your air ways are well ventilated during sleep which in turn leads to a wonderful night’s sleep, completely free from that annoying snore and its adverse side effects.

The essence of this article will be to discuss the main features of the Airsnore snoring mouthpiece, how it works and what exactly makes it the best option in the market place at the moment. In addition, the article will touch on the pros and cons associated with using this product and also link to other top anti snoring solutions and devices available right now.

What is the Airsnore Mouthpiece?

The Airsnore mouthpiece utilises Mandibular Advancement Technology in order to give consistent results each and every time it is used. It does this by holding your lower jaw in a slightly advanced and open position in order to increase airflow into and through the mouth neck and into the lungs in order to prevent snoring. This is not just a mouthpiece, it is a combination of technology, testing and first class medical care.

Unlike other traditional, less sophisticated and non-customisable snore prevention products, the Airsnore system offers quality modern medical device advancements and features a fully customisable bespoke solution and all at an exceptionally good price.

It comes with everything you need right out of the box to ensure you get to have a great night’s sleep the very same day the product arrives on your doorstep.

The material used is lightweight and strong owing to the fact that it is made from a strong and flexible medical grade thermoplastic. This material enables it to utilise the boil and bite technology to give a snug and secure fit to the user.

Needless to say, the genius behind the Airsnore product is that its customisable and it’s functional design enables a wide variety of people to achieve a level of results far and above what any other product on the market offers with a proven track record of over 80,000 satisfied customers and counting since its recent launch.

Once the easy to understand instructions are followed and the resulting mouthpiece has been moulded to the person’s mouth it will be very comfortable to wear during the night for the vast majority of people although for some people it takes a few uses for some people to get used to the device in their mouth.

That aside, the materials used to make this product are durable giving you a 6-12 months usage guarantee without needing replacement. It must be stated however that this is one product that if looked after and cared for will be worth every penny.

Aside from the AirSnore anti-snoring mouthpiece, the company also offers Airsnore drops to be used in conjunction with the mouthpiece. These drops which are made from natural and essential oils compliment the physical anti-snoring device by providing added snore relief as well as enabling you to get a better quality of sleep by taking advantage of the unique completely safe, approved and tested special oils each of which has been selected for its unique properties and characteristic to further aid sleep and stop snoring in its tracks.

Reasons Why You Snore – A Brief Overview

It may be worth your while to read more about what is snoring and why do you snore? The brief answer to why most people snore is that, essentially while you are asleep the muscles in your throat can have a tendency to relax and fall backwards for a number of reasons. This in turn causes either a partial or in certain circumstances a complete blockage of you air ways. This blockage or restriction has a tendency to lead to agitation and resistance in your breathing as the air passes through, which in turn causes a certain kind of vibration to occur, which when loud enough leads to snoring. This is because the blockage narrows your larynx unusually. Older people tend to be the most susceptible to this condition because their muscles lack the required tone to keep their airways open. Snoring can be irritating and actually 44% of the people in UK find snoring gross and irritating.

With such problems affecting most people, the AirSnore Company understood the value in producing a design to curb snoring and as a result of months and months of designing, testing and refining, the AirSnore Anti snoring device was born. Let’s continue on now and see how the device works to improve people’s lives.

How Does The AirSnore Device Work?

The AirSnore is designed to fit in your mouth perfectly and as a result of this, you are assured of good night sleep. There are a few procedures that you should follow before you get started using AirSnore for the first time and also likewise after you have used the AirSnore in your mouth in order to keep it safe from damage as well as clean and hygienic. The main usage guidelines are outlined below and full instructions will be provide with you device upon purchase, so you will fully understand the process;

  • Place the AirSnore gently in hot water ideally for around one minute. This softens the thermoplastic material of the device in order to get a custom fit for your mouth.
  • Remove and proceed to placing it in your mouth after a few seconds and then bite on it as you wait for it to cool down and shape itself to your mouth.
  • Take out the mouthpiece and ensure it fits exactly to the size of your mouth. You can repeat this procedure as many times as possible until you get the exact fit. A good fit is important in order to ensure comfort and functionality of the device.
  • When it’s time to sleep, take out your AirSnore, insert it in your mouth while moving your jaw forward to open up your airways fully using the device. This procedure should be comfortable and painless.
  • To test whether your AirSnore is working effectively, you can open your mouth then breathe hard making a snore-like sound. Proceed to do the same with your mouth shut. You may realize that the snoring goes away when you breathe through your mouth and not through the nose. This is because the AirSnore is meant for jaw displacement induced snoring and not nostril blockage.
  • After use, take your AirSnore off in the morning and place it in cool water and proceed to wash with toothpaste. This ensures that it stays bacteria-free and is ready for its next usage.

Following the above mentioned procedures, you are assured of a good night sleep without disturbance from excessive snoring. The AirSnore opens up the partial or whole blockage of the airways.

Things That Make The AirSnore Different

As you are aware snoring occurs when the throat tissues fall back and block the airways therefore causing vibrations that lead to a snoring sound. The AirSnore device works by extending the jaw outwards in order to create room for efficient breathing. The overall look and appearance of the AirSnore may look similar to other Mandibular Advancement Devices However, there is something different that separates the AirSnore from all other snoring device mouthpieces. This is the AirSnore drops that work in combination with the mouthpiece to offer the best possible treatment and solution to snoring.

These drops are manufactured using special ingredients which have been tested and proven to reduce snoring and enhance your ability to have great night sleep. There are five essential oils which are used to make the drops. Each specific oil has its own unique functions and benefits which lead to a more complete and silent night’s sleep. The oils used are as follows;

  1. Eucalyptus globule which is Eucalyptus leaf oil. The oils are extracted from a certain Eucalyptus tree grown in Australia. The oil is known to have a variety of beneficial properties. The Eucalyptol creates a certain kind of soothing effect beneficial in fighting snoring inside the throat. In addition to that, it can help deal with an array of respiratory related infections like bronchitis, inflammation in the respiratory tract, sinuses among other problems.
  2. Helianthus annuus which is made from Sunflower seed oil. Mostly found in North America. It is known to fight against insomnia and mild depression because of the tryptophan property in it.
  3. Lavendula angustifolia. It is extracted from the Lavender flower oil. The major uses of this essential oil is to reduce stress hence enabling someone to sleep more easily and more comfortably. This is because it contains certain properties which calm and relax the body prior to sleep.
  4. Mentha piperita. Is the oil extracted from the Leafs of peppermint. The major importance of the peppermint is to fight off nauseated feelings and calm a person’s nerves. Therefore, it is a strong an anti-depressant.
  5. Pinus sylvestris. This essential oil is extracted from the Scot Pine Tree Needles. It is widely distributed all over the world therefore easily accessible. It mostly treats Insomnia. In addition to its ability to treat insomnia, the vapour produced by the Scot Pine needle is soothing and creates a refreshing feeling in the body, which leads to a comfortable and sound night sleep.

The AirSnore Drops are medically approved and both the Airsnore mouthpiece product and drops are manufactured in FDA compliant facilities so you can rest assured they meet the strictest quality and safety standards for healthcare. They have all the best ingredients necessary to improve your night’s sleep and even better make it snore free. The Airsnore product is our top anti snoring choice for a number of reasons which we will aim to outline further on. The Bottom line is that this is one product that you will not regret buying, and it’s essentially a win-win because on the off chance you do happen to regret your purchase you can still get your money back for 60 Days. A real no brainer for people looking for a cure from the suffering effects of snoring.

AirSnore is compact, discrete and fashionable as well as being fully customisable to the user’s mouth and most importantly it is designed to work! Compare this to other antiquated, cumbersome and ineffective devices from the past that were a one size fits all generic offering made from questionable materials and using untested methods to achieve results that in reality provided no real benefit to the end user or anyone directly affected by snoring.

What Grade Snorer are you?

Essentially there are three major grades that health professionals use to examine the extent of each person’s snoring. Each Grade of snoring is outlined below and you can click on any one to visit the AirSnore page where you can listen and learn more about this amazing product, use the live chat to speak to someone in real time and find the appropriate solution that matches your circumstance and they will answer any questions you may have. With this kind of analysis, the team at AirSnore is able to attend to their customers with individual problems. This helps the team to pay full attention to the specific snoring defects you are experiencing and help you get a worthwhile solution. The Good News again is that The AirSnore Mouthpiece solution will work for all three grades of snorer.

1. Grade One Snoring – Click to Listen To Example

Grade one snorers tend to snore on occasion and in general are not frequent snorers (however like everything there will be exceptions in some cases). Their snores tend to be not so loud. This mild form of snoring means that your breathing system is not obstructed in any way. In this case, there are no noticeable snore-related health problems associated. However it may not be all that rosy in the garden because, if left untreated, this kind of snoring can cause personal problems with your bed partner.

If snoring has directly or indirectly been mentioned to you as an issue, or if indeed you are here looking for a solution to someone else’s snoring, because it is starting to affect you then the first step is to assess your snoring grade and severity of the snoring problem. If you feel this is your snore level, Congratulations the company will ensure that you protect your relationship with your partner. (A precious gift worth its weight in gold meaning you and your partner can live harmoniously and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product in getting a more complete and consistent night’s sleep.

2. Grade Two Snoring – Click to Listen to Example

Grade two snorers are frequent snorers. Their snores are loud enough to disrupt not only their bed partners but also disturb people in other rooms in the house. At this stage, they end up disrupting their own sleeping schedules too. In this instance there is a greater chance that someone on this level may have some type of obstructive breathing issue and may even suffer from a condition known as sleep apnea or indeed some other snoring-related health problem. Examples of grade two snoring side effects may include waking up which headaches and feelings of tiredness during the day.

Luckily for this stage of snorer, the AirSnore will work towards protecting you from the associated health problems that are related to snoring and help increase airflow and oxygen levels into your sleeping body. In addition to that, it helps the people around you to have peaceful nights too.

3. Grade Three Snoring – Click to Listen to Example

Grade three snorers have annoyingly loud snores that happen every single day. Their breathing obstruction is more progressed and there is a possibility that they could snort or choke at times during sleep. This type of a snore could wake the whole household due to its volume and consistency. This type of snoring will almost always strain relations with your family members and also cause them a lot of trouble sleeping.  Grade three snorers if left unchecked are exposed to higher levels of risk relating to certain snoring-related health problems and will suffer side effects like irritability and fatigue on an almost frequent basis. At other times, they may wake up with sore throats and migraines as a result of the repetitive strain of snoring on their bodies.

Fortunately the AirSnore solution will bring benefits to people at this stage of snoring (essentially the highest of all snoring levels). It will protect the user from snoring related health problems while ensuring that the people around the snorer have a peaceful night sleep. Never give snoring a chance to damage your reputation as well as you overall body health.

The Pros and Cons of the AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device

When it comes to technological advancements, AirSnore is right at the very top of the pile because of its ability to target the root cause of snoring directly and the thousands of satisfied customers are testament to the products effectiveness. The physical design of the mouthpiece allows for an increased supply of air to flow through the mouth and throat, and this combined with using the special drops helps reduce muscle and tissue restrictions in the deep recesses of the mouth and throat leading to a winning formula for many people. However as we all know there is nothing in this life that is 100% perfect and even the most successful products and solutions in every field will always have advantages and disadvantages or ways they can be improved and this anti snore device is no exception. It would be very easy just to say the device is absolutely perfect and leave it at that. Except the aim of this site is to provide the most honest and relevant guidance in order for people to make an informed decision. As a result we feel it both useful and necessary to list both the obvious and the not so obvious pros and cons to ensure this device is a good fit for you or someone you know with a snoring issue.

The following are some of the Pros of using the AirSnore Device;


  • First off the most obvious benefit of the AirSnore device is that you and others will have a great night’s sleep without any of the associated disruptive snoring. As a result you and others will wake up feeling refreshed and can start the next day off on a good note as opposed to experiencing all the negative issues with snoring day after day.
  • The AirSnore and natural drops combination when used together is an added advantage over other Anti-snoring mouthpiece offerings, and is unique to the Airsnore Company. The Drops have the added benefit of Helping to keep noses and throats clear of any blockages and the mucus clearing, dilating and decongestant, properties of the individual oils will help increase airflow, fight infection and prevent allergy and sinus conditions which are known to cause blockages and restrict airflow and cause snoring.
  • The AirSnore mouthpiece is fitted with holes which allows efficient breathing through the mouth even when fully closed. These holes ensure good ventilation and air supply. A very helpful bonus to people who have blocked noses during the night and are therefore compelled to breathe through the mouth on a consistent basis.
  • The AirSnore is available at a very affordable price despite considering its high quality and durability and also the fact that even a professionally fitted unit which can and will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, will not come with the benefit of the Airsnore drops which offers a more complete solution in our view.
  • The buyer is always given a 60-day money back guarantee in case the product does not work for them. This gives the consumer ample time to test and ensure that the device is working for them.
  • As the consumer of the products from AirSnore you are assured of quality, good night sleep, more energized and healthier days off fatigue and tiredness. Get yourself the AirSnore Antisnoring mouthpiece and the AirSnore drops to solve you snoring problems.
  • Customer Support is Fantastic and the live chat is a real plus if you need any questions answered. Another bonus is that the company offers Fast and Free Worldwide Shipping.

Ok so now we have dealt with all the benefits of using Airsnore We will now list the perceived drawbacks of the device. All in all, there are a few disadvantages that may be associated with using the AirSnore product for certain people. Some of the Cons may include;


  • This device cannot be used by people who have implants, dentures, caps or crowns. This kind of snorer will be at a disadvantage because the device itself gets support from your dentation. Such dental problems may inconvenience the ability of the product to work to its fullest capability. We recommend it you do have certain dental issues similar to the above to seek the advice of your dentist before making a decision to completely rule the product out. They will be able to give you a qualified opinion on your particular case and suitability for the product.
  • Although the device itself is manufactured in a Food and Drug Administration to cleared facility, to medical standards the device itself has not been cleared by the FDA.
  • During the first few times of using the device, you may experience drooling and jaw redness as well as soreness until you adjust to the unit. This may be quite uncomfortable but with time, you will get used to the device, and these problems will cease to cause any continuing issues.
  • The Basic Mandibular Adjustment device does not come with appliances to adjust customarily the device in order to fit the mouth of any user.

Now with the Pros and Cons outlined and hopefully with you understanding a little more about the potential for this product to work for youin bringing about snore free night. You are one step closer to better sleep! So let us conclude by saying the following;


The AirSnore is one of the more recent products to have been developed and added to the competitive antisnoring devices market. It also happens to be one of the best value mandibular advancement devices on the market. This being the case, the product has not yet reached the standard of most devices in terms of technological advancements. It lacks in some major key features that determine how other Anti snoring devices operate. Some of these features include; posi locks and calibrators which some may feel help in maximizing the efficiency of the device however it is usually at the expense of comfort, size and overall cost of the product.

All in all, the manufacturers behind this device have explained the reasons behind this simplicity. They have said that they majorly concentrate on making the device comfortable and flexible by ensuring it weighs as little as possible. They have ensured that the product is affordable for the common man by incorporating less technological advancements on it as much as possible. This is a decent device despite being a beginner in the market. Those who have used it, have only positive things to say about its effectiveness.

As a result, the AirSnore solution is ideal for anyone who is experiencing bad nights of broken and poor quality sleep as a result of snoring. The Airsnore Mandibular Adjustment Device is a simple and effective device and its boil and bite setup enables it to be custom fitted at home by the user in minutes. The added bonus of the AirSnore drops will work wonders to not only target snoring but also help elevate associated issues like sore throats and congestion. This combo makes it a more popular and efficient option in comparison to other pricier products in this category.

This is a product that we feel will definitely improve your night’s sleep. It’s a very effective fast and cost effective way to solve what turns out to be a global issue for so many people who suffer the from the dreaded snore. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself the AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device and see for yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose! You will definitely thank your luck stars you did!


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