Interesting Snore Facts

Interesting Snore Facts

When it comes to snoring, unique and insightful stories are often discussed on a global scale. Snoring has no borders really unless you classify the spare room and dividing wall as such. Some of these stories are playful, some are born out of frustration and annoyance and some develop out of concern for the snorer or other people involved.

Most people tend to think of snoring as something quite normal even a little bit funny. Well, truth be known snoring can actually be a serious sleep disorder, and it can cost you in the long run in many various ways, if it’s overlooked and not addressed.

Snoring can have a very real impact on the quality of your everyday life and the lives of others around you too. This is especially the case if your bed partner or loved one is a frequent snorer.There is a growing need to understand and differentiate between certain snoring facts and myths in order to follow a productive path to a snore free life.

At the end of the day, snoring can be very disruptive and it will not only affect the snorer but also you as the bed partner. Hopefully this article will help establish a better understanding of snoring so that snorers like you, or someone you know, can get the help needed.

Snoring should not be viewed as just another source of comedy and wisecrack jokes. It should be seen for what it is, a type of sleep disorder that needs addressing, just like any other problem needing to be solved. With that in mind, we will go on now to discuss some of the more interesting facts about snoring you most likely didn’t know.

10 Things You Should Know About Snoring

Here are 10 Things you should know about snoring which will help you on your journey to discovering a snore free solution to make your life that little bit better! Take a little time to browse the site and you will find the best solutions to help end your snoring problem in a simple cost effective way. But first here is the first snore fact you should be aware of;

1. Men Tend To Be The More Habitual Snorers

If you asked most people, they would probably be in agreement that, almost everyone at some point in time is likely to snore at least occasionally. However, there is that other larger part of the population that happens to snore at least 3 to 4 times per week. What we are trying to say here is, the fact that snoring is such a common issue, doesn’t mean that it’s ok and healthy to snore on a frequent basis.

According to studies done on snoring, it has become evident that men are more habitual snorers more than women. Statistics have proven that at least 4 in every 10 men snore, while 3 in every 10 women are frequent snorers. However generally we have statistical data that shows that 90% of the American population snores on a regular basis.

Also, 30% of women are regular snorers but the snoring may tend to get worse when pregnant. All in all, the bottom line here is that regardless of the percentage by which snoring is likely to affect men more than women, it actually increases the risk of stroke and heart attack by 67% and 34% respectively. So that’s one main reason to fix your snoring problem.

2. Snoring Can Be Inherited From Your Parents

We know you may be a bit skeptical about this fact, However we done a little investigating and found this may actually be the case for many people. Inherited snoring is entirely true and it has been proven scientifically, that a person can inherit snoring from their parents.

During one study to investigate the likelihood of inheriting snoring from an individual’s parents, the researchers realized that about 70% of the people who are regular snorers have at least one of their family members who also snore. This is because some of the anatomical, as well as biological causes that lead to irregular breathing, are all inheritable.

However, in some cases, researchers have brought some of the findings into a heated debate on the same topic. Taking, for instance, a case where your parents snoring was caused by habitual bad lifestyle choices like drinking alcohol and smoking. This different section of researchers have argued that if you don’t follow through the same bad lifestyle choice path of your parents, then there is totally no reason why you should snore.

3. Snoring is Generally Between 30 Decibels and 100 Decibels of Noise

The average noise produced during a snore is about 30 decibels which is the level of quite a low conversation. However, this could increase depending on the extent of the snoring. In some cases, the snoring could be around 50 decibels which is more like having a food processor next to your ears.

Such snoring could be rather uncomfortable and could lead to hearing damage if the bed partner is exposed to the snore for more than 8 hours per night. This means that most of the bed partners trying to avoid the snores might have to spend their nights in a separate room to get some shuteye. The loudest snoring that has ever been recorded is about 120 decibel of noise.

In real life, this is the same volume as a low flying jet or an emergency siren. Regular exposure to snoring that’s above 75 and 80 decibels of noise can cause hearing damage to the snorer as well as their bed partner.  Therefore, if not treated snoring will not only affect your relationship with your bed partner but also both of your health outlook.

4. Lifestyle Changes Could Make All The Difference

Most people believe that in order to cure a snoring issue, you have to be on medications, use CPAP machines or have Surgery. Well truth be known even simple lifestyle changes could make a big difference regarding your snoring issue. By this, we mean for instance, if you normally sleep on your back and you have noticed that this leads to you snoring, you could try sleeping on your side instead. This alone helps to reduce the amount of pressure exerted on your throat and also helps to keep the airways open.

You could also try keeping your head more elevated for example using an Anti-Snore Pillow and this will help to reduce the snoring significantly.

Also, if you like taking alcohol just before bedtime, try to avoid doing so. In some cases, a gain of excess weight may cause the snoring. This means that if you try and cut some weight in a sustainable fashion, this could also help to reduce your snoring. Excess weight tends to narrow your throat, meaning you may have a hard time breathing when asleep. Moreover, there are some people who may snore due to allergies. In such cases, it is advisable that you always keep your bedroom free of allergens by changing pillows and dusting off the ceiling and other dust hotspots like floors, tables and lockers.

5. Most Divorces Are Actually Linked to Snoring

Believe it or not, most of the divorces in the United States of America could actually be linked to snoring. When it comes to analyzing snoring, there is what we refer to as the socially unacceptable snoring. This means that the snores are loud enough to deny the bed partners the benefit of a good nightly sleep. In that case, they may have no option but to spend their night sleeping in a separate room.

And this has led to the failure of many marriages and some long-term relationships. This is because, when partners spend their nights in two separate rooms, this leads to a detachment and with time this may eventually become habitual and accepted.

Couples tend to draw apart and the strong bond they once had weakens over time. In the long run, the lack of enough quality sleep can lead to tiredness, irritability and laziness creeping into a couple’s life together.

This means that the likelihood of constant arguments between couples will actually increase. Therefore, if your bed partner is a snorer, please be aware that the situation could damage your relationship if left untreated. Ensure they get help before it’s too late.

6. Snoring May Be An Indicator Of More Complicated Health Conditions

There is more to snoring than what meets the eye. By this, we mean that snoring in most cases may be an indicator of a pre-existing health disorder or indeed could be a warning sign of health complications further down the line, in that, in some cases, snoring could be an indicator of Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is a pretty serious health complication.

When a patient is suffering from OSA they could have lapses at night where their airways could be obstructed. In such a case, breathing can stop for an average of 10 seconds before resuming again. This obstructive sleep apnea can happen up to a hundred times in just a single night.

In other cases, the snoring issues will not necessarily indicate existing OSA. However, it could lead to the development of obstructive sleep apnea. During snoring, when the tissues at the back of the throat are vibrated they can become swollen. Without doubt, this will lead to obstruction of the airways an obstructive sleep apnea.

Also, snoring may lead to the development of type 2 diabetes although in most cases such individuals have family diabetes history. As well as that, snoring could also lead to hypertension, some cardiac diseases and strokes. This mostly affects people who are regular snorers.

7. Snoring May Also Be Harmful to Children

Snoring is a common issue that mostly affects adults more so than kids. However, when small children snore, the aftermath could be more harmful. According to a survey done in relation to children and snoring, about 12% of children actually snore two to three times a week. But in some cases where the parents do not notice any problem, the percentage could actually be even higher.

Just like adults, kids also snore for many reasons. All in all, some of the causes of snoring that affects kids are exclusively evident in children. Most of the kids have a likelihood of having enlarged adenoids and tonsils which tend to obstruct their airways.

Lack of sleep is known to cause sleepiness during the day. The same case applies when kids are snorers and lack enough sleep. They tend to have concentration issues when at school and may have a hard time concentrating in class, doing tests and finishing their assignments. Also, it could affect their memory and they have difficulty remembering what was taught in class.

The sad part is that most of the sleep disorders go unnoticed especially in kids until it’s too late. When left untreated, snoring could lead to learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and ADHD. This may affect them for years until they are adults.

8. Snoring Can Be Treated Professionally By a Physician

If you a regular snorer or have any kind of a snoring disorder, you can get help from a professional in the field of sleep and even snoring. There are a couple of approaches to eliminating snoring as you will discover from this site. The most common sleep apnea solution is using a CPAP machine. This machine helps to regulate the pressure in your airway hence keeping the airways open all through.

The CPAP machine resembles a mask and is designed to fit either over your mouth or nose. It works by blowing air through your airways hence keeping them open. Besides, that, a sleep specialist may recommend some of the Oral Appliances to help you curb any snoring. Some of these include mandibular adjustments devices that keep your jaw and mouth in position and so preventing any obstruction of the airways.

In severe cases, where all other remedies haven’t proved fruitful, the specialist may recommend surgery. This surgical procedure is known as Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty which helps to treat snoring patients. In the surgical procedure, there is the removal of tissues from the airways making it wider and less restricted. However, you need to understand that this is a very invasive kind of surgery that could lead to the formation of scar tissues or even sleep apnea developing and should really be treated as a last resort in many cases.

9. You Become More Susceptible To Snoring With Age

People of just about any age may be susceptible to snoring, however as people age, statistics show they are more likely to snore. According to one sleep specialist, as people age, they are more likely to gain more weight also, especially around their neck region. Loss of that muscle tone could be one of the major contributors to snoring for that person. And the worst part about it is that they can’t hear themselves snore.

10. Your Lifestyle Choices Determine If You Snore or Not

There is no denying that poor lifestyle choices like poor diet, alcohol intake, smoking and lack of exercise create the perfect circumstances if not immediately then over time when it comes to being effected by snoring. Poor decision making in these areas over time can have a tendency to go unnoticed and be overlooked by many people who are not fully aware of the adverse cumulative effect they can have to a person’s health and happiness.

Final Verdict

In most cases, snorers will never admit that they actually snore and it may be a bit difficult to encourage them to seek help from a specialist. There was a particular point in time until now where there was no way to find out on your own whether or not you were a snorer.

This has now changed with the introduction of snoring apps and wearable technology. Now you have the ability using a simple app to monitor your sleep, determine if you snored or not and find out how bad your snoring actually is.

So the truth is that once in a while almost everyone snores. And the only way you will find out is if someone is actually kind enough to tell you or if you use technology to your advantage. Some people will definitely snore occasionally for a variety of reasons but others will snore occasionally and this is what makes all the difference. The frequency and indeed the severity of the snore!

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