The Loudest Snore Ever Recorded

There is an old saying that states the best things in life are free! Well this may be the case for many things out there but the truth is it definitely doesn’t fit with snoring. While it’s true that Snoring is indeed free in the sense that it costs nothing financially to snore, it’s the hidden cost in regards to health and relationships that is worth considering, ones that many people can do without.

Snoring can be a serious disruption not only to the person who snores but also to the non-snorers around them, especially their bedpartners. Of course, the worst thing about snoring is that it can prevent people from enjoying quality sleep every night. Granted it’s worth noting that, not all snoring issues are the same. There are people who snore louder than the rest, and you should consider yourself fortunate if snoring plays no role in your life on a consistent basis.

But, how loud can snoring actually get?

For you to get a good idea and perhaps make some of you feel better, here is a quick rundown of some novel snorers and the loudest snore ever recorded as well as some of the most popular snorers in history. Some of them might even surprise you!

World-Record: Runner Up for Loudest Snore

Melvyn Switzer has been marked in infamy since winning the 1984 Guinness Book of World Records prize as being described as the person with the loudest snore ever recorded at that time. Switzer’s snores were believed to have been recorded at 92 decibels during the time of the record, although a different source claimed that the level was a little lower at only 87.5. To put this in perspective that is the equivalent of having a diesel truck revving its engine right beside your head inside your bedroom.

This is also much louder than the limit in the United States for noise legally allowed in workplaces. It got to the point where eight different neighbors decided to move out over the years the reason given was they couldn’t bear the noise level every night.

When his snoring issue was finally cured, Switzer stated that his wife, whose one ear was believed to be deaf, was a saint for being able to put up with him and his loud snores. He also added that their relationship and their marriage as a whole improved by 100 percent once his snoring had come to an end.

World-Record: The Loudest Snorer

Based on another article, in the 2000 Guinness World Records, Kare Walkert from Sweden was recorded as the loudest snorer just ahead of Switzer who held the record from 1984. The levels of his snoring were recorded at 93 decibels, or almost as loud as a standard lawn mower. The record was logged back in May 1993.

Granny and Her Snores That Rival That of a Jet Plane

Another article published in a well-known British newspaper some years back highlighted the snoring escapades of Jenny Chapman, a 60-year old woman from Brittan. The sound of her snoring was recorded as reaching as much as 111.6 decibels. This is around 33 decibels louder than your washing machine, 11 decibels louder than a train, and 8 decibels louder than low flying jet plane.

The article stated that Chapman was shocked when she was told about the loudness of her snoring. Her husband Colin who put up with the problem for the past two decades stated that the measurement was not really a surprise to him. He described his wife’s snores as abominable.

Other Popular Snorers in History

There is actually a lengthy list of popular figures in history who were snorers. Some of these figures include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Grover Cleveland. Even Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini were known to be powerful snorers. Another famous snorer was Napoleon Bonaparte. He was overweight, short, and believed to have had a nasal blockage that contribute to the issue. Aside from that, Theodore Roosevelt was also described as a snorer of deafening proportions.

Based on the story, John Wesley Hardin, a popularized gunfighter, he once spent the night at a hotel in Abilene in 1871. It has been said that a man from the next room was snoring so loud and it angered him so much that he proceeded to draw his gun and shoot through the wall into the next room where the snoring was coming from. Based on the reports, the first bullet woke the man and unfortunately the other bullet killed him instantly. An extreme case you may argue yes but the underlying message is similar when it comes to how snoring can effect the people around you.

Loud Snoring – What Causes It?

Loud snoring is not only an irritation to everybody in earshot it can also be a warning signal of potential underlying health problems. There are many causes of snoring. Some are benign while others can be more serious and require further investigation and treatment. Based on Mayo Clinic findings, half of the adults snore on a regular basis. The snoring sound generated basically comes as the throat passage is narrowed and the air passes over relaxed throat tissues. Snarfling sounds that emanate can be inoffensive and soft or quite disruptive and loud. Here are some potential causes of snoring in adults;

Sleep Position – Your sleeping position may cause snoring. Sleeping on your back instead of side sleeping may relax the throat muscles and constriction, which frequently results in snoring. While there can be nasal passage-opening devices and mouth guards available, it might be a case where sleeping on the side gets rid of the loud snoring.

Obesity – It may cause snoring. Excessive tissue could constrict throat passage and might make snoring. If it’s the case, losing weight is the solution. However, it may become more serious once obesity is combined with some causes. More soft tissues at rest with air passing around it, the louder the snoring is.

Sleep Apnea – It can lead from actual obstruction in the throat. Occasional obstruction in airway may fully or partially close the passage for breathing briefly without waking the sleeper. It could happen from once to a hundred times hourly. Without a family member or a partner to report the concern and there’s loud snoring that occurs, the snorer might have no clue why he isn’t fully rested after his or her sleep time.

Anatomy – Your mouth’s shape of tissues may contribute to the propensity to snore. More constricted airways mean louder snore. For example, long and soft uvula can result to loud snoring. Some possible physical causes include swollen tonsils or adenoids that can contribute to snoring.

Alcohol – Drinking alcohol is one of the main causes of snoring. Since anything that relaxes one’s throat muscles may induce snoring, usage of alcohol is a culprit. Aside from making you sleepy, alcohol basically relaxes the throat muscles, causing the individual to snore.

There are other main causes of snoring. If you want to get rid of it, make sure to consult your doctor first in order to rule out any underlying health concerns. If your snoring is slight to moderate it can still be very disconcerting and become a huge annoyance for others around you. In order to save yourself embarrassment and prevent others from being annoyed at you there are simple steps you can take to solve your snoring issue safely and naturally. Sometimes all it takes is a slight change here and there and the formation of a system or plan and perhaps the use of an effective anti-snoring product along the way.

Diet and Snoring can go hand in hand also and it is worth noting what to eat and what not to eat in order to reduce the chances that you may snore during your sleep.

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