Anti-Snore Beds and Mattresses

Anti-Snore Beds and Mattresses

Snoring is one of the most troublesome and problematic sleep issue facing most people today. It willaffect both the snorer and the person sleeping next to them. Every time you shut your eyes the chances are you will either be a snorer or you will be affected by snoring!

If you or your partner are struggling with snoring, then you need to pay close attention to this article. Your life and your partner’s health depends on it. Ok well that probably soundsa bit dramatic, so what exactly do we mean?

Well if you take a little time to browse the Snorefocus site you will discover all the ways snoring can have animpact on your life and you will also discover ways you can minimise its effect. After a considerable amount of time and research, scientists have discovered that snoring has an effect on your personal health.

In other cases, it is possible that snoring may actually be a symptom of a bigger health problem. So if you have serious snoring problems, then we recommend you visit a Snoring Clinic forexpert help. If your snoring is light to moderate then you will no doubt findsome great solutions on this site. All in all, there are a few devices you canuse to reduce the effects of snoring onyour body and each one is unique in terms of its benefits and functionality.

In this article, we will focus on giving you a distinct description and outline of anti-snore beds and mattresses. This will help youget a better idea of what is available in order to help maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse.

Did you know that snoring can actually affect your relationship? For more on this topic, check out our poston Snoring and Divorce.

How Can a Bed or Mattress Prevent Snoring?

There are a quite a few different reasons that can result in the formation of a snoring problem. One of the main reasons for snoring with many people is their sleeping position. Other factors can be very specific indeed, and can even include selecting the wrong bedding material resulting in allergies, excess weight and poor diet among other things.

Fortunately, with the right bed and mattress,you will be able to reduce your snoring problem. However, if your problem is related to a narrow airway or deviated septum, an anti-snoring mattress may not help you all that much, instead you would benefit more by speaking with a sleep or snoring specialist.

It’s worth noting that sleep position does matter when it comes to snoring. If you sleep on your back, your airway will collapse backwards and narrow. This will result in snoring problems emerging as a result.

So if you have an anti-snoring mattress, its main benefit will be to help you maintain the right sleep posture and so reduce any potential blockages in your airways that may lead to snoring.

When it comes to temperature in both the bed and the surrounding environment, if it gets too hot at night, you won’t be able to maintain one position throughout the night, as your body will be tossing and turning and your sleep will be interrupted and snoring will commence if you revert to sleeping on your back once more.

With the right bed temperature, which many anti-snoring mattresses can provide you will be able to maintain one solid posture all night long, and improve your quality of sleep as a result.

How Do I Deal With My Snoring?

With the recent research done on snoring, there are a number of options you can choose in order to improve your chances of snore elimination. Let’s take a quick look now at some of thesolutions to soring that can work for you.

Lifestyle Changes

Believe it or not how you live alsohas a knock on effect on how you sleep. There are different lifestyle choices we all make that can increase or even result in snoring depending on thesituation.

A high percentage of snorers do begin to snore as a result of weight gain. The extra fat in your body will eventually deposit around your neck area. This then results in your airway reducing in size. And that’s how you will begin to start snoring. You need to avoid increasing your weight to preventthis from happening. In other words, what we mean is that you should avoid obesity and of course try to achieve a good BMI.

The other thing that can help reduce snoring is changing your sleep routine. Sleep is just as important as your waking hours in the day. But most people ignore the fact that they should sleep at the right times and form good sleep habits. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will end up under performing in your daily tasks and your mood will be affected. Essentially you will need around 8 hours of sleep every night although this does vary based on age.

Another reason you might end up snoring is indulging in drink and smoking. We probably don’t have to tell you that such things are bad for your health in general however these two in particular will increase your chances of becoming a snorer.

All in all, what we are trying to emphasize is you need to practice good sleeping habits. Keep reading and we will show you some other useful ways to deal with your snoring.

Sleeping Position

How you sleep obviously affects how you breathe. When you sleep on your back, you are bound to collapse your throat muscles. This will, in turn, lead to a blockage in your airway and hence snoring. The constant vibrations in your throat as you breathe will lead to that snoring sound.

It’s sometimes hard to control your position as you sleep. But with the right bed and mattress, then this will be alot easier.

Anti-Snore Mattresses and Beds

There are a huge amount of different types of mattresses on the market today. Each one has its own unique function, style, shape and benefits. The best part is that apart from standard beds and mattresses there are also anti-snore mattresses that will help you eliminate your snoring disorder. 

You don’t have to worry about your snoring. Simply lie down on these special mattresses and have a beautiful night sleep, and, there are special beds too. Some of these beds are completely dedicated to reducing your snoring and help you get a good night sleep.

Anti-snore mattresses are grouped into the following types;

  • Hybrid: this is a wonderful mattress for those who like to enjoy the pushback effect of the coil. It also has incredible back support and good ventilation. This type of mattress will be good for any snorer because of the built in aeration that exists.
  • Latex: this type of mattress is made out of natural materials that have a bouncy and hygienic effect for the user. The most important part of this mattress is that it is good when it comes to contouring. Most importantly, the natural fibers in this mattress do not allow infestation of bed bugs, mites or any other bug. This makes this type of mattress best for children and snorers.
  • Memory Foam: well, as the name suggests, this type of mattress is capable of remembering the shape of your body and hence letting you have the best comfort whenever you sleep. It can do wonders to people suffering from backpain and is ideally suited to snorers. The mattress is created in such a way that whenever you lay on it, it curves to take the shape of your body allowing you to get a comfortable night’s sleep.On top of that, when you change position at night, the mattress also changes with you to give you more comfort. Unfortunately, this type of mattress has a flaw. It tends to trap heat which means at night it can easily get a little warm especially in tropical environments. Although there is a solution. It is recommended to buy a memory foam mattress that’s combined with a cooling gel to solve this heat issue.

There are also beds that will take the shape of your body and make your sleeping experience more comfortable. The most important thing is that such mattresses will reduce any chance of your snoring problem.

The Best Anti-Snore Mattresses and Beds on the Market

We have compiled a list of the best beds and mattresses that will help you deal with your snoring problem once and for all, Hooray! Take a look at this incredible designs and choose the best one you feel might be right for you.

iDealBed Luxe Series Anti-Snore Mattress

The iDealBed Luxe engineers have made a well-crafted stylish mattress that we can guarantee you is worth every penny. This mattress comes with smart foam and adaptive response pocket coils which will help you get the best sleep imaginable. This feature also helps keep your snoring problems to a low level too.

The mattress is also equipped with a soft cover that helps to increase the ventilation as you sleep. The LiquidGel Memory Foam in this mattress brings about a cooling effect which prevents the mattress from becoming too warm. This will help you sleep well all throughout the night.

The best part is that the mattress comes with a 120 day trial period. Which means if you don’t like it within the 120 days, you can easily return it and get your money back. This is a great mattress option and we think you will love the results it provides.


  • The mattress comes with a cooling effect which reduces the temperature to optimum levels when you are sleeping.
  • This mattress also has a type of hypoallergenic latex which reduces allergic reactions and dust accumulation (Perfect for people with allergy issues)
  • It has a soft cover which increases aeration


  • You will have to dig a little deeper in your pocket to get this mattress

Ok so what’s next on the list in terms of good beds?

Queen Adjustable Bed Frame

If you are in search of a bed that can reduce your snoring, then this is a great option for you. It comes with sensory motors that massage your entire body as you sleep. What’s more, the bed also features a remote control that controls anti-snoring, zero-gravity, massage, flat and custom memory functionality.

You will absolutely fall in love with this bed on first sight. The bed also comes with easy to assemble parts. You don’t need any additional tools. Simply screw in the base and plug it in.

It also comes with adjustable sizes so it can fit in any bed frame. The bed frame features two USB ports which you can use them while you are in the bed frame. The bed also comes with under bedlights. You don’t have to keep using your torch to check what’s under the bed. (Gremlinsand Monsters beware)

Even when the motors are on, you will not hear their sound which adds a level of quality and sophistication to this bed. The bed is created with top of the range German Motor technology which ensures the quietness of the motors. It also comes with a backup power box. This will be convenient especially when the lights go out.


  • This bed frame can fit any size
  • The device comes with a back-lit remote that can control different functions
  • Aside from the normal anti-snoring function in most devices, this device also comes with a massage feature which works incredibly well.
  • The Bed frame comes with a backup power box.
  • You don’t have to use any tools to assemble theparts


  • So far, the vast majority of customers seem to like this product.

Next on the list is a premium memory foam mattress.

Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This is another memory foam mattress that seems to impress most people on the lookout for an anti-snoring mattress. The mattress comes with wall hugger technology that will no doubt impress you. The best part about this mattress is that it features Full-body Dual massage which will help you relax before going to sleep.

More importantly, the mattress has programmable positions so it will help you reduce any poor bed posture problems that have built up over the years.

Also, the mattress has three different key features which include: Snore Button, FlatButton, and Power down Button. You will feel a gentle smoothness every time you lay on this mattress which will gently push you to the land of nod in no time.


  • The mattress helps reduce snoring problems
  • It comes with a cover that is allergen resistant. You can also remove the cover and wash it.
  • The mattress comes with different features that will improve your sleeping experience.


  • It’s a little bit expensive.

Ok So there you three fantastic mattresses and beds to chose from. Now let’s give you some more anti-snoring solutions;

Other Anti-Snoring Tips

Aside from anti-snoring beds and mattresses, there are other devices you can use to improve your snoring problem too. These include:

Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces: these are anti-snoring devices that help you breathe through your mouth. These devices come with a technology that will allow you to place them comfortably in your mouth all night without any issues. They will only work if your snoring problem is related to your nasal passageway. That way, the device will provide an alternative route. For more information, check out our reviews on the Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces on the market.

Anti-Snoring Pillows: are pillows that will help you correct your upper body sleeping posture. For more, check our review of the Best Anti-Snoring Pillows in the market today.

Final verdict

We hope you find a device that will help you improve your snoring problem. In case you need to consult an expert in the field, we recommend you check out some of the snore clinics available near you. Remember, going to an expert in the field is better than going to someone who hasn’t got any specialized training in snoring.

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