Yoga and Snoring – Will It Actually Help?

By definition, yoga is the group of physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines or practices with origins in ancient India. A lot of people consider yoga to be a great activity which promotes meditation, wellness, and a healthy body and mind. However, it is worth pointing out from the start that the truth is that there is so much more to this practice than what you can ever hope to learn in just a single article or post. However we will do our best to highlight if indeed yoga practiced daily can indeed improve or indeed remarkably improve someone’s snoring outlook.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular over the past number of years and for this reason it is not really a surprise that many people from various corners of the world are active yoga practitioners for a host of varied reasons that can range from providing stress relief, helping to improve the ability to focus as well as a myriad of other wide ranging factors to many to list in just a single post. Today we are going to focus solely on yoga and snoring and if it can improve your snoring situation.

So the point we would like to get across is does yoga and snoring go hand in hand and essentially can yoga be the answer to finally put an end to all your snoring woes?

Yoga and Snoring: Is There a Potential Relationship Between the Two?

Just to give you an idea, and in case you arrived on this page initially and are wondering what actually causes snoring to begin with. Essentially Snoring in its simplest terms is the result of the vibrating throat tissues which cause disrupting sounds while a person is asleep. This obstructed breathing when a person is sleeping can lead to numerous problems not only for the snorer but also for your partner and other occupants of the house. If you want to learn a bit more about snoring check out another post that covers what is snoring and why do you snore in more detail.

Many people seem to think that snorers aren’t suffering as much as those who have to endure the annoying sound on a continual or sporadic basis each and every night. However, this is far from the truth. The quality of sleep of a person who snores can be highly affected because it can put the body under immense pressure just to inhale a sufficient supply of air and expel the stale air from the body.

Most snorers try to overcome their snoring habit through resorting to varied practices. But, did you know and would you believe that yoga exercises can in fact help address your snoring issues?

Believe it or not, yoga can do wonders for snorers. Most of you are probably well-acquainted as to how excellent yoga can be when it comes to maintaining a healthier lifestyle based on improvements to mind and body. However, the suggested fact that yoga may actually play a vital role in solving snoring seems to be a bit perplexing to many. After all, how will yoga achieve this? If you are a fan of yoga, you surely know how this practice always emphasizes on a person’s breathing, and it’s this control of how one breathes that ensure the possibility of snoring diminishes. Pranayama is one such breathing technique used by yoga practitioners and it can help to serve as an effective cure for snoring in certain cases.

Yoga for snoring is proven to be an effective way of finding an escape from your snoring issues since it can help to clear your breathing passageway. Remember any blockage in this area will lead to restriction and a much higher chance of snoring taking place. It’s a bit like when using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt. Everything is going fine until you hoover up something like a sock which causes a blockage in the airflow and in many cases a vibration noise will occur as the air desperately tries to move past the offending object in this case the sock you have been trying to find for the past week, that’s been hiding under the bed all along. Different yoga techniques can be performed to eliminate snoring habits and they involve certain postures and Asanas which help to eradicate blockages in the air passage way.

The Basics: Will Yoga Help with Snoring?

There are many people who think of yoga as only a meditative exercise. On the opposite side of the coin, other people consider yoga as a somewhat spiritual practice which provides them with access to an amazing amount of healing potential and energy. In essence it is true to say and the great minds have proven that everything in this life is made up of just two things Matter and Energy.

Of course, the truth might be lying somewhere at the middle. Yoga definitely offers an extensive array of healing benefits and this can almost definitely come in handy to help cure snoring. While it may not be able to help everyone, it is certainly still worth a try and worst case scenario your snoring remains the same but your body and mind are improved by the very process.

Can Yoga Help You Deal with Snoring?

Actually, yoga provides you with two different avenues to help you fix your snoring issues. Since they work together, you’re getting a double-dosage of possible solutions once you use them both. First and foremost, yoga is an activity, which will challenge you physically and through doing so, it will help you lose weight which as we have highlighted is a big factor for combating snoring. Find out how having excess weight impacts on your risk of snoring by reading an article called Does Being Overweight Cause Snoring? So essentially yoga promotes movement and a feeling of vitality which in turn makes you feel better and get more exercise. It’s all about taking little steps the first of which could be to join a local yoga class or yoga club. Sometimes when starting off with something new there can be a little bit of a learning curve however the best way to learn is by doing or observing how others do things. This is why going to a yoga class may be a great option for you. If nothing else then just for the social aspect you will meet likeminded people and hopefully share problems and find solutions.

The second thing to remember is that Yoga incorporates lots of breathing into its poses and rituals and there are lots of breathing exercises within yoga that can do a lot in strengthening the right tissues and muscles, which reduces the odds of suffering from this common but problematic sleeping disorder.

What Kind of Yoga Poses Can Help You?

As we have mentioned already in order for you to take full advantage of yoga as one of the best possible solutions to your concerns on snoring, it is recommended to visit the nearest yoga club or instructor in your area and consult with them regarding the possibility of practicing certain routines as a way to improve your ability to achieve a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

However that being said, there are several common yoga poses that you can use while you are getting started.

Some of these yoga poses are as follows:

  • Kapalbhati Pranayama or also called Skull Shining Breathing Technique, which is said to be beneficial through cleansing cranial sinuses. It has also been found to be helpful in improving the quality and level of sleep a person achieves.
  • Dhanurasana or referred to as Bow Pose is also another helpful yoga pose. It is said to help regulate one’s breathing and can help you open your chest muscles that will enable a person to achieve deeper exhaling and inhaling of breadth.
  • Bhujangasan or also renowned as Cobra Pose. It is a yoga pose that will help you open up your chest, which can clear both your lungs and heart. It can also improve your blood circulation.

So know you know more about the basic yoga poses lets move on to some tips to get you started on your yoga journey and the main one focuses on having the right Mindset. If you would like to learn more about how to improve your breathing and discover the benefits of yoga follow this link

Best Tips to Get Started with Yoga

If you are new to yoga and you don’t know how to get started properly, it is highly recommended that you give it a try. This might not end up being your thing, yet you will never know that until you have tried it once so our message to you is take a chance and give it a go!!

If you are feeling a little bit unsure remember like you, many other people were also afraid to start for the very same reasons like being afraid that they would look silly or being afraid they’ll be bad at it. However, never put off beginning your yoga journey if such are your main concerns. Instead work on learning how to overcome this insecurity and remember everybody will be better at certain things and worse at others.

The truth is nobody can be brilliant at everything right off the bat. For example If you asked a famous football player or movie star to fly a space shuttle tomorrow morning, I think the afformentioned point would prove itself. However if you asked him to do the same task in five years with the right advise and practice and guidance the outcome may not be as certain and indeed possibly completely different.

No matter what your age is or what kind of body you have or how much time you could spare, you can use yoga to benefit you as a person.

After starting it may be a case where you may do lots of yoga or a little bit of it every day, either way you will see some positive benefits. So to wrap up yoga certainly can be helpful and beneficial for those of you who have snoring issues, so to wrap up essentially it would be best for you to discuss these possibilities by talking to a yoga instructor in your local area and find out about its health benefits and how it can help you deal with your snoring problem.

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