Natural Snoring Remedies

Natural Snoring Remedies – Do They Really Work?

Are you frustrated because your partner keeps snoring all night and you can’t enjoy your precious sleep? Or have you woken yourself or others up with your snoring? Are you now starting to become fed up with its regular interference on your life and the impact it’s having at the cost of your health and wellbeing? Do you wonder how you can stop snoring from happening once and for all without going the surgical route?

Well, in spite of what you might think of your particular case in point when it comes to snoring, everybody snores occasionally. It is actually a natural occurrence because of the relaxed state that your throat moves into while you sleep. However, if it is severe, or has become a more regular feature of your night it should be addressed. Snoring has the ability as you are probably aware at this point to disrupt sleep patterns, lead to irritability, cause insomnia lead to further health implications and conditions if left untreated.

At this point it is worth pointing out that loud repetitive snoring can also be a sign of Sleep Apnea, which is a life-threatening condition and you should seek medical advice, if you feel you suffer from its symptoms. Typically, sleep apnea is due to breathing obstruction that awakens the sleeper. Usually, normal snoring doesn’t really affect sleep quality compared to people with sleep apnea. Once you suffer from extreme fatigue, exhaustion and sleepiness during the day, your issue might be more than snoring and you must get it checked by your doctor. There are a range of wonderful Sleep Apnea Devices to help you if you do have the condition so don’t worry.

Ways to Stop Snoring Naturally

Snoring essentially occurs, because air is not able to move freely through the throat and nose during sleep. If this occurs, the tissues that surround throat and nose vibrate, which generates that annoying sound known as snoring. Those who snore regularly can have more nasal and throat tissue or floppy tissue, which is known as the uvula. This tissues can have a tendency to vibrate more than other peoples and the result of this excess vibration during breathing is the snoring sound that is produced.

Aside from the soft tissue, the tongue’s position can also get in the way of breathing smoothly and cause restriction. Snoring also happens if the muscles of the throat are relaxed. During sleep, the tongue falls backwards to the throat and the throat’s wall can then vibrate again leading to snoring.

While everyone needs a good night’s sleep, especially your non-snoring bed partner, a lack of adequate sleep can result in many non-desirable health problems including accelerated aging, increased risk of diabetes, increased blood pressure, risk of stroke and heart disease, hormonal issues, brain damage, depression, and weight gain.

Below are listed some of the natural snoring remedies that can help you stop snoring. Although the items listed below are natural It is worth pointing out that care should be taken to ensure you read up on each of the items outlined, before you make them a part of any daily or nightly routine. Remember even though oils are natural doesn’t mean they arent powerful so if in doubt ask a qualified herbalist or a similar qualified specialist about what may be the best choice for you in your particular circumstance. Ok with that said now lets move onto the list;

Goldenseal and Peppermint Oil

If snoring happens due to chest or nasal congestion, peppermint oil could help to relieve the congestion. It has been shown to be a good essential oil for sore throat relief as well as congestion in nasal passageways. Another supplement that is ideal to stop snoring is Goldenseal. You may use it to relieve congestion in nasal passages and chest and it is usually found in capsule, liquid or powder form. You may also have a cup of tea that has goldenseal or peppermint mixed through it. Just ensure that you do not have tea with caffeine or indeed coffee, as it can interrupt your ability to sleep.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help you prevent snoring as it helps in promoting a healthy immune system. A Healthy immune system could help you in clearing and preventing sinus infections. Some of the foods that are rich in vitamin C are pineapple, papaya, red bell pepper, and broccoli.

Fenugreek and Spearmint

Digestion plays an important role in one’s sleep pattern and as a result may have an impact on snoring also. The best herbs like fenugreek and spearmint may help cure snoring by solving digestive problems that are due to indigestion. Indigestion is actually an acid imbalance problem in one’s digestive system. Such herbs may help your body to get rid of this excess acid and reduce snoring while you sleep. Fenugreek is known to be beneficial in improving digestive issues and fight sleep apnea that results in snoring. While the spearmint relieves acid reflux symptoms and indigestion, which may also contribute to one’s snoring but most certainly will impact on the body’s ability to sleep.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has been around to help people with chest colds. There are some ways that you could apply eucalyptus oil to provide snore-free nights of sleep. Putting some eucalyptus leaves in steam inhaler, then breathing that through your nose or mouth could help you clear sinuses. You can add 5 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of eucalyptus to a bowl. Never forget that the steam is hot and could burn you. That is why you should be careful and you have to do it before going to bed for you to clear out airways and decrease inflammation in nasal passages that might contribute to snoring problems. If you aren’t a fan of steam, neti pot with the use of the right solution of pure water and salts could do wonders, yet never put essential oils in your neti pot because it could burn the membranes of the nasal passageway. Alternatively you can use the Airsnore Anti Snoring System for proven guaranteed results that will stop you snoring if the remedies we have listed aren’t exactly what you are looking for.

Avoid or Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol relaxes many people and since snoring happens when tongue and throat is relaxed, alcohol will add to the problem because of the extremely relaxed state it can cause the body to enter. This in many cases will make snoring worse. Try and Limit your alcohol consumption and if possible, avoid it to get better night’s sleep free from snoring and have the added bonus of waking up in a fresh and positive way to start a new day.

Keep Your Body Weight in Check

Excess weight can cause your throat to narrow once you lay down. Excess weight is a known factor in creating higher snoring incidences for many people as well as leading to other health factors. For example, in a recent study, the neck circumference of those who snore has been found to measure more than the neck circumference of those who don’t snore. It shows that the circumference of the neck plays a pivotal role when it comes to snoring. Reducing weight is a good solution for those who wonder about what is the best way for them to stop snoring.

Avoid Big Meals and Dairy Products Late at Night

Having some dairy products or drinking milk can also make snoring worse since it leaves a mucus layer in your throat and mouth. This buildup of mucous can lead to a blockage of airways. Moreover, try and avoid big meals before you go to bed. If you go to bed on a full stomach, this can push up against your diaphragm and affect the rhythmic breathing during your Sleep Cycle.


For some people natural snoring remedies can be hit and miss but they are an easy first step for some people so that they can try to stop snoring. However, before you try them, it would be a good idea for you to consult a specialist, this is especially the case if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, have a medical condition or are taking some other medications. Also you should keep this in mind if you think you may have allergies to some of the natural herbs listed. There really is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise and diet. So get active and eat good food as often as possible. Also what works for one person may not work for another so it’s about finding out using trial and error what works best for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any other suggestions or indeed if you can recommend any product you have found beneficial in your journey to prevent and eliminate snoring. We would love to hear from you and thank you in advance for your contribution to helping others along the way.

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