Why Do You Snore?

What is Snoring and Why Do You Snore?

Snoring is usually a harsh or loud sound which can happen when you sleep. Snoring is a result of air flow entering your mouth while you breathe and causing the vibration of the tissues found at the back of your throat. This sound usually takes place every time you breathe in air, and this can come through the mouth, nose, or the combination of these two. Snoring can also happen at any specific stage of sleep.

Around half of the population snore at a certain point of their lives. Snoring is said to be more common in males, though there are also a lot of women who snore. This seems to run in families, and it can become more and more common when a person gets older. Around 40% of adult males and 24% of adult females are habitual snorers. It is less likely for men to snore after reaching the age of 70.

But, the million dollar question is, why do you snore?

Sleeping on your back could increase your risks of snoring. This can also happen when your throat muscles become relaxed because of alcohol or some other depressants. The congestion from allergies or colds can also be a cause of snoring.

Snoring could be a serious nuisance to your partner and other people nearby. There are also times when you snore loud enough to the point that you wake yourself up. However, in most cases, people don’t really realize that they are snoring. This can also make you suffer from an irritated or sore throat, or a dry mouth upon waking up.

Light snoring might not cause any disruptions on the overall quality of your sleep. Heavy snoring could be associated with obstructive sleep apnea. This is a serious sleeping disorder and can also be a risk factor for stroke, diabetes, heart diseases, and other health issues.

Why Do You Snore? Discover the Common Culprits behind Snoring

Most snorers often ask themselves why they even snore in the first place. Once you have realized that you do snore, you will surely want to put a stop to it in the most effective way possible. However, in order for you to quit snoring once and for all, you will need to know what really causes it in the first place. The following video will give you a better visual understanding of what really happens to cause snoring in most people.

Why Do You Snore
Why Do You Snore


To understand better the “why” behind that annoying snore, check out the following five common causes of snoring:

Snoring is Mostly the Result of Obstructed Airways

When you fall much deeper into your sleep, your muscles also start to relax, with your throat becoming narrower in the process. At this stage, referred to as the REM or Rapid Eye Movement stage, your breathing will also become slower, more relaxed, and more constant. This is the time when you are at your deepest sleep. Sadly though, this is also the time when the annoying noise can start. A person suffering from snoring will start to snore the moment they get to this deeper level of sleep. It means that even if you might be sleeping well, it might not be the same for your bed partner who hears all those noises.

The key to stop snoring is to identify obstruction, and look for a good solution. For instance, if you have been sick and suffering from a stuffy nose, or perhaps it might be due to the fact that there’s a pet nearby and its dander or fur clogs your system and causes allergies. These are the common causes of the obstructed airways that must be addressed to get rid of snoring.

Aging Plays a Role behind Your Snore

The body goes through so many changes as one gets older. Everybody knows that the usual changes associated with aging include graying hair and wrinkles. However, internal changes are as equally essential, and could be the main cause of snoring. Natural aging makes snoring more dominant and even frequent over time. This is particularly true if the condition exists in conjunction with some airway obstructions. The muscle tone of the throat changes as you age and becomes narrower. To reduce the effects of your age on your sleeping habits, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, taking sleeping medications and pills with some negative side effects, and unwanted weight gain.

Sleep Position Can Be the Reason Why People Snore

One of the factors that some people may not consider is in fact their sleep position. Sleeping on your back could be the main cause of snoring. Sleeping on your back could cause your neck and throat tissues to relax more than they would normally, and this could cause instant blockage in airways. If you train yourself to sleep on your side, it is a sure-fire method to prevent snoring that often results from improper sleeping position.

Nasal Congestion

All the sneezing you experienced during day time could have some effects on your body when bedtime comes. Nasal congestion is a common and clear factor related to snoring. It is due to allergies, issues in your nose like deviated septum or polyps or sinus infections, all of which may cause snoring to occur because of their obstructive nature.

Weight Gain is a Common Cause of Snoring

A recent poll showed that the majority of physicians when surveyed recommend people to lose weight to stop snoring. Weight gain is one of the common and well-established causes of snoring. Somebody who is overweight tends to have thicker neck tissues and that puts a strain on the throat. Keeping a healthy weight, implementing healthy dietary habits, and staying active can help get rid of the weak muscle tone and extra tissue from your airway as well as relieve snoring in the process.

What’s the Best Solution to Say Goodbye to Snoring?

Now that you know the common causes of snoring, there is no doubt that changing your lifestyle and using a Specially Designed Anti-Snoring Product is the best way to finally say goodbye to snoring. Trying another sleeping position can also be a good idea to get rid of snoring. However, if you have tried everything to improve snoring and you still haven’t seen any results, it would be best to consult a physician who can offer you some effective treatments for your snoring issues and continue reading on this site in order to broaden your knowledge and familiarise yourself with the various options available. Your doctor will be able to hopefully assess your condition using physical examination techniques and otherwise and you can use this site to help you develop a better understanding of the condition and also source the products which are most likely to help you eliminate your snoring issue once and for all. You can then discuss these product solutions with your doctor in order to achieve a successful result for your snoring issue.


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