Professional Help for Snoring

Snoring is one of the biggest menaces that just so happens to impact on every generation. Snoring can in many cases be such a nuisance that it can also ruin the relationship you have with your partner. We have highlighted the impact snoring can have on relationships already in another article. But for now, let’s discuss why you really need professional help if your snoring is starting to get on your nerves and you are looking to speak to someone one to one who can talk you through how best to treat your particular snoring case.

Professional Help for Snoring
Visiting a Snore or Sleep Clinic Can Be a Great Way to Diagnose Your Sleep or Snoring Issue Using State of the Art Equipment and Expertise.

Since we were children we were raised to believe that doctors are the best option when it comes to treatment for whatever is ailing us. But one thing that never crosses our minds is the fact that doctors are in many cases specialized in treating specific areas of the body, and in other cases they are trained as general practitioners.

So how does this stack up to solving a specific snoring or sleep issue you may be having? Well truth be known not that great really. So why is that then? Well for the same reason you wouldn’t go to an optician when you’ve got a dental problem. Even though they are both qualified medical practitioners the link between the two may as well be chalk and cheese.

A doctor who’s more specific to one field knows more about that area and so has more experience and understanding of it. Meaning, if you go to a general doctor about a toothache, he is more likely to know less about your teeth than a dentist.

So what are we getting at here? If you want proper and efficient treatment you need to go to a specialist who’s more adept at treating the particular ailment in question. The same principle rings true for snoring.

We find it a little unusual that most people actually prefer going to their doctor who has been treating them in other areas (like with their colds and flu’s) instead of going to a snoring or sleep specialist who has a broader and more refined equipment, better knowledge and experience of snoring and the ability to better assess the snoring problem right off the bat.

There are a number of clinics that have state of the art specialised equipment designed solely for diagnosing and in some cases treating snoring-related problems. Whether you have sleep Apnea or any other snoring related problem, you can actually get the help you need by taking a visit to a snoring or sleep centre.

Why You Should Treat Snoring?

Snoring is very treatable. Most people tend to think that you are born with snoring and you will likely remain a snorer. However, that’s not the case. There are many different yet important reasons why you should treat your snoring problem as soon as you can.

Reasons for Someone Snoring

Once in a while snoring can be classed as a normal occurrence. But when it starts getting out of hand, then it’s definitely something worth addressing. Some of the reasons you might snore include;

1. Excess Gain In Weight

Obesity can be problematic in many areas and can impact upon a person’s mental and physical health. Recent research that has been done on the subject also suggests that being overweight can be a strong cause of snoring. The excess fat may deposit around a person’s neck hence resulting in a narrowing of the breathing space. This leads to vibration of your throat muscles which in the end causes snoring.

2. Inherited Snoring

As much as we don’t like to admit it, Snoring Can Also Be Inherited from our parents or along our lineage. It’s possible you inherited a narrow airway which might be the cause of your snoring.

But don’t be alarmed. Like we said at the start of this section, snoring in fixable. In a bit, we will show you how to take care of your snoring problem.

3. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a vital necessity for our bodies. Just like eating, you need to find a way to get enough sleep to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, your body starts to show some signs of sleep deprivation. One of the symptoms can actually be snoring.

The minute you settle into your bed and nod off after a long day and a deficit of sleep the night before, your muscles will tend to relax more than usual as your body tries to balance out the body’s tiredness with a deeper sleep. That over relaxation can lead to blockages occurring in your breathing system which as a result leads to snoring.

4. Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position affects your breathing. When you sleep on your back, it causes your throat muscles to collapse which may lead to snoring. What’s more, sleeping on your back will increase the loudness of your snores due to gravity working on your throat muscles.

5. Drinking Alcohol

We all know someone who will never go to sleep without having a sip of liquor. As much as taking alcohol is actually a good way to relax and fall asleep easily, it has its own side effects.

Drinking alcohol can actually lead to snoring. That is because whenever you take alcohol, your muscles tend to over relax. This can cause a blockage in your breathing system and again lead to snoring.

6. Nasal Problems

There are a number of nasal problems that might lead to snoring. They include soft palate, large tonsils or adenoids. All these problems result in a narrow airway which in the end cause snoring.

When Should I Go Visit My Doctor?

A doctor may be better equipped to ascertain that you are indeed actually a snorer. In addition, you will need professional advice on how to deal with your snoring. But before heading to the doctor, you should know that there are a few ways to confirm that you are a snorer on your own. Let’s start with some of the symptoms you need to watch out for. They include;

  1. Excessive Daytime sleepiness
  2. Severe morning headaches
  3. Restless sleep
  4. Feeling tired in the morning
  5. Choking at night
  6. Chest pains especially when you are asleep
  7. Your partner starts to complain about your excessive snoring interrupting their sleep
  8. Sore throats when you wake up
  9. Having trouble concentrating
  10. High blood pressure
  11. Frequent frustration or anger
  12. Sleep driving due to lack of enough sleep

All these symptoms can be linked to snoring and can develop into even more complicated health conditions if the snoring is left unchecked. Trust us that’s not the worst of it. But before you consider going to the doctor, there are a few Home Remedies You Can Try to Stop Snoring.

These will help you reduce and in some instances eliminate your snoring completely. As well as that, you can take advantage of these home remedies before you settle on going to the doctor.

Home Remedies to Reduce Snoring

Here are some safe and cost effective ways to reduce and even eliminate your snoring depending on the severity and type involved;

1. Avoid Alcohol or Any Other Drugs

One thing that you need to remove from your daily routine is alcohol. It doesn’t help in any way since it results in an even bigger problem in many ways. Also, if you use any sleeping sedatives, they might also contribute to your snoring.

Oh! And we almost forgot to mention smoking. Not only does smoking cause adverse side effects to your breathing system, but it is also linked to snoring. You need to quit smoking while you still can.

2. Change Your Sleeping Position

You need to find a way to let yourself breathe without any obstructions that can be caused by your sleeping position. It may be worthwhile to check out some specially designed mattresses that can help you get the best sleeping position to prevent snoring. Some of these mattresses have memory foam which takes the shape of your body, resulting in a clearer airway and better support and positioning.

Additionally, you can fix a tennis ball onto the back of a night top, which will help reduce any chances of you sleeping on your back.

3. Lose the Excess Weight

If you only started snoring after adding the extra weight, then you need to enroll in a gym or start exercising more often to lose the extra weight. Being obese has a lot of health hazards associated and can start affecting you slowly.

Snoring is just one of the problems that come with excess weight. There are a ton of health problems linked to obesity that should actually motivate you to lose the weight. Take up a dietary plan and start shedding the weight one bit at a time. You will thank yourself later!

4. Practice a Healthy Sleeping Routine

Develop a good sleeping routine that will ensure you get the Recommended Hours of Rest. We don’t mean that you should sleep the whole day and night with the excuse that you are curing your snoring problem. You don’t need to sleep too much or too little. An average adult needs about eight hours of sleep.

A healthy sleeping routine means that you get the recommended number of hours sleep without any interruptions almost every night. You can follow a routine sleeping pattern of waking up every morning and going to bed every night at a set time, even on the weekends.

If light is a problem, try using blackout blinds or even heavy curtains which will help you keep the light at a low level. Avoid using your phone or any other screen too close to bedtime. That means you should try to keep all devices away from your bedroom.

5. Treat any Chronic Allergies

Allergic reactions can cause a reduction in the air flowing through the nose. This may force air to move through your mouth instead. The effect of an allergic reaction will result in you having a higher risk of snoring.

Find a way to counteract your allergy problems, which will again reduce any chances of snoring happening.

6. Use Anti-Snoring Devices

Luckily, today, there are many different Anti-Snoring Devices that can help reduce your snoring problem. However, you need to find out what is really causing your snoring in the first instance. Meaning you may in some cases need to talk to a specialist. And we don’t mean any general doctor but a snoring expert.

That leads us on to the topic of snoring clinics and sleep centers.

Why Should I Go to a Snore Center?

When it comes to snoring, you may only be able to diagnose a few symptoms. And for you to conclude what category of snorer you fit into, may mean that you need to talk to a suitably qualified professional in the field. Otherwise, you may be missing a valuable piece of the puzzle that is keeping you from solving your snoring issue even after trying any relevant snoring products.

Sometimes, there are a few situations that might prompt you to start snoring for a short while and they are completely treatable by yourself, without having to head to the doctor. If you think your situation can be fixed by the solutions above, then, by all means, try them and they may very well lead to a positive outcome.

But if the symptoms persist, then you should probably head to the nearest snore center to delve a little deeper. That is because snoring can also be a symptom of a much larger problem, for instance, Sleep Apnea. Therefore, treatment is essential in this case.

The main aim of going to a snore center is that, it is a facility completely dedicated to the diagnosis of your sleep and associated conditions. You can even get treatments that will give you a better night’s sleep while improving your particular snoring issue.

The Snoring Center

The Snoring Center is an example of a place completely dedicated to giving you a better night’s sleep and diagnosing and assesing your troublesome snoring problem. You can easily book an appointment online and schedule a trip to Dallas, USA. Were sure by now you are probably wondering why you should travel all the way to Dallas just for a simple snoring treatment or indeed diagnosis.

Well, believe or not, some snoring issues especially of the chronic variety may need the input of this type of center in order to get a tailored treatment to the snoring problem.

What Happens in the Snoring Center?

At the snoring center, you will be examined for 24 hours using the proper equipment. Meaning that if this snoring specialist says you are a chronic snorer, then you can’t really question the decision based on a lack of specialist knowledge. What’s more, you also get the chance to be examined and assessed for any other sleep-related disorders that might be affecting your sleep routine.

Once you are diagnosed with either snoring or sleep apnea, the specialist will give you suggestions of various treatments depending on the severity of your problem.

Solutions Offered At The Snoring Center

There are many different treatments that you may be recommended depending on what is causing your disorder. Some of the more common ones include;

1. Pillar Procedure

This is a procedure that will only take about 20 minutes and you will be on your way again. Different patients have tried this procedure and the results were positive. It’s basically a surgical procedure that involves placing polyester rods into your soft palate hence reducing any obstruction as you breathe.

The procedure can be used to relieve sleep Apnea or snoring.

2. Turbinate Reduction: This is a procedure that can be used to relieve any nasal congestion.

3. Oral Appliances: these are devices that can be used to change the position of your jaw or tongue to reduce any obstruction when you breathe through your mouth. You will get the chance to test them in the office before settling on using them as a long term solution.

4. Laser Tonsillectomy: this is a procedure that is used to reduce the size of your tonsil and so reducing any obstruction as you breathe.

5. Palate Reduction: the soft palate is one of the main reasons that causes snoring to happen. This treatment reduces the obstruction caused by the soft palate.

6. Other Treatment Options That You May Also Be Linked To Include:

  • Traditional Surgery
  • RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation)
  • CPAP Treatment

Now that you understand the benefits of visiting a specialist snoring or sleep clinic and what it can offer you, lets begin to wrap things up for now;

In Summary…

As you have seen from the discussion above, if you have tried some anti snoring solutions in the past and still find yourself snoring or indeed if you just want a second opinion then you need to take that bold step and visit a snoring center. Don’t just look at how far the snoring center is away look at the fact that you will be visiting specialists in the area of treating problem snoring and the trip will be worth it. You will be subjected to the best treatment in the world when it comes to snoring.

The most important point to emphasise is that there are sleep and snoring clinics available giving you the chance to get professional help and treatment for snoring.

So it may be worth your while considering a visit if you have tried everything or you really just want a reliable person to talk with about your snoring or even sleep problem.

Also don’t forget to check out some of our recommended anti-snoring devices that might be an ideal fix for your snoring problem.

Please check out the Snorefocus Blog too, where you will find other relevant snoring and sleep related articles to help you on your way to a snore free feeling.


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