Fitplus Wedge Pillow Review

FitPlus Bed Wedge Pillow

Sleep is one of life’s necessities. However, there is a chance that snoring might be hindering you from getting a good night’s sleep. Snoring is actually one of the biggest sleeping problems and is the cause of much annoyance and frustration for many people. On top of that, 90% of the snorers don’t even want to admit that they do actually snore.

Somehow throughout the course of history, snoring has been branded as one of those taboos that you don’t really talk about and not around the dinner table. If you remember back to your childhood you might understand the whole fuss around accusing someone they snored, usually the accusation was strongly rebuffed and played down as being a one off incident at best.

In the end, we all grew developed in a world where the simple task of talking about snoring was overlooked and so the issue usually persisted for many people.

It is worth remembering that every time you snore, you are reducing the oxygen circulation in your body. If you don’t find a quick solution, it will end up affecting your overall health and wellbeing down the line.

This understanding shows how important it is to look for a solution to your snoring problem as soon as you can. With that in mind, this article will hopefully help you a lot if you are suffering from a snoring problem. You can even look for a solution for your spouse or family member who is a serious snorer too in order to help them overcome their snoring, while at the same time giving you back some peace of mind.

Before we get started on the FitPlus Bed Wedge Pillow review, you should note that it is important to actually consult with a sleep or snore specialist before looking for a solution to your snoring problem. Your snores might very well be a symptom of a much deadlier sleep problem. For instance, one of the most basic signs of sleep apnea is in fact snoring.

With the current advancements in technology and the introduction of the internet, you can now find a snoring clinic quite easily. These are clinics with specialists solely dedicated to dealing with snoring problems that people may have.

What Really Causes Snoring?

Well, now that you mention it, there are a lot of reasons actually. Some of the problems are actually pretty easy to solve if approached correctly. While others can be a little bit trickier to treat. All the same, snoring is actually treatable using various means, for instance one such solution is using a wedge pillow. Here are some of the reasons why you might be snoring:

Sleeping Position

When we sleep, we have very little control of our body function. But our body usually adjusts itself depending on how tired you feel lying on one side. However, this tossing and turning eventually leads to you sleeping on your back.

In this position, your soft palate will collapse and cause congestion in your airway. In the end, this leads to snoring.

Narrow Airway

This is usually a common reason for snoring. It occurs when the tonsils are enlarged and so narrowing your airway. As your body tries to make up for the reduced air, it forces air down and this leads to vibrations in your soft palate, resulting in a snoring sound being produced.

Obstruction in the Nasal Airway

An obstruction in your nasal passageway might also be other reason why you are snoring. This is because your ability to breathe through your nose in a normal way is restricted and so your body begins forcing you to breathe through your mouth, to ensure air supply is maintained.

The problem with breathing through the mouth is that you tend to create a greater vibration of tissues in the airways. This in turn leads you to snoring or can increase you snore output.

What is a Wedge Pillow?

Well, you guessed right. The wedge pillow looks exactly as it’s described. With its shape, the wedge pillow is in most cases used to offer help and support to the snorers. The construction of these pillows is ideal for offering support to the side sleepers as they are able to sleep in a more angled position.

That is because these wedge pillows are made using some materials that are supportive as well as contouring to the body. There is a spinal alignment of the body and that unobstructed body posture allows for convenient breathing.

Generally, the wedge pillows tend to be large in size and they measure a couple of feet in terms of length and width. These wedge pillows ensure that the body gets that ideal inclination for proper rest and support of the upper body.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the Fitplus Wedge Pillow that make it a good tool for anyone looking for a pillow for snore treatment.

Memory Foam

The fitplus bed wedge pillow is topped with a memory foam, about one and a half inches thick. The memory foam is also designed to conform to the body shape of the person’s body and so offering the best support.

Soft Slope

The wedge pillow also has a soft slope. This one happens at 28 inches long as it allows you to have a climb that is more gradual. This ensures that your muscles don’t suffer from a lot of strain from the support of the pillow.

Removable cover

The fitplus wedge pillow also has a removable cover that makes it very easy to wash the wedge pillow. Now with this nice feature you don’t have to worry, when the pillow gets dirty. You only have to wash that removable cover instead of the whole pillow.


  • The wedge pillow has a removable cover which makes it easy to clean and maintain
  •  It has a memory foam at about 15 inches long, offering ultimate support to the body
  • With the soft slope at 28 inches long, the wedge pillow ensures that your muscles don’t get over strained
  • Besides helping with your snoring, the wedge pillow could also help with acid reflux
  • This Wedge Pillow is quite good value for money


  • A few customers have complained that the pillow remained as hard as rock and they could not get good night’s sleep.
  • If you like firm types of mattresses then this could be a perfect wedge pillow for you

So what’s the final verdict then?

Final Verdict

So, in case you are wondering if the fitplus wedge pillow is a great solution for your snoring, the answer is yes. However, this answer comes with a caveat, and that is this wedge pillows effectiveness will mostly depend on the underlying cause of your snoring. When used correctly, the wedge pillow will help to reduce snoring in many instances. 

All in all, this may not be the best solution for everyone. If that is the case, then it’s recommended that you consult with your sleep or snore specialist before trying out the wedge pillow or have a look at the other potential solutions on this site that may be a better fit for you or your lifestyle.

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