Quick Fix For Snoring

Quick Fix for Snoring – Does it Exist?

It may be a case where you wake up every night with your own snoring, or maybe it’s your spouse who’s having a hard time dealing with the excessive noise, while trying to get a good night’s sleep. While you may not consider it a big deal or something to laugh off, snoring is usually an indicator of a much deeper problem.

In fact the knock on effects of snoring, can be wide ranging and varied. Snoring has been proven to have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing and can lead to strained relationships for many couples. A committed relationship is a little bit of a juggling act at the best of times, it requires give and take on both sides. If it’s a case that you are snoring in bed on a regular basis, then your partner will unfortunately suffer as a result of lack of sleep, and increased levels of stress and annoyance.

The truth is that relationships will tend to suffer, if the sleep cycle of one person is constantly getting disrupted. Apart from this, those who are doing the snoring, especially habitual excessively loud snoring are most likely suffering from sleep apnea which often requires diagnosis.

Even though there are many snoring aids that you can buy over the counter, some but not all of these remedies that claim to fix snoring don’t have any noticeable benefit.

Buying certain anti-snoring devices, and over the counter snoring products sometimes causes people to ignore all the natural solutions which already exist to address this issue.

Having said this, it is safe to say that, like most things in life there is no such thing as a quick fix for snoring. What you can do instead is to try some remedies which can help address your problem first to see what works for best.

Change Positions

Ending your snoring issue can be as simple as changing the way you sleep. If you are the kind of person who wants to sleep on your back, this might be the cause of your snoring issue since the soft palate and the tongue will usually collapse into the back of your throat while you are sleeping, which can then cause a loud vibration.

If you are not comfortable or used to sleeping on your side, you can use a full body pillow that can make a big difference in how you sleep. If the thought of using body pillows while sleeping doesn’t sound too good for you, you can even try to tape or stitch tennis balls to the back of your pajamas. While this might seem uncomfortable, it is actually the main idea here. Those tennis balls will make your sleep bumpy, and you will have no choice but to roll your side throughout the night.

Stay Away from Nightcaps

Sure, a cold stiff drink before going to bed can lull you to sleep as a result of your body becoming more relaxed. However, this can also exacerbate your existing underlying snoring problem that you have been trying to deal with. When you drink alcohol or take other forms of sedatives before you doze off to dreamland, you will exasperate the problem because you only end up relaxing those muscles located at the back of the throat that cause snoring in the first place. Once these muscles relax, these will then fall back, blocking your airways either partially or fully.

And just like you may have guessed, it will greatly increase the chances of snoring. If you don’t normally snore yet you find yourself making unwanted sounds after you have an alcoholic drink before you hit the bed, it is a sure sign that you can put the blame on these night caps. Instead, you can try sipping some chamomile tea which is calming and relaxing but is not associated with snoring.

Lose Unwanted Weight

It is not a coincidence that people who are a bit heavier are also those who experience snoring the most. Getting rid of a few of those extra pounds will help you minimize the bulky tissues around your neck and allow your airways to open up more while you are sleeping. Although losing weight will help someone to stop snoring, it isn’t a guaranteed or immediate quick fix. Slimmer individuals have also snoring related problems. If you were once skinny and didn’t struggle with snoring, only to encounter this problem as you’ve gotten heavier, it may very well be beneficial for you to shed a few pounds. This is especially true for those who have gained some weight around their neck region.

Instill Proper Sleeping Habits

If you’re a workaholic who doesn’t get the right amount of sleep, it may be good for your bank account, yet it’s awful for your general health and will worsen your snoring outlook. If you are the kind of person who burns the candle at both ends and you are struggling to get enough sleep, it will only lead to you being severely overtired, once you decide to crawl into bed.

Being very tired means your body will be trying to sleep too hard and too deeply essentially playing catch up, which can and very often does result in snoring.

In terms of snoring remedies that work, there are some strategies that work much better than others. Establishing good sleeping habits is important. Sometimes the easiest and simplest snoring solutions are the ones that are right under one’s nose.

Change Your Pillows

Do you often find yourself dusting your overhead ceiling fan on a regular basis? Do you let dust mites to accumulate on your pillows? If the answer is yes, you might be causing your own snoring. Those who let their pets share a bed with them are actually subjected to the same problem. If possible, keep all of your pets out of your bedroom. Make sure to wash not just your pillows, but also the pillowcases and replace them yearly to keep dust mite build up and allergen causing elements to a minimum.

Allergens and dust mites may irritate your throat tissues and sinuses, which will cause them to become inflamed and swell up. Such simple actions may do more to lessen your snoring with the least amount of time and money on your behalf.

Drink a Lot of Water

Simply put dehydrated people are more likely to snore because of the increased levels of secretions in their nose and soft palate. If someone doesn’t get the right amount of water daily, it makes additional snoring a strong possibility later in the night. The recommended water intake for men is sixteen cups daily including foods and for women, they should take eleven cups. As with the majority of ailments some people experience, adding water to your daily regimen is always beneficial. With this, you will be able to minimize snoring and boost your overall health while you are at it. Tip: Finish drinking water/other fluids two to three hours before going to bed, to reduce the chances of needing to wake up to use the bathroom and breaking your sleep cycle!

These are some of the small things you can consider if you are looking for a quick fix for snoring. To know more information about snoring check out our other blog posts. If you have other related concerns it is best to consult a doctor or sleep specialist in order to become more informed. We do our best to find you solutions here at Snorefocus. So check out our Snorefocus Forum and leave your question or opinion. What has worked for you to stop snoring and get a better night’s sleep?

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