3 Things That Aggravate Snoring

3 Things That Aggravate Snoring

Snoring is that harsh annoying sound some people make when they sleep. And what is the main reason behind this intolerable grumbling sound? Well the main reason people snore is because in one way or another, the breathing channel gets obstructed generally from relaxed tissue which then blocks your airway.  When you breathe in, air passes through and over these relaxed tissues which then vibrate as a result. And it is this vibration that is the culprit behind that annoying snoring sound.

So it sounds fairly simple in theory, yet the reality is that the reason for the relaxing of these tissues differs from person to person and finding out what causes this obstruction in the first place can be a little tricky.

Some of your family members might be snorers but the truth is the underlying reason for your snores, might be totally different from theirs. The remedy that’s effective for them might not necessarily work for you and vice versa.

But, aside from knowing what causes snoring, did you know that there are also certain things that may aggravate snoring for many people?

In the same way that if you eat a heavy meal and then go for a run you will probably get a stitch or pain in your stomach. There are also certain habits and situations that are best avoided if you want to improve your snoring outlook.

If snoring is a problem for you then it may be worthwhile to avoid these three things at all cost to ensure that your condition won’t get any worse and indeed increase the chances of your situation improving. So what are the 3 things that aggravate snoring? Well the first one on the list is Alcohol.

1. Alcohol

There is a good reason why there are people who snore only after they consume alcohol. Your body has its own automatic natural defense system that works by preventing your airway from being obstructed or blocked while you sleep. But, once you drink alcohol, these defenses are reduced to a certain degree, in a similar way to your mental alertness and spatial awareness.

Alcohol tends to depress the central nervous system and that makes the body muscles over relax. This includes your throat muscles. These over relaxed throat muscles then obstruct the airway and are the main culprit behind your snoring episode.

Aside from this, alcohol is also the cause of the tongue’s relaxation, making it fall back and partly block your airway. To top it all off, alcohol also causes nasal congestion, which is yet another common reason why people snore.

If you think your alcohol consumption is the cause of or indeed may be contributing to your snoring, see to it that you stop drinking any alcoholic beverage at least 4 hours before you go to bed. This will allow your body enough time to process the alcohol and remove it from your system.

2. Smoking

There is a high chance that you are already aware of all the main reasons why you should quit smoking. There is a long list of reasons, and one of them is the fact that smoking can cause you to snore or indeed make your snoring so much worse than it would have been if you didn’t succumb to your smoking habit.

Among the first and most important things doctors recommend to their snoring patients is to try losing some of their excess weight. Once the doctor learns that the patient also happens to be a smoker, telling them to quit smoking is usually the second suggestion on their list.

The smoke from cigarettes can irritate your throat and your nose’s lining which causes them to become inflamed and swollen. This swelling not noticeable to human eyes from the outside, can then lead to a narrowed airway and cause nasal congestion, and these two can both contribute to, or in other circumstances cause snoring in the first place. The more you smoke, the more inflamed and irritated the throat’s lining and nasal cavity will get. Once you stop smoking, it’ll help alleviate or eliminate the chances of snoring to a certain degree.

In fact, most of those who stopped smoking found that they either stopped snoring or the intensity and frequency of their snoring reduced.

Yes, it’s true that quitting on smoking is much easier said than done. So, what are the things you can do to help your snoring while you are trying to quit? Well, you may try to stop smoking at least three to four hours before going to bed. But, it’s only really a short term temporary solution.

Second hand smoke may also irritate your nasal cavity and throat. However, the effect will not be as severe as it is for the actual smoker. It can be a good idea to avoid situations where you’re surrounded by cigar smoke or cigarettes.

3. Allergies

An allergic reaction may cause anyone to snore. Luckily, you can take some steps to deal with the things that could cause you to have an allergic reaction. Most allergy sufferers are affected by allergens including animal dander, dust mites, and mold.

So, as a first step you should try keeping your bedroom free from these through regular vacuuming and dusting. If you own a pet, you should also consider keeping your pet out of the bedroom.

Your pillows may also cause you to snore. It does not take long for pillows to collect enough dander and dust to trigger allergic reactions. Therefore, on nights when snoring is intense, the pillow you are using while you’re sleeping might be the reason. Every 2 weeks or so, consider tossing your pillow in your dryer and let it run through the whole cycle. It can eliminate most dander and dust that could’ve made its way to your pillow. Also replace your pillows on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, if your pillow is more than six months old, you should get a new one.

Allergies can also cause congestion build up, which is another possible cause of snoring for some people. You may deal with congestion at night through the use of Nasal Dilators, an effective and affordable way to keep your nasal passage open when you are sleeping. Another option you may consider is decongestants. But, you must take care when using both decongestant sprays and oral decongestants.

If you are using an OTC decongestant more than 3 nights, you might end up making your own congestion worse. The possible alternative to OTC decongestants is actually herbal nasal sprays. The herbal sprays may treat congestion effectively. Yet, since they are made with some natural ingredients, they’re much safer for long term use. These natural decongestants are great news for allergy sufferers who deal with congestion on a regular basis.

Aside from these 3 things that aggravate snoring, there are also other things that you should be aware of. Check out the Snorefocus Blog and indeed the rest of the site if you are looking to find the most effective and safest way of stopping your snoring.

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on any snoring and sleep related issues you may be having. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts you may have. Have you found an effective solution to snoring you would like to share? Have you used any of the products or services mentioned on this site to cure your snoring and sleep problem! Great, share it with the rest of the Snorefocus Community.


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