InteVision High Quality Wedge Foam Pillow Review

If you are looking for that pillow which has just about the perfect sturdiness but still remains comfortable enough to give you the ideal night sleep, this is the pillow for you. This is because the Intevision high quality wedge foam pillow gives your body the perfect support and body alignment it needs for a restful night’s sleep. The Pillow itself is a combination of a firm foam base and a memory foam layer on top. The firm foam base provides support to your shoulders and neck effectively while the memory layer makes sure that you get a comfortable night sleep.

Wedge Pillow
The InteVision Pillow Improves Sleep Position and Targets Snoring For A Better Night’s Sleep.

This pillow works by raising your head and aligning your neck, head, spine and shoulders in place. This is not only aimed at reducing your snoring condition but also reduces instances where your circulation is interrupted while lying down. In addition to that, it helps with allergies and other conditions that may impair your breathing.

The white cover that protects the inner foam is removable and the pillow is machine washable which is a great feature. This ensures that you can maintain the pillow in top condition keeping it whiter than white. Besides supporting your upper body during sleep, you can also use the wedge design to prop up your legs and adjust them into a more comfortable position while you sleep. At other times it can be your perfect body stabilizer in your side-lying sleeping position recommended if you want to reduce or eliminate snoring without using any devices.

The pillow is effective in curbing snoring and it also helps people who have conditions of acid reflux and certain breathing problems. The elevated head and neck position and the pillows shape is key to ensuring a good night’s sleep free from any complications.

Many people who have tested the pillow have commented on how well made it feels, and how it feels soft and comfortable, but still adds a good level of support to someone when in use.

The Value for money aspect is also a key selling point for this product as it is very reasonably priced, compared to more expensive offerings available which can be a little bit larger in overall size and work out to be more costly.

Overall this is a nice option to suit certain people. As a Snore Prevention device it is not really as targeted as other options like Mouthpieces or Nasal Devices, which in our opinion are better anti snore solutions to completely eliminate snoring. Although the added benefit of this pillow is that it has a range of uses and as such offers more flexibility. This is a good pillow but in our opinion you are much better using an anti-snore device that is designed especially for the task in hand. When you use a pillow that does a lot of things in an average way the chances of success reduces accordingly. It may also be worth noting that InteVision also offer other pillow designs for legs and feet and while these will have little impact on curing your snoring they may be useful in providing more comfort in securing a better nights sleep overall. Sometimes someone will purchase the wedge pillow and satisified with the results they find a matching lower body pillow that adds an increased level of comfort at night.

That being said here are some of the main benefits and indeed drawbacks to the InteVision Wedge Foam Pillow;


  • This pillow is comfortable
  • It is effective to give you the needed support
  • This pillow is flexible hence has multi-uses
  • It improves your circulation
  • It is effective in reducing snoring
  • Additional Pillowcases are Available


  • The side and stomach sleepers tend to find it a little bit uncomfortable
  • Some users find this pillow to be unusually raised.
  • Some users find it to be too smelly even after washing it

In Conclusion this may very well be a viable option for you if the idea of using a plastic boil and bite mouthpiece, using a nasal device or chinstap sounds unappealing. Overall the quality of this product is above average and it does and has worked for many people for various conditions among which snoring is one of them. Even if you find this product only reduces snoring a little bit it still has other uses as a standalone pillow, cushion or body posture device. Certainly worth considering but perhaps not to completly eliminate snoring especially frequent and heavy snoring.

InteVision Wedge Foam Pillow










Company Trust




Cleaning and Maintenance





  • Comfortable Pillow
  • Effective Support
  • Multi-Use Capability
  • Improves Circulation
  • Effective For Snoring
  • Additional Pillowcases Available


  • Side Sleeper Comfort Issues
  • Steep Head Angle
  • Product Needs Washing First

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