Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips Review

Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips Review

Anyone who is interested in looking for the ideal way to stop their snoring habits will be interested in learning how these over the counter nasal dilators can help to improve breathing during sleep and eliminate the chance of snoring. They are called Breathe Right Nasal Strips.

They might look quite simple at first glance but these breathe right nasal strips have been engineered with snorers in mind and they really do make an effective tool for the management of night-time nasal congestion, improving your sleep and allowing you to enjoy your nights once more in a simple and natural way.

This article will be geared towards providing a comprehensive review of one of the best Breathe Right Nasal Strips on the market today; The Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strip Review will outline some of the key features, how they work, as well as the pros and cons of this product and whether or not they a worth considering.

First up is an outline of the main features of The Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips;


Although tis is a relatively straightforward product it has three main elements that make it a comfortable and safe solution to snoring;

Key Feature – Flexibility

The Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips are crafted from flexible spring-like bands that will fit perfectly onto your skin, just above the flare of your nostrils.

Adhesive Material

The underside of the nasal strip is made of an adhesive material so that once you position it, it stays in place until removed.


The nasal strip uses drug-free ways to alleviate that stuffy nose and allow more air to flow and so helping you reduce any chance of nasal congestion that leads to snoring at night. This means that the Breathe right extra strong nasal strips are ideal for just about anyone. They have also passed dermatological testing so they are completely safe for people with sensitive skin

How Do They Work?

Nasal dilators come in two major categories. This includes external nasal dilators and internal nasal dilators. The external dilators are those that work to open up the nasal passages from the outside and the internal dilators are the ones that work to open up the nasal passages from the inside.

The external dilators consist of a stiff strip that is applied on to the external surface of the nose with adhesive. The strip in many cases looks more like a stiff band-aid. They work by pulling the sides of the nose and the nostrils wide open.

Much like lifting the sides of the peaked tent so that it can make more room inside the nose. This, in turn, helps to ease breathing, increase airflow and reduce snoring at night.

Once the band is put on the nose, it tends to straighten back and take up its original shape. In doing so it is lifting the sides of the nose which in turn helps in opening up the nasal passageway. The lifting up action helps more with inflamed sinuses as it opens up the pathways making the breathing much easier. This is due to increased airflow in the nose.

Factors that Lead to Nasal Obstruction

There are some factors that lead to Nasal Obstruction that you should be aware of the main ones of which are;

  • Deviated septum
  • Narrowness caused by a person’s anatomy
  • Congestion from colds
  • Allergies
  • Sinuses

When there is a difficulty with air flow, the tissues lining the throat may cause vibration which leads to snoring. However, with the help of these simple nasal dilators, the amount of air that enters the nose is increased stabilizing the turbulent air movement.

Do Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips Really Reduce Snoring?

A study conducted to investigate the efficiency of nasal dilators like breathe right extra strong nasal strips showed that they are ideal in reducing the intensity of snoring in patients. However, the study showed that these nasal strips worked best for patients who didn’t have any other issue affecting their breathing during sleep. For instance: in cases where patients are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea another approach is needed.

Although using a nasal dilator may actually reduce the risks of developing Obstructive sleep apnea, it’s unlikely that such a treatment can resolve this disorder. All in all, the nasal strips have generally proven to provide relief for lots of people in many cases where someone has congestion due to allergies, cold, deviated septum etc.


  • The Breathe Right extra strong nasal strips are really helpful when someone has a bad stuffy nose. This is because the nasal strips help to keep the nasal passage wide open so that you can still breathe through the nose in the natural way. There is no need to sleep with your mouth open and so, there will be a lower chance of snoring occurring.
  • These nasal strips are quite easy to use. Actually, new users will rarely need to use a manual to know how to fit the strip on their noses.
  • They nasal strip relieves nasal congestion instantly
  • They are drug-free and they do not contain any additives, therefore, they are completely safe to use.
  • These nasal strips comes in one size that fits all self-application style, therefore, they will fit your nostrils perfectly without any hassle.
  • The Breathe Right Extra Strong nasal strips are completely pocket-friendly so you can carry it around with ease and they are ideal for travelling.

Now let’s mention some of the other things you should consider about these nasal strips;


  • Generally, the Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips are quite easy and safe to use. However, they may cause possible skin irritation for a few people, from the adhesive on the external nasal strips. Also, it may cause injury to the skin when you remove them quickly although this will be very rare.
  • Also, the fact remains that, anyone whose snoring is caused because of breathing through their mouth at night, the nasal strips may not help no matter how many times you use them.
  • While using nasal strips it’s very likely that snoring will completely reduce. However, the nasal strips may also give the patient a false sense of confidence in their effectiveness yet they cannot be used in the treatment of sleep apneas.
  • The nasal strip only works best as a temporary solution to snoring. A related survey found that patients who got relief from using nasal strips, snored once more after they stopped using the nasal strips for a few days.

Now let’s wrap up by giving our final thoughts;

Final Verdict

As discussed above, these nasal strips are quite effective in dealing with snoring. These are the extra strong version of the popular Breathe Right line of nasal strips and are quite effective.

There are so many brands out there that you can easily get mixed up on which ones you should choose. We handpicked one of the best nasal strips brands on the market today to make your work easier and your life better.

It’s also important to know that nasal strips can also be used in conjunction with other anti-snore devices. Such devices include; Anti-Snoring Chip Straps or Anti-Snore Mouthpieces this combination could help you achieve the ultimate results. However, if none of these solutions works for you there may be an underlying issue present and you should really be getting the advice of a specialist sleep or snore specialist who can examine and assess your particular case.

All in all these Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips are a fantastic reasonably priced, effective solution to nasal snoring and congestion that we recommend you to consider.

If you would like to find other snoring solutions please feel free to browse our other articles and understand that any product or device we suggest is top of its category based on many important points including cost, effectiveness, comfort, popular opinion and many more.

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