ComfyLife Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

Everyone’s wish is to get the perfect night sleep whether they consciously think about it or not, and to then wake up the following morning feeling rested and fresh, and ready to make the most of of a brand new day. With that being said, a lot of people are still finding that, getting a good night’s rest is becoming beyond their reach. Many do not realise that it can very often be the small things, like having a comfortable pillow and bed can help you achieve this, and when added together the little bits of the puzzle start to make sense.

The ComfyLife Contour Hypo-Allergic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow will help you achieve this desired restful nightime experience faster that you can imagine, and it is one element in the good night’s sleep puzzle. This is because it is designed with a wavy and contoured design, unlike other pillows, and it is this shape that provides ample support to the head, neck and shoulders during your sleep, ensuring that your head and neck remain in a suitably raised position.

The pillow has a unique curved and contoured shape, meaning it is compatible with a variety of positions, so you can choose between the back, side or stomach sleep positions and it will provide similarly high performance regardless of position chosen. The pillow as mentioned will ensure that your neck, and head remain in place at the desired angle to give you the desired spinal alignment. This helps to open up the airways, and again in turn reducing the chances of snoring which can be the result of poor head and neck position during sleep.

For better comfort while you sleep, the company has added a breathable bamboo cover to the package. This ensures that the pillow maintains a certain regulated temperature even when your body is emitting a lot of heat or during spells of very warm weather. The hyper-allergic properties of this pillow is another great bonus as it will eliminate risk of allergies and subsequently enhance your breathing as a result. This is very helpful for any people who may suffer from dust allergies. The washable cover ensures that here is no accumulation of dirt on the pillow and is easily unzipped and removed in little or no time.


  • It reduces both the neck and back pain effectively
  • It provides ultimate support to both the back and side sleepers
  • It is affordable
  • It reduces snoring effectively
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Money Back refund if not happy


  • Some users found this pillow to be too firm and sturdy
  • Some users found this pillow to be less effective at dissipation of heat
  • Some users found the size of this pillow to be unusually small.

In conclusion, this is another great choice for adding comfort and support to your sleep routine. The ComfyLife Memory Foam Hypo Allergenic Pillow ticks quite a few boxes when it comes to features and benefits, in a similar way to the other types of anti-snore pillows we have listed. It is worth noting that the surface where your head rests is curved and not flat as with other anti-snore wedge or standard fill pillows. This may take a little getting used to at first for some people who have slept on standard pillows all their lives. The other thing worth noting is that the raise height is not all that much between 3 and 4 inches, compared to a 12 inch raise with the InteVision Wedge Foam Anti-Snore Pillow.

The anti-snoring pillows which have been introduced in the market are all aimed at reducing your snoring condition and eradicating problems which may lead to snoring. However, the efficiency these products depends with the severity of your condition and how the product is used, frequently, infrequently etc. Actually, if you are a light snorer, these pillows may eradicate the snoring condition permanently as is testament to some of the feedback. Apart from looking at the price tag to check if the pillow fits your budget, it is better we feel to let comfort and effectiveness be the major factor of consideration before choosing your anti-snoring pillow.

Please take a few moments to check out our other pages if you are looking for a suitable anti-snore pillow it may help you to decide on what suits best in terms of getting good results to end your snoring. That being said there is also other benefits to using these types of pillows including benefits for shoulder and neck pain sufferers, acid reflux issues, poor circulation, dental issues as well as providing the options to support other areas like back and legs with certain products. Either way we have selected the best products in various categories that will help you benefit the most from your desire to get a good night’s sleep and stop snoring effecting your life for good. If Snoring is a Persistent issue for you or a loved one, or if you feel you need a more guaranteed way to stop snoring at it’s source, we recommend you check out the AirSnore Anti Snoring Mouthpiece and Anti Snore Drops. It’s a super easy and effective way to tackle all types of snoring from light to heavy, and frequent to occasional.



ComfyLife Contour Memory Foam Pillow










Company Trust




Cleaning and Maintenance





  • Reduces Neck and Pain
  • Promotes Good Spinal Alignment
  • Price Is Very Affordable
  • Can Reduce Snoring Effectively
  • Lifetime Guarantee Provided
  • Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked


  • Pillow Has A Sturdy and Firm Feel
  • Not Great At Dissipating Heat
  • Pillow Is Quite Low And Small In Size

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