Better Bedroom - Better Sleep

Better Bedroom – Better Sleep!

The bedroom in your house might very well serve numerous functions. It might be your personal relaxation space, a home office, or even a laundry room. However, when darkness falls, its main purpose should be to provide a haven for you and your sleep. It should be your own sanctuary where you can get a good night’s rest after a long day on your feet.

Bedrooms should be the most personal and luxurious space in our homes, a soothing oasis conducive to comfort and relaxation. So if your goal is to have better sleep, a better bedroom is exactly what you need to start. Here are a few useful tips on how to change your bedroom environment to enable you to have the best and fullest sleep each and every night.

Darkness is Your Friend

According to experts, the natural circadian rhythm of the human body and mind is meant to follow the dark-light cycle. This means that the amount of light you have in your bedroom has a direct impact on your sleep.

Today’s contemporary lifestyle can easily rob you of a calm and dark environment that your body craves in order to achieve proper sleep. Modern devices such as smartphones, computers, televisions, and digital clocks can all light up your room and as a result, interrupt your Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep. A few good solutions you can consider using in your bedroom are armoires for hiding computers or televisions.

You can also opt for an Open-Faced Alarm Clock instead of a bright digital alarm clock. Blackout Blinds are also available to make your room darker. Remove your phones from the room. If it is a must to have a phone in the room, try to hide it away inside a drawer or bedside locker.

It’s in the Temp

If your room is too warm or cold, this can also have an effect on your sleep. If you think that this is your concern, a simple solution you can try is to adjust your thermostat. Some other options that you can try in your bedroom in order to maintain proper room temperature is to use a Portable Heater, Ceiling Fan, Window Treatments or Heavy Blinds that can keep your room dark and prevent any outside weather conditions from getting into your bedroom.

A Good Mattress Means a Good Night’s Rest

Getting a brand new mattress might be the simple secret to indulging in a good night’s rest. When your mattress is too soft, hard, or lumpy, your body will feel troubled and you will end up awake or partially awake throughout the night trying to get as comfortable as possible. Mattresses are available in different types including Innerspring, Foam, Pillow, Waterbeds, Airbeds, and Adjustable. All types have manufacturers who ensure better sleep and comfort.

When shopping for a mattress, there are simple steps you can follow:

  • Conduct an extensive research as this is a very expensive and important purchase.
  • After you have chosen a mattress, test it out. Take advantage of the 30 or 60 day money back guarantee some mattresses have. Don’t be shy of trying out a mattress in the store by lying down the same way you would at home.
  • Determine what size you prefer. Whether you want full, queen or king, it is important to figure out the size you like since it might be the reason you can’t sleep. Small mattresses might be your issue, particularly if you share a bed with someone else.

To know if you need new mattress, you can ask for professional tips or recommendations to help you make your final decision.

Reduce Noise in Your Bedroom

Reducing any form of noise in your bedroom will help you sleep and would surely make your room feel more welcoming. You can get rid of noise by getting rid of your gadgets. Notifications and noises from your cell phone, computer or tablet prevent you from sleeping well. If you find it difficult to sleep, add an air purifier, a fan, a small fountain or an air conditioner. A White Noise Sound Machine may be beneficial as it helps block out some distracting noises for improved sleep.

If your life partner or special someone snores, a visit to a sleep specialist or purchasing breathing strips or an Anti-Snore Mouthpiece should be on your to-do list.

Get Rid of Too Much Clutter

It is important to note that too much clutter may cause a lack of sleep and anxiety to develop. It’s a big No No for Feng Shui and good advice would be to consider de cluttering you bedroom since too much clutter may cause uneasiness and anxiety in any room. Try keeping your bedroom in order so you aren’t worried about tripping over your things once you get up in the middle of night. There are some Storage Options you may use in your closet or bedroom that can help you manage your clutter. Such options are not as expensive as you think. In fact, these types of storage solution are really quite affordable and very appealing and effective.

Soothing Sounds and Soothing Colors Make a Good Night’s Sleep

Vibrant and bright colors can be fun, yet there are times that it is not the best idea to use to use them in bedrooms, particularly if you find it hard to sleep properly. So, make sure to use soothing and calm colors including muted blues, pastels, and greens that are more calm and peaceful. If you like to incorporate bright colors in your room, you can use them as accents using artwork or on your pillows, duvet or sheets.

Other than color, soothing sounds can also promote sleep. These include soft wind chimes, babbling brook or chirping sounds of crickets. You may incorporate such sounds into your bedroom with a CD player or some electronic device that’s hidden away. If you want the real thing, you can place a little Fountain in your Room or you can also Hang Wind Chimes outside the window.


Hopefully some of these ideas and design tips will help you develop and maintain a sanctuary conducive to rest and sleep in your bedroom. Aside from getting a better bedroom, you will get better sleep and in turn you will feel fresher and more energetic the following day. All you need to do is to design your bedroom in accordance with the right furniture, color scheme, and style and incorporate items that promoted or aid in the creation of solid sleep.


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