The Best Snoring Remedies 

Snoring is an issue that is affecting at least forty percent of middle aged adults today. Snoring is a common occourance for many people and until recently little progress has been made in the development of effective snoring solutions. However this is all beginning to change as a result of the sheer pace and development of technology and medical research, especially in the last decade.

We Outline The Best Snoring Remedies For Every Budget Below!

Now there are real viable options for people fed up of snoring and who are looking for answers. Snoring can often be taken for granted and people tend to make light of snoring with wise crack jokes, however this jovality soon wears thin when the realisation occours that the snoring is becoming a constant thorn in the side of sleepers across the globe every night. We as a people are struggling in this modern age to get enough sleep as it stands based on our hectic lifestyles and snoring is just another element taking from our sleep every night.Every Budget

What most people don’t know is that snoring is a serious issue and it should be given a little bit more focus and consideration than it actually gets. Sure it can be funny let’s face it who hasn’t rolled their eyes and cracked a smile when someone falls asleep and starts snoring on the couch! The fact is although its irritating in this instance its more of a funny episode, esentially a once off. However what isn’t a laughing matter is when you take this example and repeat it on a continual basis at the most critical time when your tired at the end of the day and all you want to do is get to sleep. But the sporadic fits of snoring make it almost unbearable and cause you to test your patience on a number of occasions.

There are countless cases believe it or not, where spouses have had a divorce because their snoring partners are too much of a nuisance and have blamed snoring for causing the strain in their relationship to the point where it has become unbearable. There are unfortunate stories too of how chronic snorers can suffer from heart attacks, heart diseases and many other health complications as a result of snoring.

Snoring could cost you a lot in the long term if not taken care of in time. It has the potential to impact relationships in a negative way and your health can suffer if snoring is left unchecked.  For that reason, this article aims to give you a comprehensive outline of the best snoring remedies that you can try regardless of your budget. This will ensure that you take care of this situation without straining your pockets too much so it’s a win win really. Although it has been said that you can never put a price on health, and that much is true your health is your wealth and this is why it is so important to look after it and do as much as you can to improve and develop all areas both mentally and physically. Hopefully this article will help you find a solution that offers you or someone you know the chance to have better sleep and relationship conditions by simply tweaking or implementing some small changes to you nightly routine, assuming you have one that is? If you don’t its ok well cover that too! So let’s start off by unveiling the first category the sub five dollar remedies and free remedies for snoring you can try. They really are the best snoring remedies to try right now.

The Best Free/Under $5 Snoring Remedies

When it comes to looking for solutions to your snoring problems, you’d want to keep the remedies within your budget. Therefore, if you are looking for some free or under $5 remedies that offer you the chance to reduce or eliminate your snoring issue. Here are some of the best essentially free solutions you can try.

1. Changing Your Sleep Position

Most of the times when you are sleeping on your back, your tongue and soft palate are likely to collapse and fall back in your throat. This is likely to cause vibrations which lead to snoring as there is a partial obstruction of air flow into the body.

Therefore, in order to counter this gravitational pull (without getting all Issac Newton and his apple on it) you should adjust your sleeping position to the side sleeping position in order to prevent this snoring from occurring. If you have tried this and found you ended up on your back once more when you fell asleep there are full length pillows available that can help to support your entire body on its side throughout the night.

2. Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a good snoring remedy but the reality is it may not work for everyone. This is because even slim people snore. However, if your snoring issue started after gaining weight either a little or a lot, then weight loss might be the best remedy for you.

This is because, when you gain excessive weight especially at and around your neck region, this has a tendancy to squeeze and compress the internal diameter of your throat. This means that your throat is likely to collapse and causing a partial obstruction of the air ways during your sleep. Even if your snoring still persists after reaching your optimum weight you will still be all the better for you endevours because excess weight is linked with far more complications than just snoring.

3. Avoiding Alcohol and Sedatives

Alcohol and sedatives are known to reduce the resting tone of the muscles at the back of your throat. And for that reason, if you are using these substances the chances are you are likely to experience snoring. Although, most people think that alcohol and sedatives make your body relaxed juts before sleep, the over-relaxation of these muscles has the opposite effect and actually makes them become floppy hence leading to serious snoring issues for many people.

4. Practice Good Sleep Routines

With the kind of pressures most people experience on a daily basis from work flow whether taking care of the family or other life and business affairs, working for long hours without sleep is now the in thing, and almost something to brag about. People equate hard work with success and yes you need to work hard to succeed however there is working hard and there is working smart and living a full and rich life should be top of the list.

Although working long days and well into the night time, will help you make ends meet, this is unhealthy and can cause a few complications for the body. The truth is we weren’t put on this earth to be sleep deprived, stressed, overworked coffee sipping individuals.

Lack of substantial rest periods will make you extremely tired, the knock on effect of which is you may end up sleeping harder and deeper when it’s finally your bedtime. This in turn makes the muscles in your body become extremely floppy leading to snoring. Try put up a sleeping schedule to ensure that you get a proper balance between your work hours and your sleeping hours. Don’t sacrifice sleep and rest for work regardless of the reason

5. Adjust your Pillows

When you elevate your head you can help to keep your airways open during your sleep in turn making breathing easier. When you lay on your back the air ways can get constricted, leading to snoring. Therefore, if you have a thick pillow or sleep on multiple pillows you should work on adjusting their height to a more favourable angle.

If you must rest you head somewhere as you sleep try to choose something that is neither too flat nor too fluffy. Find a pillow that keeps your head and the neck in the right position. This will help to keep your airways open and you will find yourself breathing with ease once more.

The Best Under $50 Snoring Remedies

Of course there are some fantastic solutions under the fifty dollar mark for you to consider. Some of the best offerings happen to be these three examples although there are other contenders we will mention in further posts.

1. SleepWell Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap

So how does this device help? Well in an effort to eliminate the snoring issue, the jaw strap is attached to the lower part of your jaw and it prevents your mouth from opening as you sleep. This in turn reduces the speed of air flow through your mouth and the speed of vibrations at the soft palate are also in turn reduced and so snoring is prevented.

The jaw strap also helps to widen the air ways allowing a free flow of air through your respiratory tract. The best thing about this chin strap is that it comes with a non-itchy solution which ensures that you have a comfortable night’s sleep. You just have to pick the right size for you which is simple really.

2. DeepSleepPro Anti Snore Sleep Aid Device

This device is designed specifically to counter snoring as well as teeth grinding as you sleep. The device is made of a medical silicone that looks like an infant pacifier. You just have to fix it in your mouth to hold the tongue in position to prevent it from dropping backwards back in the throat and causing an obstruction in the air ways.

The design also makes it possible to prevent contact between the upper and lower jaw hence it prevents grinding of teeth and clenching, which is great because if the person isn’t snoring and are grinding their teeth it is equally annoying. It is worth noting however, that some people have complained about numbness and pain in their jaw during their first use of this type of device, although it transpires that they tend to get used to the new sensation after a while.

3. Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator Snoring Remedy

This nasal dilator resembles a ring or a clip which is used to gently open the nasal passages and prevent the air ways from collapsing. This nasal dilator increases a patient’s air flow by about 38% when compared to some other remedies like certain nasal strips.

The best thing about these nasal dilators is that they are easy to use, flexible, and reusable to about ten times without compromising their effectiveness. It is also light in weight so you are sure of a comfortable night’s sleep. However, the device doesn’t prevent the opening of your mouth at night. And for that reason, it may not be of much help to a mouth snorer.

The Best Under $100 Snoring Remedies

Moving up the scale now with a strong contender that competes with our current favourite anti snoring device the Air Snore Anti Snoring Mouthpiece. It’s the SnoreMeds Anti snoring Mouthpiece.

1. Stop Snoring Devices

One of the most popular stop snoring devices on the market today is the SnoreMeds mouthpiece. It is an easy fit and easy to use device that has helped about 85% of its users in the past number of years. The device works by holding down the lower jaw, the soft pallet and tongue and preventing them from falling back and obstructing the air ways.

The best thing about the SnoreMeds is that it is soft and comfortable and prevents the build-up of saliva on your mouth unlike other stop snoring mouthpiece devices. It is available in a single, double and a multipack all with different prices. Although you may take some time before you adjust to this mouthpiece, the end results are worth the wait and it’s a fantastic solution if you can adapt to wearing a mouthpiece at night. Well worth the small outlay of money for the peace and quiet it can provide for you and your loved ones.

The Best Under $1000 Snoring Remedies

Now were moving into an area of tailor made offerings and permanent solutions to your snoring solution. You may have tried other solutions to no avail and now you just want your problem solved once and for all. Well here are two more options to consider.

1. CPAP Machines

If you have the obstructive sleep apnea and you have tried all the other remedies without success, the CPAP machines might be a big help to you. A study conducted on the effects of CPAP machines on patient’s show that the CPAP machines help to reduce the symptoms of daytime sleepiness. Also, it improves the quality of mood, performance and life in general.

With a CPAP machine you can start seeing a difference in your chronic snoring within the first 3 days of use. You will have less fatigue that comes with lack of a sound night’s sleep. The CPAP works by delivering a continuous flow of air through the mask that’s worn over the nose and mouth at night.

This machine is designed to sense the snoring sounds as well as apneas which are normally characterized by pauses in breathing or increase in air pressure. However, to use the CPAP machines you need to consult your physician first.

Today there is a wide variety of products that you can choose from. Ensure that you go for the less noisy machines that have a perfectly fitting mask for a better night sleep. If you wish you can have a look at our recommendations on some cpap machines to consider.

2. Professional Consultancy with Sleep Clinic

When it comes to chronic snoring issues, the best option is to seek help from a professional sleep clinic. These clinics are becoming more and more popular with people and have developed out of a greater understanding of the science around sleep and snoring. In these sleep clinics you will have a qualified professional diagnose your condition as well as review the signs and symptoms you are experiencing.

A professional consultancy clinic also checks through you medical history and performs a physical examination on you before giving you the right remedies to treat your condition.

In some cases, a professional doctor may conduct a sleep study in order to determine the severity of your condition. In this sleep study, sensors are connected to your body and then you are observed throughout the night.

This exercise may be carried out at home or in the clinic depending on your preference. Information that is recorded during this study includes;

  • The brain waves
  • The heart rate
  • Sleep stages
  • Breathing rate
  • The eyes and legs movement
  • The oxygen level in the blood

This helps to diagnose the type of sleep disorder you’re experiencing. In some cases, there are patients who may be treating the wrong sleep disorder which only tends to make the condition worse. With the help of a professional, you are able to get the best remedies suitable for your condition.

The Best Under $10,000 Snoring Remedies

Ok so now it’s time to crank up the budget and see what we can get for our money.

1. Consider Surgical Treatment

When you have tried all other remedies without any results, you should consider a more permanent solution. There are several surgical procedures that you can go through to help you eliminate snoring permanently. Such procedures include surgical treatment of the soft palate, tonsil and uvula.

Such surgical procedures help the doctors to reposition the palatal muscles of the patients which means they will be essentially increasing the width, height and depth of the airways. With the surgical treatment procedures, you get to restore the anatomy of the palatal muscles to the ideal state in order to prevent snoring. This helps to improve the snoring condition in sleep apnea patients and people who suffer from chronic snoring issues.

2. A Smart Bed

No matter how much you love your spouse or bed partner, it’s hard to hang onto and cherish this love if they jolt your peace of mind with loud snores every night. And that is why an Italian mattress manufacturer has come up with a bed that can actually help you to eliminate snoring.

This isn’t your run of the mill king size mattress were talking about it’s a smart tech bed that helps to track your heartbeat as well as sleep quality after every sleeping session. The bed also senses snoring then adjusts your sleeping position in order to stop it without having to wake you up. How cool is that?

The best thing about the bed is that it does everything automatically. Therefore, unlike other elevated beds, you don’t have to wake up to look for the controller in order to adjust your position. Welcome to the future of smart beds. Ok so if a smart bed that prevents you snoring is a bit science fiction for you here’s another option to consider.

3. Soundproofed Bedrooms/ Separate Bedrooms

Sometimes your bed partner can be your biggest distraction at night. This is especially if they snore a lot. Considering that this noise is happening so close to you, such things as ear plugs and a white noise fan may not be of any help. At times you may swear and curse at your partner but this is not a civilized solution.

The unfortunate reality for many couples nowadays is they are opting for separate soundproofed bedrooms in which to sleep at night. Although this idea tends to shock many couples at first, they tend to warm up to it when they realize the logic behind it. Actually, most of the couples today in the UK are opting for two soundproofed master bedrooms in case they have a snoring partner.

This has not only salvaged many relationships but it has also improved the quality of sleep the couples get on a nightly basis as well as every other person in the homestead. But the point still remains that these people are avoiding the problem altogether and deciding to sleep in different rooms isn’t really the best decision. It is just avoiding the elephant in the room which is snoring!

Our advice is if at all possible to try and solve the sleep and snoring issues you have head on! It will be the best option in the long run and will improve your health and relationships at the same time!

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