Cushy Form Bed-Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam

When your spine is poorly aligned and supported, it is almost unavoidable that you or others will experience difficulty in breathing as you sleep. In addition to that, you are also more likely to develop back, neck and shoulder pains. To reduce and lessen the chances of these unwanted setbacks, and give the support your upper back and body deserve while sleeping, then we recommend the Cushy Form Bed-Wedge Pillow with Memory Top Foam.  This Pillow will especially suit people who suffer from issues with their sinuses or have undergone upper back surgery.

This wedge type pillow in a very simple way converts your bed to a recliner, which then helps to support you upper back and shoulders, all at the same time. Besides that, you can also use it to prop up your body when watching a movie, reading a book or watching your favourite TV show while resting on the couch or in bed. The fact that this pillow can be used to prop your legs up too is another great feature. This results in it improving your general posture and spine alignment regardless of whether you are lying down or seated on the couch. The beauty of this simple pillow is that it can be used for multiple purposes in and around the home.

The top part of the pillow incorporates the memory foam into its design which improves your comfort and support. The reason for this is because it adjusts to your body’s natural contours, namely the upper back, and so giving you ultimate support while in use. Memory Foam essentially adapts to the shape of your body, and the material remembers the shape from the last time it was used. The cover also helps to keep you in position by ensuring that you don’t have to keep waking up throughout the night to reposition your body.

The breathable Nature of this pillow is an added advantage too. This is because it makes the pillow perform super well at the dissipation of heat. This prevents the build-up of moisture between your body and the pillow, which can at times make the pillow uncomfortable during your nightly sleep, or when in use for extended periods. The washable cover makes it very easy to maintain meaning you can always wash off any dust that has accumulated after using it in your nightly sleep routine, or in and around the home. This is a pretty firm pillow so if you are a fan of softer types of support you might be better with the Celliant Anti-Snore Pillow instead although it isn’t a wedge type design, it is still a fantastic pillow for preventing snoring and neck and shoulder pain and is also hypo-allergenic too so if you suffer from allergies this is definitely a great option.


  • It improves the overall breathing of the patient
  • It reduces the accumulation of acid reflux
  • It provides ultimate support effectively
  • It improves your body posture
  • It is great at heat dissipation
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Some users find this pillow to be too high
  • Others complained that it was too sturdy

What we like about this pillow is that it is a much larger size than most wedge type pillows that only really enable your head and part of your neck to be supported. Most don’t really cater for the neck and shoulders in terms of providing support and cushioning in the same way the Cushy Form Wedge Pillow does. It’s adaptability is great too, especially if you want to prop yourself up in bed or on the sofa while reading, watching tv or playing video games.

Some people have reported finding the pillow is a little bit firm. One option to solve this might be to add a thinner pillow on top to give an extra layer of cushion. However it is also worth noting that this is a high wedge pillow to start with a 12″ raise, so adding another layer will increase head angle a little bit more. Even if you were to only use this wedge pillow to support your back it is still a great product and certainly worth considering.

Cushy Form Bed-Wedge Pillow










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Cleaning and Maintenance





  • Improves Breathing
  • Reduces Acid Reflux
  • Improves Body Posture
  • Large Size
  • Great Heat Dissipation
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Some Find Pillow Too High
  • Some Think Pillow Is Too Firm

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