Acupressure For Snoring

Are you having trouble sleeping due to your snoring issues or perhaps your partner’s a snorer? If the answer to either of these happens to be yes, then a follow up question would be have you ever considered using acupuncture to solve your snoring problem? In this article, we are going to take a closer look at snoring and acupuncture. The article will give you a clearer understanding of how acupuncture can actually be used to help relieve snoring problems for some people in some cases.

Acupressure For Snoring
Both Acupressure and Acupuncture Can Be Effective Snoring Treatments. Anti-Snoring Rings Utilise Acupressure, Providing Anti-Snoring Relief To Good Effect!

Snoring in most cases is the vibration caused from the respiratory structures when air is obstructed during sleep. The acupressure on the other hand is an Asian bodywork therapy that can trace its roots back to the traditional ways of Chinese medicine.

Since snoring is becoming a main stream issue in today’s world, it’s necessary that we look at some of the reasons why we could be snoring in the first place. Below are some of the major reasons why we snore.

Common Causes of Snoring Today

There are lots of reasons why certain people are more likely to snore over other people! Here are some of those reasons;


As many people move on past their youthful years, the muscle tone of the throat tends to decrease and the throat tends to become narrower. Although there is nothing you can do in most cases about becoming older, unless you have a life like Benjamin Button, there are a few lifestyle changes that you can embrace however to curb your snoring issues. So just to mention a few; throat exercises, healthy bedtime routines and life style changes can do you a world of good for your health and general mood and wellbeing.

Excess weight

Most of the snoring patients associate snoring with their weight gain. Actually, doctors recommend most of the snoring patients to cut off some weight first thing before looking into other treatments and measures. When you gain weight on the rest your body, you are likely to gain weight in your neck region too.

And we all know that thick neck tissues will tend to decrease the internal diameter of someone’s throat. With thick neck tissues it’s almost a sure thing that there will be an obstruction to your airways as you sleep. This will without doubt result in snoring of some type.

However, if you cut a few pounds from your total body weight, the excess tissues at the neck region tends to disappear. Less weight will mean less snoring since there is no longer excess tissues at the neck region to narrow and obstruct your airways.

Gender and Anatomy

Generally, men tend to have narrow air passages than women and that is why they are more likely to snore more than women. Besides that, the anatomy of some other head and neck structures in their bodies contribute to snoring too.

This is because men in general have enlarged adenoids among other physical attributes. While you have no control over your general build and gender, you can adopt some better bedtime routines, life style changes and even Throat Exercises to improve your situation.

Sinus and Nasal Problems

There are so many reasons why someone could snore and one of them is a stuffy nose.  This is because with a stuffy nose as you will discover you will have trouble inhaling. When you sleep, you are then likely to create a vacuum in your chest as you struggle to breathe and take in the required air. And without a doubt this will lead to snoring as your body will overcompensate as the airflow into the body is altered.

Smoking, Alcohol and Medication

Most people snore after they consume alcohol especially late in the evening before bed. This is because naturally, our bodies are structured to have a defence mechanism that prevents the airways from being obstructed as we sleep. These defences tend to decrease when you have alcohol just like the same way the mental alertness and reflexes decreases.

Alcohol tends to depress the CNS central nervous system, causing the entire body to be over relaxed. This leads to over relaxation of the throat muscles. This in turn then leads to obstruction of the air ways again causing severe cases of snoring to occur. In other cases, alcohol tends to lead to nasal congestion which is another very popular contributor to snoring. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid any alcoholic beverages at least 4-5 hours before going to bed, and avoid it completely if possible.

Sleeping Posture

When you sleep on your back, the throat tissues will tend to fall back and relax. This often can cause the blockage of airways.  Since the body is trying to compensate for the limited supply of air, you will then begin to breathe through your mouth.

Sleeping with your mouth open is one of the biggest contributors of snoring. Even if it might not be the primary cause why you are snoring, it could make the situation even worse. When you breathe through your mouth during sleep, the air flow changes, causing vibration and that irritating snoring sound as a result.

The damage caused by frequent or severe snoring can either make you snore more often, or make your snoring more intensely. And that is why you should consider rectifying the situation before it’s too late. There are various types of devices that you can use to curb snoring in such cases. You can consider the Mandibular Adjustment Devices and also the Tongue Stabilizing Devices both of which will provide solid snore relief in many cases.

Bedroom Hygiene

Most individuals who are subject to allergic reactions to dust, animal dander and dust mites are frequent snorers too. Allergies are another big contributor to snoring, therefore it’s only safe if you maintain a high level of bedroom hygiene. This means that you should maintain your bedroom in a clean state by ensuring it’s free from dusts and allergens all the time.

That is why, it’s advisable for you to toss the pillows, wash them regularly and place them in a clothes dryer for fluffing every two weeks. This should help to eliminate any issues regarding the dander and dust in your pillows. Also, make it a routine to replace the pillows after every six months, as tiny microscopic mould spores can form over time which can again cause respiratory issues.

Complications That Come Along With Snoring

Besides being a nuisance to your bed partner, habitual snoring could have adverse effects on your general health. Especially if snoring is associated with something called obstructive sleep apnea, you could be at a risk of further complications down the line. Some of these risks include;

  • A greater risk of having strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Difficulty concentrating during the day
  • Frequent anger and frustration
  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Behavioural problems like aggression or impaired growth in children with OSA
  • Increased risks of accidents due to tiredness

So with some of the obvious complications and drawbacks of snoring outlined lets move on to how using acupressure can actually lead to a viable solution to snoring in the form of a simple easy to wear discreet anti-snore ring.

Can Acupressure Curb Snoring?

It’s quite frustrating when you wake up to your bed partner complaining how they could barely catch any sleep thanks to how much they had to listen to your snores for the entire night. Despite this being a major issue in most families and couples today, it’s surprising how most people ignore the whole issue like nothing can be done. But the truth is there are solutions to snoring it’s just a matter of finding the right one and hopefully this site will steer you in the right direction by outlining the most beneficial and successful ones to date.

Now that we live in a society that believes in easy and quick fixes for most issues, sometimes there is a misconception that if a condition cannot be cured through the use of some pills, an injection or surgery, then it can’t be cured at all. However, in our case, we have found a few fixes that can help lessen the impact of snoring in people’s lives and that is what this site is all about. Although some of these solutions happen to be simple and convenient and work well, others are complex and invasive and require full commitment such as surgery. The good thing however is that; all these measures have had a level of success on snoring patients in the past which has been highlighted through feedback and happy customers.

Most people tend to overlook the benefits of what Acupressure can do for people who snore. What they don’t realise is that a simple ring placed on their finger could be just the perfect solution for their snoring partner. And by using this ring you can finally have a good night sleep without having to listen to that irritating snoring sound all night long. These simple acupressure rings draw their inspiration from Chinese medicine with the simple idea being that the pressure points in the body have a certain connection to the other organs in the body.

In that sense; acupressure stands by the theory that the energy throughout the entire human body runs from one organ to the other through some pathways known as meridians. This is the whole idea behind the drug free anti-snore acupressure ring. This ring is designed to apply gentle pressure on specific pressure points on the pinky or smallest finger of a person’s hand. This device applies pressure to three acupressure points giving the desired results needed.

The device not only strives to eliminate snoring but also works in perfect harmony with the bio rhythms of your body. And that is why, acupressure is one of the best hassle free ways to have a better nightly sleep for many people.

The anti-snoring ring develops and builds upon a fantastic unobtrusive ancient Chinese technique to reduce the noisy effects that come with regular snoring. The best thing about this ancient technique is that scientists have proven that it can alleviate the symptoms of snoring when used in the right way.

So how does the anti-snore acupressure ring work then? Well you are required to place the ring on your little pinky finger. For males the right hand is the hand of choice and for women the left hand since it works best that way. The ring should be in place ideally one hour or so before bedtime. You should squeeze the ring gently when fitted to enable the acupressure points to work effectively.

The ring has the acupressure stimulators on the inside of the ring which act on the sensitive pats of the wearer’s finger. In most cases, the stimulators will work on the part of the finger just between the knuckles and the base of the finger. The raised parts on the inner part of the ring acts when the meridian lines of the little finger of the snorer come in to contact with it.

Unlike most of the anti-snoring devices that work on rectifying the nasal passage itself, here is a treatment that focuses on a very unusual part of the body but surprisingly works like magic. This ancient technique combined with modern day manufacturing has been tested and used over the past number of years successfully. Therefore, acupressure is a proven method of curbing snoring that can be used in the modern world with little intrusion or discomfort.

Acupressure vs Acupuncture – What’s the Difference?

Acupoints are stimulated using either acupressure or acupuncture. The main difference is that acupressure uses strong focussed pressure on an acupoint to stimulate benefits whereas acupuncture uses tiny needles that puncture the skin and acupoints instead. Both processes actually serve to stimulate and rebalance the meridian points around the body.

Acupuncture is a more complex process that requires a trained and licensed specialist to carry out the procedure. The main premise of both procedures is that they stimulate the creation of blood flow, oxygen and endorphins around the body which promotes healing, wellness and rebalance.

Both acupressure and acupuncture are virtually pain free and each can have different effects depending on the different acupoints being stimulated. In the case of snoring the small finger is stimulated with points on the ring and this has the effect of reducing snoring as a result.

The main idea in both instances is to restore the body’s balance which in Chinese is called Qi or Chi. both procedures are safe however there are some things worth noting especially if you decide to have an acupuncture treatment for whatever reason.

Regarding snoring you will get consistent results with the acupressure anti snore rings and as a result it is the best option if your wish is to eliminate snoring. However if you have other ailments like insomnia, headaches and migraines even anxiety you could try acupuncture.

Possible Complications during Treatment with Acupuncture

As with any treatment there are always certain risks associated with the procedure. Below we have outlined some of the more typical ones in regard to acupuncture as a form of therapy. Remember these risks are reduced significantly if you use a fully licensed and suitably qualified specialist with a proven track record. Some of the risks include;

  • Damage of the organs; with acupuncture internal organs can be punctured if the needles are pushed in too deeply into the skin
  • Infections; if the needles used are unsterilized, they could lead to various complications such as hepatitis or other blood born viruses
  • Soreness in the punctured area; minor bleeding will occur in most cases after the tiny needles are pulled out.

These are some of the side effects of using acupressure in treating the snoring issues. However if you have a licensed and well-experienced acupuncturist, these are minor things that should not worry you. And that is why you need to carry out some research before you accept any acupuncture treatments to begin with.

Choosing The Right Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a very crucial procedure and for the whole procedure to work well for you there are a few things that you need to consider. Besides looking for a specialist with a license, ensure that;

Know The Type Of Acupuncture You Need; the traditional acupuncture forms of Chinese medicine have branched out over the years, and that is why you need to know the kind of acupuncture procedure you need. The different forms include scalp acupuncture, the Japanese style and the Korean hand method; the initial traditional Chinese method is the ideal acupuncture procedure used for treating snoring and other form of ailments in people.

Don’t Rush Through Things; the minimum time spent during the acupuncture consultation is 1 hour. Therefore, take your time and discuss everything with the acupuncturist before getting started on the entire procedure. This will avoid any complications during the procedure and ensure you get maximum value and results.

See The Acupuncturist Malpractice Insurance; the acupuncture procedure is not entirely risk free, and that is why you should ensure that your acupuncturist has adequate malpractice insurance. This will ensure that in case anything goes wrong during the procedure you will be covered.

There are some acupuncturists who can treat various illnesses but others specialize in a specific condition. Therefore, before setting out for acupuncture therapy, there is a need to ask the acupuncturist if they have prior experience on treating snoring or sleep related problems as well as other things that you should expect during the treatment.

Final Verdict

Acupressure is basically a complimentary treatment to snoring that has actually proven to be effective to some patients.

A simple act of placing a special ring on your little finger can lead to desired snore free results almost immediately. There are no follow up sessions needed like with acupuncture and the best thing is you don’t need another person to benefit from the effects of acupressure using one of these anti snoring rings, just pop it on and reap the benefits instantly.

However with acupuncture, like any other medical procedure it’s not without a few risks. That is why the best thing to do is to look for the right acupuncturist for you in order to avoid any complications.

So plenty of food for thought there concerning acupuncture and especially acupressure. These are relatively new concepts in the western world however they have been practised to great effect in eastern medicine for many thousands of years.

If you found this article informative why not share it with others. It may give other people a better chance at reducing and indeed eliminating their snoring issue once and for all.

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