How to Deal With Someone Who Snores

Anybody who has dealt with someone snoring fully understands the impact that lost sleep can have on health and mood. While it might be tempting to poke someone in the ribs and endeavour to continue with your sleep, snoring may pose some serious health risks if left untreated. That is why ignoring the problem is not actually the best method, although it may seem like the only solution at the time.

Ok so if the push and shush tactic doesn’t work then what? What else can you do, to deal with someone who snores?

Well, before we go any further, it is important to know the main cause of snoring for most people. Based on a survey findings and research undertaken we know that about forty percent of men and twenty four percent of women snore on a regular basis which is considered habitual snoring. Snoring can have a big impact on relationships, as all too many are aware. Snoring is actually a contributing factor to many failed marriages which end in divorce. Let’s face it snoring is a real irritant and its management and indeed eradication can bring balance and harmony back into your life and the lives of loved ones.

Why People Snore?

There are countless reasons why people snore. Some cases can be a bit complex and others are much simpler and more straightforward. While snoring isn’t a disease, it is typically the symptom of greater health problems. The reasons why people snore vary somewhat but the most common are as follows:

  • Sleep Apnea – Snoring is basically associated with this sleep disorder. It’s a serious medical condition that is characterized by pauses in breathing or shallow breathing.
  • Sleep Position – Gravity actually affects the airway’s function and snoring is frequently louder.
  • Alcohol Consumption or Sleep Deprivation – Throat relaxation may be caused by drinking alcohol or lack of sleep that could result to snoring.
  • Nasal Problems – Deviated septum or congestion might contribute to snoring problems.
  • Mouth Anatomy – A soft, low palate may narrow your airway. If your uvula is elongated, it could obstruct your airway.
  • Excess Weight ­­– People who are overweight tend to snore based on the narrowing of the throat and mouth which causes restriction to airflow. A healthy diet is crucial not just to prevent snoring but to live a healthy life, improve mood and reduce the risk of weight related disorders.
  • Age ­­– It’s no coincidence that older people snore more often. This is due to the fact that as you age neck muscles loose a bit of their elasticity and the chances of snoring rises as a result.

The good news is that there are some things both you and your companion can do that may help relieve the frequency or severity of snoring bouts. We have outlined the following as a starting point on how to deal with someone who snores:

  • Change Pillows

People who have allergies are most likely snorers for the reason that their nasal passages get congested regularly. To get rid of the allergens and reduce the likelihood or severity of the snoring, dust rooms often and replace pillows every 6 months. It is always recommended to elevate your head by sleeping on a thicker pillow ideally an Anti-Snore Pillow. This will let you open up your airways and reduce congestion.

  • Roll Them Over

If you’re a back sleeper, your tongue’s base collapse to your throat’s back wall, frequently causing the snoring sound. Roll your partner gently over (or ask them to position themselves on their side) and wedge several pillows snugly against their back to ensure they do not revert back to their original back sleeping position.

  • Get a Bigger Bed

Sharing in a small bed may be hard at times. However, having limited space when your partner snores is frustrating, which launches a double-pronged attack for a good night’s sleep. You might find it easier to sleep better, in a bed that is wider.

  • Earplugs

These are an effective and cheap way to handle snoring. While the basic earplugs typically do the trick, you may purchase specialist earplugs, which combat low frequency snoring sound. Though bear in mind that earplugs in many cases will not block all the sound being manufactured by the one person snoring factory.

  • Invest in Some Blackout Curtains

To boost your chances of having a full sleep cycle whenever sharing a bed with someone who snores, ensure that distractions are limited. Try not to revert to using a tablet, phone or other gadget while in bed as this only eats into valuable sleep time and blue light from screens is proven to disrupt the body’s ability to prepare for sleep. Also if street lighting or similar is a problem try using blackout curtains, you will be able to block both artificial and natural light from the outside with these nifty things. The thick lining means also they are good at muffling out the outside noises that may also disrupt a person’s ability to sleep.

  • Advise Them to Get Rid of Alcohol Before Going to Bed

Your body relaxes when sleeping, yet drinking alcohol may relax your muscles, which isn’t a good thing. If the muscles of your throat relax too much, your tongue will fall backwards into the airways, which will cause you to snore. You should also stay away from antihistamines and sleeping pills because they also relax the airways.

  • Sinus Rinse

Snoring is quite common when the nasal passages are congested. A good way of freeing up your sinuses is by taking a hot, long shower and breath in steam. Another way is breathing in steam from a cup of hot salt water or use a specially designed sinus rinse or neti-pot.

  • Try to Be Understanding

It could be frustrating trying to fall asleep when somebody has already started snoring, or indeed to be woken by an annoying snoring sound. However getting annoyed will only exacerbate the struggle for you to sleep. By being calm and tuning out instead of focusing on how irritated you really are can help. Although even an enlightened buddhist monk would be tested by some snorers out there.

  • Select the Best Mattress

Having comfortable mattress is actually half the battle to getting a good sleep overall. The springs of your mattress will compress over time, which means your spine might get less support then it did when the bed was new. That is why it may be beneficial for some people to consider getting a new mattress instead of persisting with that lumpy and dusty thing that’s seen better days.


While the solutions we have listed may reduce the problem temporarily, they have a tendency not to give long-term relief. Since snoring is an indicator of certain serious health problems, a good way on how to deal with someone who snores is consulting with a medical professional. An ENT doctor may diagnose the underlying and main cause of your snoring and give sustainable solutions based on your situation. If sleep apnea is the one responsible for loud sleepless nights, snoring isn’t the side-effect only. As a matter of fact, obstructive sleep apnea is basically linked to type II diabetes, heart issues, stroke, and asthma, so prolonging treatments may lead to serious life-threatening consequences.

The first step is to consult with a specialist in order to get a precise diagnosis and develop treatment plans. Patients will have to undergo particular sleep tests if sleep apnea is suspected. For several patients, this could take place at your own home. There are various treatment options available if sleep apnea is the main cause. For a lot of people, a therapy called CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure works wonders to alleviate snoring and manage obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

Even if the standard sleep apnea treatment is effective for most snorers, some may find masks constricting as well as hard to wear. For those people and the ones looking for a permanent solution, there are some alternative treatments. Most of such options are product based anti-snore solutions and can be used in any home setting at night or depending when you sleep mostly. Latest treatments that have been developed are known to be effective in many cases.

All in all, regardless of the main cause of the snoring, it does not have to be a lingering problem if you want to know how to deal with someone who snores. It is essential to take action while at the same time decreasing the risk of any ongoing health issues into the future.

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