Do Stop Snoring Pillows Really Work

Do Stop Snoring Pillows Really Work?

At first, snoring may only be a mild irritation, but with time, it may affect the quality of sleep both you and your partner get. When it gets to that point, you will have to do something about it. Snoring is an issue that in most cases is caused by the fall back of the tongue into the throat. This happens when you are asleep, and especially when you sleep on your back.

Luckily, there are a whole lot of remedies out there that you or your snoring partner can consider when looking to eliminate snoring. One such remedy are specialized stop snoring pillows that can provide an effective solution for this condition in certain instances. These pillows are designed to help keep your nasal passageway open as well as align them well so that you can breathe more easily. All in all, the effectiveness of these pillows will depend on the nature of your snoring condition.

The basic explanation to how they work is that: when you have better airflow at night, you are more likely to deal with your snoring issue without having to go through invasive and sometimes costly surgeries. These pillows do not guarantee that you will stop snoring in an instant, however with time, they may very well improve your condition. Generally, the stop snoring pillows are selected based on individual needs. Therefore, they could either stop or alleviate snoring altogether or in some cases provide intermittent results.

How Do Anti-Snore Pillows Work?

Typically, a stop snoring pillow is elevated in the middle. For this reason, it makes it utterly uncomfortable to sleep on your back hence your head automatically turns sideways. It can either be on your right or left side which forces your entire body to sleep in a more lateral position.

The stop snoring pillows works by supporting your head and at the same time relieving the pressure you might be experiencing on the neck region by ineffective alignment. This repositioning ensures you will have a better chance of snore-free nights. Most of these stop snore pillows are made of comfortable memory foam and they usually have a nice cover that’s friendly to the skin.

The best thing about the stop snoring pillows unlike all other remedies is that it’s very inconspicuous. This means that you don’t have to wear any noticeable anti snore devices. This is especially beneficial for someone who may have insecurity issues because of their snoring condition and are looking to be as discreet as possible in dealing with their snoring problem.

It’s important that you understand that these stop snoring pillows may not cure your snoring issue completely. These pillows are only designed to reduce your snoring as you sleep. Also, there are certain snoring issues that cannot be fully solved through just the single use of a stop snoring pillow. Therefore, it’s important that you consult with a sleep or snoring specialist if you believe yourself to be still snoring at night.

The Best Stop Snoring Pillows

Before we get started on this, it is important to mention that not all people will sleep in the same position. There are people who will sleep on their stomachs, their side, while others sleep on their back. The worst thing is that for someone who sleeps on their stomach, it might be very hard for the stop snoring pillows to work for them and an alternative anti snoring device may be more beneficial in this instance.

So before deciding on an anti-snoring pillow, you need to be sure that you either sleep on your side or on your back. That’s because the design of these pillows will force you to sleep on either of the aforementioned sides.

The main types of anti-snoring pillows include the following;

The Wedge Pillow

The way the wedge pillows are designed, means they will help elevate all your upper body while at the same time help to properly align your spine. This will in turn help to open up your airways and improve the way you breathe as you sleep. So the wedge pillows have more than just one benefit in that they will improve sleep posture too

While helping to reduce snoring, these pillows will also eliminate problems such as acid reflux too. This is a condition that is very likely to disrupt certain people form having the ideal night’s sleep. We wouldn’t be wrong if we said, the reason why the preference of so many people lies with the wedge pillow, is that it has the capability to combat two issues all at once.

The Contour Pillow

The contoured pillows have undergone multiple tests in the past to ensure they get the intended results. Generally, you will find that contoured pillows are raised at the center and at the same time they have shoulder indentions. This helps to keep your head straight and at the perfect height as you sleep.

In turn, this type of pillows forces you into the natural sleep position. This, in most cases, helps those mild snorers to improve their snoring or even help people with sleep apnea to reduce their symptoms. The pillow has a wavy design on the surface, the main purpose of which is to keep the airways of the user open, to ensure you get enough oxygen which helps to reduce the chances of snoring.

Latex Foam Pillows

The latex foam pillows are the best choice for anyone who has very mild snoring problems. That’s because they have a firmer core than the memory foam pillows. These latex pillows will provide better support to your body while at the same time contouring your head.

As you look for latex pillows it’s also important that you go for latex pillows that have a very gentle curve. This way, your airways will remain properly aligned as you sleep. Any angle that is too drastic may prove to be counter intuitive. The take most people have on latex pillows is that they reduce the chances of tossing and turning at night which most times leads to snoring.

The CPAP Pillow

There are times when your snoring problem could be due to sleep apnea. In such a case, you may have to sleep with a CPAP machine. Therefore, a specialised CPAP pillow will allow the CPAP machine to stay securely and comfortably fitted throughout the night. If you are someone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea then these CPAP pillows are definitely worth considering.

In Summary…

There are people who will not like the positions these anti snore pillows make them sleep in. That’s because they may find the positions a little uncomfortable. If you are someone who is a little set in their ways when it comes to selecting their pillow then consider the options carefully. These anti snore pillows are quite cost effective especially if you discover they have improved your condition, however they may not be for everyone. If you aren’t too pushed on changing your pillow for love nor money to stop snoring then there are other options out there that are very effective.

All in all, we think these stop snoring pillows are worth a try if you are a mild to moderate snorer or perhaps in combination with another stop snoring device.

Check out our other blog posts, reviews and guides to discover the potential solutions to your snoring problem. The products listed on this site are the best choices to stop snoring that are on the market. They have been selected based on effectiveness, feedback and price to offer you a solid snoring solution regardless of your situation.

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