Somnifix Sleep Strips Review

Somnifix Sleep Strips Review

Now we know the first thing you are probably wondering is, how is a mouth strip going to help you with your snoring disorder? Well both the product and the method are quite simple; stick around and we will show you how these simple mouth strips may be of benefit when it comes to eliminating snoring.

Snoring has been a real thorny issue for lots of people over the years. Let’s be straight, it’s an embarrassing situation that most people are not that comfortable confessing in public. Many people try to shy away from their snoring problem until it starts affecting their health and their relationship.

It would appear that it is not that easy to talk about snoring in our modern age. Many people feel the need to cover up the fact that they are snorers, or simply ignore the fact that they snore altogether. All the same, if you don’t deal with your snoring problem, it ends up affecting your lifestyle so it’s just not worth it.

If you haven’t noticed by now, your snoring is affecting your day to day activity. You will more likely than not wake up feeling tired in the morning even if you’ve slept for over eight hours. Also, you may have noticed feeling more sleepy at work. If this is what has been happening in your life, then it’s time to look for a solution. And there are solutions, lots of them, so that’s the good news!

Thanks to your internet search, you’ve come to the right place to find the right solution. The first step to any snore problem is that you need to understand or admit that you are a snorer. Then the next, is to seek professional help from a snore clinic if your snoring is particularly severe. Yes, you’ve read that right. There are clinics solely dedicated to helping patients suffering from snore related problems.

Now let’s move on to finding you a solution to that snoring problem. We will give an outline of a viable snoring product in the following Somnifix sleep strips review. This device gives you the opportunity to breathe right and regain your beauty sleep.

Key Features

Here are some of the main features of the Somnifix Anti-Snore Sleep Strips;


The best part about this strip is that unlike other nasal strips, it is able to work without leaving any marks on your skin. It is also designed in such a way that it reduces the discomfort of having a strip on your face. The strip is actually very easy to apply on your mouth and provides an adequate level of snore prevention.

100% safe

The strip is made of 100% safe material that will not affect your health in any way. It will actually improve your general body health by regulating the air flow your body gets.

Mouth Vent

This strip comes with a miniature vent just in front of your mouth. This will give you the chance to breathe through your mouth whenever your nose is blocked. But the miniature vent is actually small. Therefore, it only allows a limited amount of air to breathe until you can breathe through your nose again


The beauty of this strip is that it is transparent. No one will be able to notice that you are actually wearing a strip unless they come in very close range to you. Also, the contents of this strip are recyclable so you don’t have to worry about adding to the planets waste burden.

How Does the Somnifix Sleep Strip work?

The Somnifix sleep strips are a gentle way to improve your sleeping routines and actually give you a better night sleep. Whenever you sleep at night, there’s a high chance of becoming a mouth breather. This is simply due to the actions of gravity and the result of over relaxed muscles.

For lots of people that means, your mouth will begin to open the minute you fall asleep as your jaw muscles relax. What’s more, when you start breathing through your mouth, your blood vessels trigger your senses to produce more mucus and this leads to even more blockage and restriction especially if allergies are involved. The result is that you will end up breathing through your mouth almost the whole night. You may find yourself waking up with a sore throat and your body feeling tired as a result.

Fortunately, this problem is easily fixable with the Somnifix Sleep Strips. When you put on the Somnifix Sleep Strip, you are able to control your breathing to a large extent. This device closes your mouth and so your body will only use your nose to breathe, which means you will receive unrestricted air flow and eliminate the chance of snoring.

Air circulation is an important feature of having a good night’s sleep. That is why this device comes with a breathing vent that helps you maintain your breathing even when your nose closes up. The best part about this vent is that it acts as a filter for air that comes into your body. The vent also cleans up your air the same way your nose does. Meaning even if you ultimately end up breathing through your mouth, you will still have a clean supply of quality air.

Does This Device Help When It Comes to Snoring?

Definitely yes. Even though you have the chance to breathe through your mouth as well as your nose, the device ensures that it’s not for long. This device trains your body to breathe through your nose the natural way. But at the same time giving your body an alternative route for air intake through your mouth just in case your nose is blocked.


  • The strips are gentle to your skin. They won’t leave any marks
  • The strips are reusable
  • Also, this anti-snoring device comes with a vent just in case you have to breathe through your mouth.
  • It’s pretty simple to use
  • It’s made out of materials that are 100% safe.
  • You don’t need to use any medications for this device to work


  • Unfortunately, it can only fix snoring problems connected to breathing through your mouth. There are others that will work for people who snore through their nose.

Ok so whats the final thoughts on this product?

Final Verdict…

With the Somnifix sleep strips, you can now become a nose breather at night instead of a mouth breather, and you don’t have to worry about waking up with sore throats anymore from snoring. Just simply put on this device and go to sleep and in the morning you will wake up feeling better as a result of reduced snoring and getting better rest.

Now it is worth noting however, as much as this device might be a good solution, it doesn’t completely eliminate snoring and you must continue using the strips. A number of customers have confessed that as soon as they decided not to sleep with the strips, they started snoring again. That means that this can only be a temporary solution. Therefore, you might just have to consult with your sleep or snoring specialist to get a permanent treatment if the idea of using certain products doesn’t appeal to you. Remember don’t be afraid to talk about your problem as the old saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved!

You can also check out other solutions to snoring just in case this one doesn’t appeal to you. Other devices that might help you reduce your snoring problem include Anti-Snoring Pillows and Anti-Snore Mouthpieces.

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