Latest Sleep Apnea Devices on the Market

In recent times, sleep apnea known which is linked with excessive snoring has become more of an issue for many people. Sleep is a vital in order for our bodies to function to an acceptable level during the daytime. Through sleep, our bodies are able to detoxify and regenerate during the night, and when you wake up in the morning after a proper sleep, you should feel fresh and ready for a new day.

Sleep Apnea Device
Compact and Functional CPAP Machines Now Exist to Treat Sleep Apnea of All Types.

Hopefully you will have an understanding of how important sleep is to the body. If not check out some of our other articles on the importance of sleep including How Much Sleep Should You Get Every Night?

Most people are in the position where they cannot help but work late into the night for that little bit of extra money in order to maintain a good lifestyle for themselves or their family.

Well, it is true in most cases that some people will sleep well and reach the optimum sleep time recommended for their age. Other people may have started to realise issues regarding their sleep pattern or routine and are keen to address this and find out a little more information as to what may be causing it.

For some people it may be a simple case of not allowing their bodies a chance to drift off to sleep because of distractions from technological devices among other things. In other cases the issue of third party snoring is the main reason for the impact on a person’s poor sleep. While others may suffer from a physical impairment that can compound poor sleep or may be causing it in the first place. The first thing to do if you feel you suffer from sleep apnoea is to get examined by a qualified specialist.

A qualified specialist will be able to diagnose any issues or abnormalities from physical checks and diagnose also from symptoms present. Minor or moderate sleep and snoring issues can be addressed by a range of suitable products specially designed to alleviate the complaint and focus on the cause. These are the best first step in the way to a better night’s sleep. We will outline some good sleep apnea devices below in order to help you find the best option for you.

Fortunately for the many people who suffer from the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea a group of scientists and researchers have designed and developed a range of machines that are aimed at helping those with snoring or sleep issues the ability to sleep soundly again. The beauty of these machines are that they reduce the effects of sleep apnea, and in the long run curb it completely.

In this article therefore, we are going to discuss the best ways to select a good sleep Apnoea machine that will serve you in the most complete way. In addition, we will highlight some of the Latest Sleep Apnoea Devices on the market today for their functionality and effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Sleep Apnea Machine

If you have Sleep Apnea or you experience difficulty in sleeping because of your partner’s sleep Apnea problem, I’m sure you have considered looking for a possible machine that could help you out. With that in mind, you may have tried searching for possible machines over the internet. Have you ever heard of CPAP?

A CPAP (continuous Positive airway pressure) Machine is a wonderful machine used to treat patients suffering from OSA (Obstructive sleep Apnea). The machine works by sending pressurized air through your oesophagus all through the night using a mask that fits over the mouth and nose although designs do vary. The idea behind this machine is that it will in turn prevent any collapsing of your respiratory air system and hence you can breathe with ease.

By using a pressurized air technique, the CPAP curbs sleep Apnea effectively therefore allowing you to sleep with ease. Impressive right! This simple yet effective machine consists of three parts;

  • A pressure machine which pressurizes the available air from the surroundings.
  • A hose pipe which functions to deliver the air to a mask
  • A mask (nasal prong) which is more or less like the normal gas mask which covers the mouth and nose. This ensures a steady and safe delivery of air into your respiratory tract.

The CPAP machine works to ensure a safe and sound sleep routine is had without any snoring problems. When choosing a CPAP machine, there are a few things you will need to consider.

1. Noise; with the latest advances of technology, newer sleep Apnea machines promise as little noise as possible. Fortunately, some machines are less noisy as compared to others. Take time to search more about the machine you are about to buy in terms of how noisy it is. In the past these type of machines were excessively noisy however nowadays many are virtually silent.

2. Mask; All CPAP machines come with a suitable mask but sometimes the mask might not be the exact type of one that you need. The best part of this type of machine is that the spare parts are available separately.

3. Ramp; A ramp is a feature in CPAP machines that allows it to slowly build up pressure to a level that is prescribed in order to reduce any case of discomfort. This is especially required for different patients because the user may suffer from different forms of sleep Apnea. From severe to mild sleep Apnea. Always check the compatibility of this feature for efficiency and if it applies to the machine you intend to purchase.

4. Humidifier; as you may have guessed by now, the constant pumping of air into your respiratory tract will obviously lead to drying up of your airways. This can be quite troublesome to the user. However, the new advanced CPAP machines come with a humidifier that helps in such scenarios. Look for machines that have a removable humidifier for those long trips and to give overall comfort and convenience when in use.

Latest CPAP Machines

We have selected four of the best cpap machines that will enable you to alleviate your sleep apnea condition in the most effective way below are some great products to consider they have been selected for their functionality and overall effectiveness.

1. Dream-Station Auto Philips Respironics

The Philips Respironics is a great CPAP machine for home sleep Apnea therapy. It is a compact CPAP machine that comes in a comfortable design fitted with a humidifier as well as having heated tubing. It is small and portable and can be easily carried allowing it to comfortably fit in any place the person desires.

This means the person can move around with it which gives them greater freedom and mobility. With the help of an enabled Bluetooth connection, the patient can easily get access to more connectivity and communication features which are aimed at making the therapy much more efficient.

The Oxygen released by this machine is personalized therefore it is very easy for patients to get adapted to it. Some of the unique features in this machine are; The Daily Progress program, the unit performance checks and the Opti-Start. More to that, there are other high performance features that come with this Dream-Station. Things like the Mask Fit Checking, Self –Management tool, Advanced Check for Events and a resistance control for the mask type.

With all these features, this machine is capable of adjusting your breathing patterns in order to ensure that there is optimum oxygen supply to your blood stream. Get yourself this Dream Station for a better night sleep. Enjoy the personalized therapy sessions for a healthier life.

2. Air Sense Res Med 10 Auto-Set

This is a compact travel friendly CPAP machine that has very high efficiency. It is a premium machine fitted with auto-adjustment of the patient’s breathing in order to offer the best therapy. This ensures that the patient gets enough personalized oxygen supply in their body. The heated humidifier’s purpose is to provide moisturized oxygen to the patient’s lungs.

This CPAP machine has a very quiet motor which is an advantage to both you and your bed partner. This ensures that you have less distractive nights. The premium features of the Air Sense are the climate control feature for comfortable therapy sessions, AutoRamp sleep detection which tells when you are asleep therefore reduces the pressure significantly.

In addition, it has the Module for Event Detection hence can distinguish between the Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea. Therefore, the machine delivers the appropriate therapy for oxygen. The EPR (expiratory pressure relief) significantly lowers the pressure when you exhale to make the therapy much more comfortable.

The Air Sense machine is ideal and ticks many boxes for better sleep and benefits from some of the best features available including connection to the healthcare providers through its wireless communication module.

3. Drive DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Auto

This an automatic machine that comes with a heated humidifier to warm the air delivered to the lungs of the patient. This is most effective for the patients who require the high pressure therapy. It provides personalized assistance to the patients by following their natural breathing patterns.

The Smart Code therapy helps to monitor the patient in order to record the data collected remotely. As well, the Rounding Flow technology, the pressure support from 0 up o 12cmH2O, event detection, automatic pressure adjustment, snoring detection feature and automatic altitude adjustment ensures the maximum efficiency of this machine is obtained.

It is one of the quietest AutoBilevel machines on the market and comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. The design and layout is user friendly. It is portable and perfectly fits into any setting. The humidification system helps you enjoy the oxygen therapy at optimum temperatures. In addition, it has a flexible tubing of 6 to 10 feet which gives a lot of freedom when used in bed during a night’s sleep.

Other intriguing features include; an alarm that reminds you to replace spare parts, LCD backlit panel for darkened rooms and easy to use controls. It is equipped with an automatic turn on and off which allows the machine to start delivering pressure upon detecting the first breathe and vice versa. The delay in pressure helps the patients to fall asleep on gentler pressure setting before embarking on the therapeutically prescription treatment.

4. The Res Med Air Mini

This is a stylish and compact CPAP machine which is easily portable. It is actually the smallest sleep apnea machine in the market. You can take it with you either on your flight, camping or rather in your home for therapy. It comes with a humidifier to ensure that the air delivered is well moisturized. The machine is light weight therefore portable and less cumbersome. The motor fitted in the Air Mini is less noisy which is an advantage to both you and your bed partner.

It comes with 3 compatible masks which you can choose from depending on your face structure. The mask is connected to tubing fitted with the humidification system mentioned in other models. The Air mini also comes with a 2-year warranty which is provided by the manufacturer.


In conclusion, with the machines outlined above you really can go wrong. They will all help you find a solution for your Sleep apnea in the best possible way. Remember with any of the above mentioned CPAP machines you are getting the best possible features and service from the manufacturer.

The best advice we can give is that regardless of the level of your condition is you should always settle for a machine with a quiet motor as well as a well-fitting mask and if you can afford it select the machine with best range of functions which will give you the best possible benefits to alleviate your sleep apnoea. As is most often the case you generally get back what you pay and the dearer item usually in the long run will be the better investment especially when your health and wellbeing is concerned.

We hope that our article will help direct you in order to be able to make the best choice from the vast range of CPAP machines available on the market. Any of the above choices in our eyes will be ideal for the vast majority of people so don’t wait any longer pick one and move towards a better night’s sleep.

Please feel free to leave a comment or share if you are considering investing in a cpap sleep apnoea machine or indeed if you have used a machine that is mentioned above in order to help other people make a better decision or add a little more information to the discussion.


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