5 Top Anti Snoring Nasal Devices

5 Top Anti Snoring Nasal Devices

There are lots of choices available for snorers which is fantastic! However finding a suitable solution can tricky especially with so many products to choose from. We have selected some of the best anti snore nasal devices in order to take the hassle out of searching for a potential winner. Listed below is our selection of five top anti snore nasal devices that will move you one step closer to achieving that awesome snore free feeling! The list consists of a mix of nasal strips, nose vents and nasal dilators.

We have selected these products based on lots of criteria including effectiveness, comfort, cost, ease of use among others. So take a few moments and check out our list of contenders that may very well help you discover a better night’s sleep! It is worth noting though that these types of devices are only really suited to nasal snorers. If you are unsure as to what type of snorer you are it may be worth considering having an assessment done by a qualified medical practitioner or indeed at a sleep clinic with a sleep specialist!  Ok so now onto the list

1. Snorepin Anti Snoring Device

So if you are a snorer thats been looking for a good solution to your problem without any success, Well look no further this may be the solution to suit you, especially if you are not able to wear a snoring mouthpiece. The Snorepin is the perfect nasal dilator that will help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. It is quite affordable so you won’t have to worry about the price of this device.

Additionally, this device has been tested by the relevant medical standards authorities so you can be sure of the uttermost quality. It is made from a rubber-like substance that will comfortably fit into your nose and keep your nostrils open throughout the night. Sometimes, when you are asleep, one of your nostrils may close up due to health problems or bad sleeping posture. As a result, the other nostril automatically starts to close itself due to the extreme breathing force. This effect gradually results in snoring.

The Snorepin will help you maintain both nostrils open no matter what your sleeping potion. As a result, you will have a very comfortable night’s sleep with enough air circulation. You will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for your days’ work. The device also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with it, you have the chance to return it back to the manufacturer without any hassle.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is made from a soft material that can easily adapt to any nose size.
  • The snorepin opens your nose hence reduces drying of the mouth. Drying of the mouth is usually caused by breathing through the mouth when the nostrils are closed up.
  • The snorepin device is made of little slits that let the nasal hairs trap any air particles hence preventing them from reaching the lungs. This increases the quality of the air you breathe in during your sleep.
  • The sleek new design makes it almost unnoticeable to others but still maintains its efficiency.


  • Some costumers complained that it causes irritation especially for the first time users
  • It can only solve nasal snoring.


2.  Snorecare Original Nose Vents

This device will help you put to rest all those snoring complains you have been getting from your partner. The nasal vent provides a comfortable feeling that will let you sleep with ease without any snoring. The device is able to keep your nose open therefore it will help you breathe through your nose all night.

Snoring is usually as a result of blockage of the air system which in turn causes vibration of the muscles. The vibrations are what produce the snoring sound. With the nose vent, you can maintain an open air way system which reduces any chances of snoring especially for nose snorers.

Additionally, the nose vent is made of premium Medical grade silicon making it quite comfortable to the user. It is also scientifically designed to open up the air ways to its maximum size. The package also includes a money back guarantee hence you can try it out without having to worry what will happen if you don’t like it. When you purchase this device, it comes with a free protective travel case for those long trips.

The nose vent uses advanced technology therefore it is more efficient than most of the nasal devices. It can be used over a long period of time and you are sure of long and peaceful nights every day.  After use, you can place it in a clean place so as to prevent any accumulation of dirt which will only worsen your situation.


  • It is easy to use
  • The material used in making the nose vent is comfortable and soft. Additionally, the material is BPA free to spare you from harmful chemicals emitted from plastic materials.
  • It is three times better than strips hence you are sure of best results.
  • It is designed to fit most people, that is, it comes in four different styles and sizes
  • The device is almost invisible to other people
  • Designed in california USA


  • It is quite uncomfortable especially for first time users
  • Only solves snoring problems related to the nose.


3. Breathe Right Extra Tan Drug-Free Nasal Strips

If you are struggling with a snoring problem, this might actually be the solution for you. The Breathe Right Nasal Strip is a non-prescription drug free device that will work mechanically from the outside in effort to open up your nostrils. Through this routine, the nasal strip reduces any air resistance in turn improving your ability to effectively breathe through the nose. The device helps in snoring cases related to nasal congestion for instance due to allergies, cold or nasal obstruction. They are quite easy to use, relatively affordable and non-invasive.

They resemble the band aids that have an adhesive tape as well as plastic splints. When you place one across your nose, it acts like a spring-like device which pulls open you nose cavity hence maintaining an open air way all through the night. The nose is made up of two nostrils which have a narrow openings known as the nasal valves. All the air we breathe in has to pass through these spaces and sometimes they can become blocked.

For instance, if you have a bad flu or allergies. The infections end up reducing the nasal passages and causing air resistance and stuffiness. In turn, you will experience loud snoring that will obviously obstruct your sleep and those around you. Through the use of the nasal strip, you are sure that the nasal valves will remain open all night. This is because the strips will prevent your nostrils from collapsing especially during hard breathing when you are asleep. Therefore, it helps reduces snoring.

This device has been proven to reduce snores related to nasal blockage. However, the device has not been proven to reduce obstructive sleep Apnea that is caused by the involvement of the back of one’s mouth. Other researches done show that the nasal strip reduces the difficulty in breathing during those long nights. In addition, the research also prove that this is not a permanent solution to nasal related snores. All in all, the band is always a perfect fit to any user’s nostrils and hence giving them a temporary solution to their nose related snores.


  • The strips are easy to use
  • They are quite affordable
  • It is said to reduce snoring problems


  • Some complained that the grip material loses its effectiveness at night.


4. Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator

Mute is one of the best Nasal dilators in the market. It gives you the chance to breathe easily when you are planning to have that good night rest. The device also comes in multiple shapes hence you are assured to get the perfect fit for your nostrils no matter the size of your nose. It is available in four sizes; Medium, small, large and Tri-pack.

The technology behind this device is that it is designed to reduce snoring simply by opening up the nasal passages hence preventing them from collapsing in. Usually, snoring occurs when the airways have a partial blockage. Some of the major causes of snoring may include; chronic nasal congestion or even unusually deviated nostrils septum. With a device that can take care of the nasal congestion that occurs especially during the night, it means that you don’t have to worry about your snoring condition ever again.

When the Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator is compared to other anti-snore devices like the nasal strips, the latter has a higher level of efficiency. It has been proven to generally increase the airflow that gets in to your lungs through the nose by around 38%. For a fist time use, you are recommended to get the Tri-pack so that you can determine your perfect fit first. All the three mutes available in the Tri-pack have adjustable stents for the nostrils which can be adjusted individually.

The Mute Nasal Dilator is easy to use therefore it is suitable even for the elderly. The fact that it is lightweight means that it is less cumbersome and will be very comfortable in your nostrils. The soft medically graded polymers used to make the mutes are very comfortable in your nostrils. You can safely put the mute in to your nostrils without having to worry about sharp edges. The mute is reusable up to 10 times but should be replaced thereafter.


  • It is effective in reducing snoring conditions
  • The sizes are flexible hence can fit any user
  • It is made from soft grade medical polymers
  • The Mute is quite affordable
  • It is very light in weight hence a comfortable fit.


  • Some users reported that the mute would slide out at night
  • Some users said that this device was rather uncomfortable in their nostrils
  • It may not be as effective with deep nasal blockage


5. The Deepsleepro Anti-Snoring Solution

With new technological advancements being invented day after day, so many anti-snore devices have been introduced to the market. However, there are only a few that are actually working and giving the patients the desired results. One of the few is the Deepsleeppro Anti-Snoring Stopper device. This is an incomparable device when it comes to delivering the best results.

It comes in a simple outlook therefore easy to use. The features fitted in this device are medically approved therefore it will not cause any harmful effects to your body. If you are looking forward to a great night sleep, I bet you will fall in love with the fact that it fits perfectly in your nostrils. This ensures that you get a comfortable and well relaxed night sleep. The vents are made from high quality materials hence will give you the best service.

The devices always work to maximize your airflow and counter nasal blockages which may lead to snoring. This is just the best solution to a better and comfortable night sleep. The soft materials also make sure that there is no adjacent irritation in the nostrils like other devices.


  • It is made from soft comfortable materials
  • It is easy to use
  • It perfectly fits your nostrils
  • It is quite affordable


  • Some users said that the device falls off easily



In conclusion, I hope that the guideline above will be helpful when you decide to go shopping for the appropriate nasal anti-snore devices. However, the decision on whether to go the nasal apparatus way is always a personal decision. Let not your snoring embarrass you whereas there are plenty of choices out there. In case the devices still don’t help with your condition, it is necessary that you seek medical attention. Persistent snoring could lead to other snore-related conditions in the long term like heart attack. If you think that an anti snore nasal device may not be the solution to your snoring problem, thats ok there are some other great options available including the airsnore anti snoring mouthpiece, chin straps, snore rings and lots more. If you would like to learn more about what might work to stop your snoring check out our other blog posts and related articles. If you found this blog post useful then why not share it with others. We would also love to hear your thoughts so please share them in our comments section.


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