Do Earplugs Block Snoring?

Ok so the truth is you are having a whole bunch of trouble sleeping as a result of your snoring spouse? The constant irritating sound of sporadic snoring is beginning to take its toll, slowly grinding away at your patience levels. If you are beginning to tire of the disruptions in your sleep pattern or perhaps inability to get to sleep in the first place then this article might just be for you. Getting proper sleep can be tricky enough without adding another disruptive variable into the mix. Good

Do Earplugs Block Snoring
Earplugs Can Be An Effective Way to Block Out Annoying Snoring! Especially When Using Custom Fitted Earplugs!

Sleep is a process that needs to be nurtured and cared for, in the same way as a plant or pet. In order for you to get the best return from sleep you need to look after the various factors that affect sleep. If one of these variables is overlooked it can lead to an impact on sleep.

For example let’s say you decide to use your phone to browse the internet and watch videos and read news articles in bed right before you go to sleep. This one decision will have a detrimental effect on your sleep right off the bat because it has been found that using technological devices late at night impairs the body’s natural sleep rhythm which is called the circadian rhythm.

This is just one example of how small factors can impact sleep and as a result your health and wellbeing. Sound is of course another reason why our sleep becomes effected. This sound disturbance can be very disruptive to sleep patterns.

The reason being is because it is usually the result of a partner snoring or grinding their teeth a few inches away. It can be somewhat tricky to approach the subject for some people. Quite often people will just try and put up with the snoring or teeth grinding because of a fear of upsetting their partner or because they lack the access to necessary solutions that can help improve the situation.

One question that often pops into someone’s head when they are forced to endure the sound of snoring is do earplugs block snoring? Or will earplugs stop snoring sounds?

Well hopefully we will be able to give some guidance and suggestions on how you might prevent your partner from snoring and some tips on using earplugs to block snoring ideally as a temporary solution until the main snoring issue is addressed.

Trying to sleep with a snoring partner can be like trying to sleep with your bedroom lights turned on! Disruptive right?! When the light is left on you can just flick a switch and voila your problem is fixed. However Snoring on the other hand requires a little more trial and error in some cases in order to see significant results.

As you are probably all too aware the sound produced from snoring is very distracting and can cause insomnia in many cases. We will endeavour to provide some solutions first of all so this snoring disturbance can be reduced or hopefully eliminated without the need to use earplugs.

Although earplugs can provide some levels of noise suppression an old saying of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is quite relevant.  The best idea would be to get to the bottom of why your spouse is snoring if possible and then treat the cause. Ok so let’s go on now to why we snore in the first place, and what can you do to stop snoring happening with some simple tips and tricks.

Why Do We Snore?

Snoring is typically a disorder that occurs when your throat muscles form a blockage in your airway. The blockage leads to a vibration of the muscles in your airway, which in the end produce that snoring sound that is so repulsive.

Ok so that’s the very simple take on why we snore, so the next question is how you can improve your chances of not snoring? There are tons of solutions to snoring which can work for you. Let’s start by looking at how to avoid snoring with a mix of lifestyle changes and simple products.

How to avoid snoring?

It is important to start by finding out some of the important ways you can avoid snoring. There are a few lifestyle adjustments you might consider implementing in order to stop you from snoring.

1. Lose Weight

Encourage your spouse to lose an extra pound if possible. Perhaps you could recommend joining a gym, going hill walking or find some other hobby that will help you become fitter and leaner. Weight and snoring are linked, however even slim people can end up snoring.

That means the idea of losing weight to prevent snoring will only work for a select few people and does not apply to everyone. If you started snoring when you gained a little extra weight, then losing some weight and becoming fitter will probably help you.

2. Avoid Alcohol

Some people feel alcohol is a good way to slip into a solid sleep. Unfortunately, as much as people feel alcohol will help them sleep, it also causes your throat muscles to relax.  That leads to snoring. Therefore, you should not drink three to four hours before sleeping.

3. Maintain Good Sleeping Habit’s

Practicing good sleep habits will reduce the effects of snoring in some cases. For instance if you work long hours without getting adequate sleep, you are likely to snore at night. That is because whenever your body gets the chance to sleep, you will sleep harder and your muscles will relax more. This will most likely result in snoring taking place.

4. Use Your Nasal Passages

If your snoring originates from your nose, then finding a solution to keep your nasal passageway open will definitely reduce its effects. If you have a narrow passage of air, you are likely to suffer from snoring.

The narrower the passage the higher the effects of snoring. There are different nasal devices that will help in such situations.

With advancements in technology, scientists have been able to develop devices that can counteract the effects of snoring that are particularly effective. For instance nasal strips which help keep your nasal airway open are one such example and indeed are a viable option. Check out our list of the best anti-snoring nasal strips that may help you to get a permanent solution if you are a nasal snorer.

5. Change Your Pillow Regularly

For many people the pillow on their bed is their best friend when it comes to having a comfortable night’s sleep. However, we rarely change our pillows simply because we imagine they are meant to last a life time. Unfortunately this can lead to problems in regard to allergies and nasal congestion and result in snoring as a result!

Pillows when not taken care of accumulate dust. Dust is a good environment for the growth and development of tiny dust mites which cause allergic reactions for certain people.  For that reason, you should regularly change your pillow or at a minimum always keep it clean by washing it correctly.

Another reason for allergic reactions is if you let your pet lay on your bed. You end up breathing the dander your animal sheds which may cause some irritation and swelling of your airways as you sleep. Maintaining a good pet and owner relationship, regardless of the temptation to allow your pet into your bedroom will reduce the risk of snoring from allergies.

You can also spend a little bit of money and buy a pillow specially designed for preventing snoring. You can check out our list of the best anti-snoring pillows which will give you a better idea as to what’s available. However it is worth noting that you should choose carefully because, as much as these anti-snoring pillows may help to solve your snoring problem, they might cause you some neck pain unless you use them correctly and choose wisely.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Maintaining a hydrated body is not only helpful to your general health, but it will also help prevent snoring. Your nasal passage is covered with mucus secretions which assist in enhancing your breathing experience and in filtering out harmful contaminants from the respiratory system.

Dehydrations from a lack of proper hydration may lead to these secretions being more sticky than usual. That can lead to blockages occurring in your nasal airway. With that in mind, drinking plenty of water will help reduce the stickiness and chance of blockages taking place, and in the end give you a peaceful night’s sleep free from snoring without congestion.

7. Sleep On One Side

If you sleep on your back, then it’s high time you change your sleeping position. Whenever you sleep on your back, you risk causing a collapse of your throat muscles which leads to snoring. That is why we highly recommend you should start sleeping on your side, if at all possible.

However, if you still experience snoring after sleeping on your side, then you might be suffering from Sleep Apnea. In this case you should check in with your doctor or ask a sleep specialist for a deeper diagnosis of what may be causing your snoring issue.

8. Avoid Smoking

Aside from the fact that smoking causes tremendous effects on your respiratory system. At this stage with all the medical evidence, there is no need to over emphasize why smoking is bad for your health. If you can’t quit smoking because you are concerned of the possible side effects, then it might be worth noting that it may be causing your snoring trouble too.

9. Avoid Taking Sleeping Drugs

Sleeping drugs can be quite helpful especially if you suffer from a condition that requires their use. However, they can typically have adverse side effects to your sleeping health overall. For instance, they can cause insomnia for some people, and a dependency can develop when using these drugs to induce sleep every night. Sometimes people use these sleeping pills as a quick fix without actually understanding fully the factors that are actually causing their inability to sleep.

Another side effect of sleeping drugs is unfortunately snoring. Taking such drugs leads to a deeper level of sleep, and hence relaxations of your throat muscles.

Try getting sleep the normal way if at all possible. If you have any stressful situations which result in a lack of sleep, then it might helpful for you talk to someone about these issues. Stress can be a huge factor in people not being able to sleep and as a result suffering from insomnia.

All in all, if you have to continue using sleeping drugs, consult your doctor or indeed a sleep specialist who will be able to recommend the best solutions for your situation.

10. Exercise Regularly

Even though exercise may not necessarily lead to a loss of weight which can result in reduced chances of snoring, you may find that it improves your overall mood and outlook and reduce your stress levels. It will also give you the chance to strengthen your muscles including your heart and other muscles including throat muscles, arms, legs, abs and tone your body which can also improve health and wellbeing.

How Do I Block out My Partner’s Snoring?

If you have tried all of the above options with your partner and they didn’t work to stop their snoring, then keep trying until you find a solution that works.

Remember you should be taking care of yourself and your own sleep. There’s no need to keep on suffering because of your partner’s snoring condition.

There are many different products available that will help you achieve a sound sleep. One of such product is using a white noise machine which has the capability of eliminating any noise including snoring from your partner as you sleep. The other one is using earplugs.

Here we are going to concentrate on using earplugs. Let’s take a look at why living with your snoring partner without deciding to do anything to solve the snoring issue might be a bad decision.

Life with My Snoring Partner

That noise your spouse produces when snoring is not pleasant, right! It can distract you from having achieving that goodnight sleep we all desire. As much as you are in-love with your partner, snoring might start or indeed already be causing a strain in your relationship which will put both of you in a tough situation going forward.

The truth of the matter is that, it doesn’t matter how much you love your partner. Snoring is going to be an outright problem in your relationship into the future. You will wake up feeling stressed and tired simply because you stayed up most of the night.

If you don’t find a permanent solution to that snoring problem, here are some of the side affects you are likely to suffer;


It’s a well-known fact that snoring will cause tension in your relationship and affect your life together. You will find that you will end up arguing more than usual.


Since you are constantly staying awake or have probably slept very late due to your partner’s snoring, you are likely to wake up feeling fatigued, and chasing your tail for the rest of the day. Essentially that means the entire day will be a mess since you lack enough energy for a solid start and to build momentum.

Daytime Sleepiness

Your body will try to recover the night sleep you didn’t achieve. That can lead to accidents because it will be very easy for you to fall asleep behind the wheel or effect your attention span and alertness.

Mood and Concentration

You are likely to be in a bad mood since you didn’t get enough sleep. The early morning for many people can be a crucial time in setting the tone for the rest of the day. Some people who wake up tired and moody will have a tendency to carry this feeling throughout the day without even realising it.

You might find it difficult to concentrate during the day. That is because you are tired which makes your body unable to concentrate.

Remember you don’t have to wait for your partner to solve his/her snoring problem. You need to take that extra step and start taking care of you too. Fortunately, researchers and dedicated scientists have made your work easier with some amazing products that will help eliminate your problem.

Using Earplugs to Block out Your Partner’s Snoring

You’ve probably thought of purchasing earplugs more than once. If you are planning to buy earplugs to reduce the effects of your partners snoring, then you need to know how to use them properly.

1. When using foam earplugs (more details on this type of earplugs below), you need to start by pinching it then rolling it in a small snake shape. That way, it will perfectly fit in your ears.

2. You can also pull the top side of your ear upwards which will open your ear canal enough to insert the earplug easily.

3. Before you decide to let the earplug go, count to fifteen while holding onto the plug without pushing it inside. After a few seconds, you will feel the plug expand to fit your ear.

4. If you have other types of earplugs that are not the foam type, you should simply follow step 2 and 3.

Different Earplugs in the Market

You probably have tried the cheap type of earplugs found in your local pharmacy at some point. They may have or may have not worked for you. The cheap type will only work depending on ‘how lucky you are’. There are different types of earplugs in the market today. Here is a list of some of the main types;

1. Custom Earplugs; these are typically used by musicians or medical experts. The custom earplugs will fit well into your ear without any hindrance or discomfort. They are the best medically effective earplugs for eliminating snoring sounds available.

2. Reusable Earplugs; Most of the earplugs in the market today are re-usable. That way, you can get the best quality at very affordable prices.

3. Disposable Earplugs; this is typically your go-to earplugs whenever you are travelling. They are only worn once but if you are looking for a permanent solution that are wearable every night, then stick with the Re-usable Earplugs or spend a little more and use the custom earplugs.

4. Earplugs that feature different materials; there are earplugs that come in different materials such as Wax, silicone, flanged material or foam. It doesn’t really matter the size or shape of your ears, as you will always find earplugs that will suit.

What Are the Advantages of Using Earplugs to Block Out Snoring?

There are certain advantages to using earplugs;

  • For starters, you get the chance to have a sound sleep without any interruptions. That’s actually one of the main important reasons why you need earplugs.
  • Earplugs are comfortable and fit perfectly into most ears. You will not experience any type of pain or discomfort while sleeping with earplugs.
  • Earplugs are portable and easy to carry around. That way, you will be able to travel with them wherever you go, and they are more discreet.
  • Re-usable earplugs can be used several times without having any side effects to your health. You will be able to block out snoring at an affordable price in the long run.
  • They actually solve the problem of not having enough sleep due to snoring

There are of course other benefits to using earplug at night like the fact that they can also block out traffic noise, urban noise, construction noise and noisy neighbours.

Do Earplugs Have Any Side Effects?

Any products that has advantages is likely to have some drawbacks too. Here are some of those;

  • Sometimes your earplug might not fit the shape of your ear.
  • Extended use of earplugs over time tend to cause compacted wax to accrue, which will in the end result to hearing complications and the need for syringing.
  • In some cases, earplugs might not actually work for you. If they don’t work, you don’t be alarmed, there are other solutions which you can experiment with.

If you have tried using earplugs to block the sound of snoring in the past and would like to try something different here are two alternatives.

Some Alternatives to Earplugs Include

1. Using Earphones; earphones especially the noise cancelling variety, will also help reduce the surrounding noise of snoring. If you are using earphones as an alternative of earplugs, you should go for the wireless type to reduce any chance of you chocking yourself while you are asleep.

2. Treating Snoring; there are different ways of treating snoring. One of them is getting the person with the snoring condition to use an anti-snoring device which will help minimize the snoring sound and in many cases eliminate it.

Final Verdict

Earplugs can be a viable solution for those being affected by the constant snoring noise of a bed partner. Ideally we recommend using a re-usable or custom fit set of earplugs if at all possible in order to dampen the snoring sounds entering your ears. You may need to experiment to find a good suitable set of earplugs to suit your needs. Generally the disposable earplugs will be less effective because they are more of a one size fits all concept and use cheaper materials. These throw away earplugs will also work out more expensive in the long run and aren’t as convenient as custom made solutions because of the preparation involved each time they are used.

We hope with the above descriptions, you now have a better idea of some solutions you can recommend for your partners snoring problem. If you are looking for the best earplugs on the market, you can check out our hand-picked list of the best earplugs to prevent snoring. What are you waiting for? It might be the answer you need to minimise the effects of snoring going forward!

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