The Best Apps for People Who Snore

Snoring is a problem that will not only affect your relationship with your bedpartner or spouse it can also lead to some related health complications. If not treated, snoring can lead to Sleep apnea, heart disease and other medical conditions. So that being said, you need to find a way to address this overlying problem before it develops into something more sinister. Ideally, there are many solutions that can help you curb snoring and one of them is the development of snoring apps.

The Best Apps for People Who Snore
Snore and Sleep Apps Have Given People the Freedom to Track, Monitor and Improve Their Snoring and Sleep Outlook. All From The Comfort Of Their Own Home!

Today, we have apps for just about anything and everything and snoring is no exception to this. There are apps that will monitor both your sleep and snoring patterns with many crossovers.

So, which app would work best for you? And, is it within your budget? Today, the marketplace is packed with so many snoring apps it can be quite daunting and a lot of effort filtering out the junk when trying to look for the best snoring apps.

Nearly all of these snoring apps will work equally well while helping you curb your snoring. That is why, we have compiled a list of the 4 best snoring apps that you can choose from. Although it can be difficult to decide which one is worth a trial, the good news is that almost all of them come with a free trial version. You can test them out and see if the app meets your standards and is beneficial to you before upgrading.

What are Snoring Apps?

If you are wondering what these snoring apps are; let’s break it down for you a little bit. The snoring apps we mention here are similar to any other software applications that run on your mobile devices like android phones, iPhones, iPads among others. The apps are designed to record sound information while you sleep, play it back for you in the morning and also rate the severity of your snoring.

These apps are quite useful and helpful for anyone who wants to stop snoring. So, if you are not sure if you are a snorer or not, using one of these apps could be the answer to you finding this out and selecting a treatment as a result.

The apps are suitable for all snoring situations from occasional to chronic snorers who are trying to find the root cause of their snoring issues, monitor their progress and select the best method of treatment. You’ll be able to study your own sleep from the convenience of your home and if you wish use this information to consult with a sleep or snoring specialist.

Benefits of Using Snoring Apps to Monitor your Sleep and Snoring

Sleep monitoring comes in very many forms. This ranges all the way from smartphone apps, wearable devices and overnight studies done in sleep labs. However, today we will discuss the benefits of using the smartphone apps to track and monitor your sleep and snoring. Here are some of the benefits;

1. Convenience

Did you know that you don’t have to spend the night in a sleep lab in order to collect data about your sleeping patterns? In the sleep lab you get hooked to the data collection machines all through the night in order for the sleep analysis data to be collected and processed. The data collected using this method might be more a little more detailed but the data collected using the apps is also quite accurate.

Another benefit to this method is based on the old saying ‘There’s no place like home’. These smart apps allow you to conduct your sleep or snoring study in an environment that you are familiar with and comfortable in. This helps to paint a clearer picture of your issues. Sometimes the results of sleep studies done in sleep labs and clinics may not give a true reflection of your situation because your body will be in unfamiliar surroundings which can skew the results.

The best part is that, the data collected using these apps at home can also be used by a sleep specialist to access the issues and give recommendations going forward.

2. They Keep an Automated Sleep Journal for You

The one thing you will love about these apps is that they keep an automated sleep journal for you. This is an accurate sleep diary that will help you gather very important information about your sleep and snoring patterns.

The information gathered by these apps is quite accurate but it still requires a level of daily commitment for you to record reliable information every morning. Most people use the app because of the level of reliability of the sleep journals.

3. The Smart Alarm

Besides monitoring your sleep and snoring patterns, most of the apps also come with smart alarms that rouse you when they detect light sleeping. In this case, the app will only wake you up when your body is somehow ready rather than being woken up from the deep sleep stage.

The smart alarm is the ultimate solution to ensuring that you don’t feel all grumpy and lethargic during the first hour or so when you wake up initially. They are designed to detect your current sleep stage and gently wake you from it.

So now you know what to expect from these wonderful app solutions. The next step is to check out the best snoring apps and see if they might be a good fit for you and your snoring or sleep issues.

The Best Snoring Apps

Listed below are four of the very best sleep and snoring apps that are available. We give a brief overview of each app and list what we think is good and bad about each one. So if you are considering using a sleep or snoring app to help improve your snoring then these are the best place to start. Read on and see why;

1. Snore Lab

Among all snoring apps we know, this one is the highest rated app. The dedicated user base is a true definition of the quality and the reliable services that it offers. Basically, Snore Lab is a premier app that allows you to record, measure as well as keep track of your snoring on a nightly basis. This helps you to discover the best way to reduce snoring and treat it at the same time.

With its robust features, the app keeps track of both your snoring intensity and its duration when you are snoring throughout the entire night. Afterwards, it provides you with what it calls a Snore Score this is mainly a reflection on the quality of the sleep you’ve had the previous night. With the app, you can track the snoring changes as they occur across the months and weeks to come.

On top of that, Snore Lab allows you to add in the several factors that may be causing your snoring as well as the remedies you may have tried. You have the option to email your Snore Scores to your sleep specialist with sound and graphs of your snore patterns recorded every night. This app has its main focus on snoring unlike the other apps that can have a tendency to focus on sleep as its primary function. You can test the app on a trial basis for free which will give you a better idea if it’s a good fit for you without any expense. This is a really good snoring app and at a good price, and is well worth checking out in our opinion.


  • The app is simple and easy to use. It has an interface that is easy to navigate
  • The app comes with a free trial version before you decide to upgrade
  • It has a full version that goes for $7.99 with more recordings, unlimited usage, comparison charts, no ads as well as a full history of your nightly snoring.
  • The app can record through the entire night as long as you have the required space
  • It has a version for Android and iPhone


  • It has a reasonable price, but ideally the most expensive snoring app
  • The app only pays attention to snoring. It doesn’t track the sleep stages


2. Quit Snoring

Quit snoring is one of the snoring apps that has been in the market the longest. This is one app that promises you will get good nightly sleep after some time of use. The app is designed to track the time and duration spent snoring as well as the number of snores you have per night. The app has a pre-recorded noise in form of a vibration that is likely to play when you snore that prompts you to stop without having to completely wake you up.

The best thing is that you have the chance to record your own nudge sounds that will play when you snore. Also, you can set the number of times the sounds will play in an event where snoring is detected. Each snoring event can be set with a discrete nudge. As well as that, the app can also be adjusted for sensitivity which is a helpful feature depending on the levels of background noise in your environment.

After every sleeping session, the app combines graphs as well as data charts with detailed information on the volume of snoring, the number of snoring events during the night and give an analysis of snoring changes over a period of time. In addition, it also shows the success rate of the nudges in stopping you from snoring.


  • You have the option to share the complied information of the data collected with your sleep specialist for treatments and recommendations
  • You can sync the data collected with either your pc or Mac device
  • It is available for both Android and iPhone
  • The app allows you to set custom discrete pre-recoded noises that will nudge you from sleep in case snoring is detected
  • It helps you keep track of changes over a period of time


  • The app is somewhat expensive for someone on a low budget. It’s priced around the $4.99 mark


3. Prime Sleep Recorder

The prime sleep recorder is an app that can help you know if you snore or talk during your deep sleep. On top of that, the app is designed to detect whether your grind your teeth, groan and even sleep walk. The app doesn’t record throughout the night like other apps but recording starts as soon as the app detects a sound that goes past the sensitivity level you have set. The app has an adjustable recording sound sensitivity according to your immediate environment.

It also comes with audio visualization as it records and plays-back any of the recordings. The AAC audio compression format on the other hand gives you the best quality and a smaller file size of all your recordings. The app has an activation delay feature that makes it possible to start your recordings a few moments after you fall asleep. The best thing is that the monitoring still happens in the background and the alarm also fires from the background.

Generally, you will love the well-arranged history that enables you access to the recordings from previous nights. You can also send individual segments of the snoring from the app using social media or through email to your sleep specialist.


  • The app allows exportation of data to external sources
  • It also allows you to set the sensitivity level of your recoding’s based on the immediate sleep environment
  • Besides monitoring your snoring, the app also monitors sleep talking, sleep walking, teeth grinding and groaning.
  • It has a simple and easy interface that makes it very easy to access all main features of the app
  • The app also has an easily accessible history with all the recordings from every single night available
  • It is available for iPhone users at a cost of only $1.99


  • The app doesn’t provide fully detailed graphs as they should be
  • Only available for android (however this may change)


4. Sleep Tracker 24/7

The Sleep Tracker 24/7 is the most highly ranked app when it comes to medical apps on the Appstore. This app will track your sleep habits and gather enough related information to keep you well informed. Afterwards, it will give you relevant suggested solutions that will help you get rid of any bad sleeping habits such as snoring.

What’s more, the Sleep Tracker 24/7 integrates some of the latest technological advancements in sleep expertise and cognitive science to track any symptoms of sleep Apnea or any other related problem. Additionally, the app comes with a 90% and above effectiveness when it comes to sensitivity. It has been compared to be as effective as the professional apps used in sleep clinics. With this application in your phone, you’ll easily keep track of your sleep and any other necessary vitals.

The best part about this application is that it has some incredible features that place it above the rest of the applications. For instance, the applications come with a white noise feature and at the same time it also features a built in alarm system that will wake you up at the optimum time based on your sleep cycle. That way, the application monitors your sleep cycle and so giving you the required rest and energy you need to go about your daily activities.

No matter how bad your snoring problem is, with this app, you are sure of getting the right kind of help. The application will also understand your sleep pattern and help you maximize your sleep cycle with alarms on when to wake up. No more oversleeping or sleeping for less hours than is optimum. You can also send individual segments out by email, text or any other social media platform.


  • The app is able to track your sleeping pattern and different sleep stages
  • You have the chance to select clips of you snoring
  • It also helps to deal with other health complications that may lead to snoring
  • It comes at a pocket friendly price


  • The app is not focused on snoring entirely

So there you have it the best four snore and sleep apps to set you on the path to self discovery and change. In order to address a problem you must first understand the issue a little better. These simple low cost sleep apps will allow you to first determine the extent of your snoring and sleep issue and then you will be able to take steps to solve it and then keep it monitored.

Final Verdict

Snoring is a problem that most people will laugh about from time to time, but the truth is; this is an issue that could cost you if left untreated. Therefore, as you incorporate all the remedies you come across, it’s advisable you consult with your physician to know what may work best for you. Either way these smart apps are a good starting point in learning more about your sleep and snoring habits first hand. It’s like having your own personal snoring watchdog each and every night. Not only that but with the right app you can not only find out if you were snoring last night but also, for how long, how severe was your snoring and a host of other relevant pieces of information.

This is the perfect example of how advancements in technology is actually moving people towards solutions and a greater access to specialised knowledge in order to solve various problems.While these apps will enable you to confirm and monitor your snoring and sleep, you will still need to take some further action to solve your sleep or snoring issue. There are lots of different methods available all of which will be documented on this site.

Take a little time to browse our site and hopefully you will find the answer you have been looking for all along. Check out the Snorefocus Blog and other pages you find of interest. Our aim is to help you solve your sleep and snoring problems in the most effective way possible.

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