Garlic and it’s Impact on Sleep Apnea

Sometimes the simplest things get overlooked in life when it comes to finding the right solutions for a given problem. It is easy to get carried away by overly complex solutions that in the end while meaning well often tend to only treat symptoms rather than the underlying cause.

‘Nature provides all the answer’s’ is a timeless phrase that is becoming overlooked by many in the developed world as people have been conditioned to seek out the latesttechnical breakthrough treatment and are sold on the benefits of using pill X or product Y for its list of benefits while not fully understanding the drawbacks in the short, medium or long term. Mother nature has for centuries provided all the sustanance and solutions we need to keep our bodies in good health. Regardless of the modern world we now find ourselves in, our bodies are still programmed to be in hunter gather mode where we pick fruits and berries and nourish ourselves with the most natural foodstuff available in our local enviroments.

Each natural foodstuff we consume has its own unique blend of beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and much more which helps keep everything ticking over nicely in our bodies. The potential to heal the body is actually hidden in the natural organic food that surrounds us in nature. One such healing food is garlic which has some amazing properties including being anti-inflamatory, a natural pain killel, a fungal killer and blood pressure reducer amongst others.

Watch the video below by renowned nutritional expert Dr Eric Berg DC who outlines in a short video the benefits of taking garlic before sleep. Dr Berg recommends taking the garlic in pill form so it is easier on your stomach. Discover how simple and safe natural foodstuff garlic can help eliminate or reduce your sleep apnea and snoring issues. If you find the information helpful please share it with others and if you have used garlic to help with your snoring or sleep apnea we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section or on the Snorefocus Forum.

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